2524. Battleground USA — Men Promote, Women Defend

In a play by Aristophanes in 411 BC, Lysistrata with a secret plan persuades Greek women to withhold all sexual pleasures from husbands until a peace treaty is signed to end the war between Athens and Sparta. The signers of the treaty arrive with full erections.

It is a comedy, but successful theater has to reflect reality even though it need not duplicate it. Withholding sex isn’t the lesson here. It is about women getting together to get their way, because their men won’t respond to womanly needs.

We could argue the point, but I concluded long ago. The Left is successful more from this than any other Leftist program to strip We the People of influence: make men and women enemies. Politically motivate them to compete over insignificant matters, separate their interests, twist moral obligation into sexual pleasure, split family cohesion, popularize unmarried sex, prompt each sex to blame the other, remove the religious support that strengthens marital ties. Feminism did it effectively.

Results: Marriage loses its appeal. The family disintegrates. Children lose a parent. The middle class disappears. Neighborly communities lose their substance. Employees lack backup at home. Peaceful life eludes couples. Female-friendly habits and customs disappear.

The Left shamed women, blamed men, and made obsolete two main realities of life: Women need a man for emotional fulfillment, and men need the right woman to free them to do what they have to do.

Without that man-woman needfulness in theory for those trying—and exemplified by those who have it—people don’t worry much about issues and events that destroy nations. Such as malfeasance in government, micro damage to moral codes that makes morality fade almost without objection, out of order growth of government, unconstitutional shifting of political power, deliberate inflation, cultural decay, loss of freedoms, and the unconstitutional prioritizing of sovereignty of groups and the collective over individuals.

In the man-woman war induced by Feminism, women no longer specialize in their feminine destiny of harmonizing home life, guiding men to do right things, and encouraging masculine ambitions to do good. Feminist-think is so popular that many women think their hearts guide them wrongly, and so they don’t follow their feminine ideals. At least too few do.

A little recognized effect of Feminism is the destruction of Womanhood as an influential entity. Women are no longer unified in protecting female- and family-friendly values and standards. Heal that wound, restore Womanhood, and restoration of America may get underway.

It begs the question. Denied both feminine and Womanhood’s influence, how can women help restore America? I don’t really know how. But I do know that principles work with dedicated people behind them to spread influence, and women know how to do that—just follow the feminine heart with ardent enthusiasm to defend their turf, life, and family.

To paraphrase Tocqueville, core competencies are the work of woman. In traditional America, common sense, truth, self-reliance, femininity, morality, and exceptionalism have been the work of women to protect and sustain them in the home. From whence children and husbands help spread her values, standards, and expectations in society and thus endorse and expand womanly dominance of cultural values. It is how the mother’s hand once rocked the bigger cradle of American life.

Why not rock the nation the same way? The previous post lists 35 core competencies that once made America great. I suggest those and others can be used to foster dialogue without offense, without name calling, without blame, but by causing the cradle to rock once again.

It may be a good place for women to start, because they are great on defense. How they defend core competencies in the home need only be expanded to the nation.

I acknowledge the fruitlessness of this or any man’s plan, just not likely to happen.

But women have a funny twist to their character. Summed up as femininity, it includes feminine mystique, modesty, monogamy, manners, motivation, morality, principled judgments, and surprising ability to get their way about things they judge  to be wrong.

Women are already in the habit of delivering the unexpected routinely, so my plan really is to turn leadership about restoring America over to them. Men are too captivated by the availability of cheap and easy sex, so they are not interested enough. Married men won’t get off their duff for involvement in politics. Only women truly care enough to hold together the most female-friendly society ever created and sustained for three centuries. A restored and feminine Womanhood—that excludes feminist-think—might be enough to restore America.


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4 responses to “2524. Battleground USA — Men Promote, Women Defend

  1. anon...

    So, THIS is why men are so passive aggressive these days.
    These are dangerous men in the long run. They will let the woman lead, and then turn around and get ANGRY at her and the children.
    Later, children get confused of their sexuality and why LCBTQ is spreading 😣

  2. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Men are never more handsome than when they lay out clearly the responsibilities and abilities of ladies to take back that which they dearly love.

    • anon...

      that is the only way it will REPAIR… when we start to rebuild families, and train sons.. or put them in a place where they could be trained–to be good husbands and fathers…
      Sir Guy just knows where it went wrong
      since he may be in his MID 80s….(surely not a baby boomer)

  3. Guy, can you please check you sign up box as it links to your book – which I have by the way ________________________________

    Your Highness Hussar01,
    I regret that. My PC guru fixed it several weeks ago, so I will refer it to him again.

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