2525. Overweight: New Information

I’ve been surprised by news about hormone imbalances that lead to overeating, overweight, and a number of other bad results that women undergo. It is evidently very common, so I want to steer you toward it. Perhaps I can help identify damaging processes, instead of just citing results.

Miss Gina has sent me a clear and informative comment, so I re-post it as today’s daily article. Anyone else with experience with bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT) is encouraged to comment. Like to get the subject opened up broader and deeper.

It is not a field I want to get involved with, but I do want to introduce it so that you can do your own research. So, I recommend you take Miss Gina’s comment below not for anything more than information without suggestion or advice. She provides good detail for you to initiate research. I get Dr. Lee mentioned below at www.johnleemd.com.


Dear Sir Guy,

I can vouch for this from experience and have benefited greatly from bio-identical hormone treatment. Dr. C. W. Randolph, whom I mentioned below, is one of the pioneering doctors in this areas of treatment and is still practicing. Dr. John Lee is another, but is unfortunately deceased. Both have written excellent books filled with medical documentation of their findings. A quick Google search on either would provide much info.

If I could suggest some thoughts about how things can work with this. The hormone imbalance can cause several things that work together to cause weight gain. One, the imbalance can cause one to actually gain weight, even while dieting and exercising appropriately. Excess estrogen is stored in belly fat, and it manufactures more fat cells in a vicious cycle. Two, the imbalance can cause food cravings. Three, it can also prompt fatigue and depression, leading to sluggishness and emotional eating. Four, it can cause bloating–excess weight due to water retention. Five, hormone imbalance can cause inflammation or swelling of the female organs, leading to an undeserved “belly.” Six, all of the above cause more stress, which, if not controlled, throws the hormones even further out of whack. Yes, a pretty unwelcome combination! And men can be affected, too.

Add in the fact that the body uses a couple of hundred hormones, and if one or two are out of whack, others might be, too–cortisol and testosterone, for instance. Also, the reasons for imbalances can vary from person to person. So, getting well can get complicated. It is wise for anyone who thinks this might be affecting them to do a lot of reading and self-evaluation. There are tests that can measure the levels of various hormones, and they can be done by mail.

There are also better and lesser quality bio-identical hormones. I believe that both doctors list the better brands/formulations in their respective books, although Dr. Randolph makes his own, as well (which I used successfully).

The books recommended above suggest additional actions that will help get the hormones straight…some of them are the standard health recommendations of Grandma herself, but now we know why she was right. 😄


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7 responses to “2525. Overweight: New Information

  1. Sarina

    really nice, many older women simply give up when they gain weight and simply accept it. I heard many conversations that they felt too old and it’s not worth the effort anymore. We should never have this defeated mentality when it comes to our physical aspect.

  2. My Husband's Wife

    I always love hearing from Miss Gina and can confirm what she has to say as well regarding hormones. Spot on, and thank you for sharing this information with us ladies! Hormonal imbalance is the cause of so many problems, including several forms of cancer.

    My husband and I just finished the book, “Always Hungry” by Dr. David Ludwig an obesity expert and professor of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He argues that weight gain begins when people eat the wrong types of food, which throws their hormones out of whack, and sets off a cycle of cravings, hunger and binging. He suggests that the primary driver of obesity today is an excess of high glycemic foods like sugar, refined grains and other processed carbohydrates that spike insulin, signaling the body to store excess blood glucose as fat. To add fuel to the fire, people are more sedentary these days so they aren’t burning the excess glucose or drawing energy from their fat stores.

    My husband and I recently took up Dr. Ludwig’s challenge of ditching all sugar, processed carbs and added more healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, nuts, full fat dairy, etc.) and more high quality proteins (grass fed that contains more omega 3 fats w/out hormones, etc.) at his prescribed ratio. You eat until you are satisfied. Unbelievable how we both have no more cravings, so much energy, and naturally slimmed without much physical effort—just simple walks after meals like they do in Europe. Essentially, it’s eating like people did prior to the 1950s. If you think about it: if it was all about counting calories, how did people stay slimmer in earlier periods when they had no idea how many calories they were eating?

