2526. Tips for Women — I

  1. Think and act about giving, and you’ll learn the rewards of giving.
  2. Think and act as if you’re grateful and it will return to you as self-importance; you can’t convince others with your words.