    In my humble opinion after extensive experimentation with various foods/diets: our FDA food pyramid is upside down. Healthy fats are a must for mental clarity and energy. Instead, we’ve been eating too many deadly trans and hydrogenated fats made from corn and soybeans and then bombarded with “low / no fat!” propaganda. Since then, obesity, cancer, diabetes, depression, ADD, etc. has skyrocketed. And don’t get me started on margarine which is only few molecules away from being a plastic!

    I believe that a balanced NUTRIENT DENSE diet is essential for us ladies to keep our mind and body healthy.

    • anon...

      regarding margarine…. remember when the doctors said it was better than butter for you??
      MEDICINE is a PRACTICE, and also, when i started using BRAGGS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 3 Times a day., it has stopped my cravings for junk, as well as drinking more water, which is filtered
      one ounce per two lbs when working out

      i bought two 5 gallon jugs from Wal-Mart called PRIMO, and they also sell the PRIMO pump which goes with it and makes it easier to drink the water.
      I drink the water also through a STRAW and that way i tend to drink more
      i think i’ve lost a few sizes in the last few weeks…

      • My Husband's Wife

        Dear Anon,
        I’m with you on the ACV. It’s one of those simple super foods that have a multitude of healthy benefits. And yes—I remember doctors promoting margarine of all things saying real butter was bad for you!
        And good that you mentioned water as a part of weight loss (as Sir Guy has previously for increased energy, too). Thanks for the reminder, I need to fill up my bottle right now!

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Lady MHW,

      Thank you for the kind words. I am completely with you on the diet we should be eating, and I think a lot of people would do very well just by making those changes. Today, we are faced with so many threats to our health that can push us into severe hormonal imbalance. These can range from artificial hormone treatments (birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy), to stress, to chemical exposure, to low-quality diet, and on and on. Some people now are so out of whack hormonally that they will need multiple lifestyle changes and perhaps natural supplements to stop the causes and restore balance. Eating well is part of the equation. Your diet description explains a lot of things I didn’t get into. Thanks again.

  3. Betty

    I thought I would share what I have learnt with my battle of the encroaching bulge, incase anyone would like to read.

    I have found that the only way for me to maintain a nice figure is to eat less frequently. I have put at lot of effort and research into finding what works long-term. I recently started up eating the usual 3 times a day again as I started eating a plant-based wholefoods diet. This was a mistake.

    Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner stimulated my appetite so much that my caloric intake steadily increased to unmanageable levels. Even eating all the right foods, with the appetite I had, it seemed an impossibility to not gain weight (from wedding weight).

    I think it was quite common for housewives in the 1950’s to forgo food during the day (granted there were probably cigarettes involved, but skip them obviously), then sharing a hearty and satisfying dinner with the family, after the day’s work was done.

    I believe it is very natural, even wives in the Roman Empire did this. It makes common sense: as we are infants we need to eat every 4 hours. Children need snacks throughout the day. Young adults need 3 square meals… the trend likely continues as our metabolism slows with age.

    It takes some adaptation at first to only eat one meal a day, but after a few weeks, it feels perfectly natural.

    • aroundtheriverbend

      Your Highness Betty,

      May I humbly suggest that your increase in appetite may be due to a lack of fat and protein in your diet if you are eating plants only?

      I too am interested in health, and have researched and experimented a lot over the years.

      While I acknowledge that everyone is different, in general I have found that the human body seems to function best on a high plant, medium protein, medium fat diet, with few carbs or sugar.
      The protein and fat keeps you full, and after a couple of weeks the body learns to use the fat as it’s energy source rather than sugar (including carbs), which tends to be much more efficient and doesn’t make you put on weight as many people think!

      Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone, but I have found that eating this way three times a day seems to work for the majority of people, including myself.

      Hope this helps!

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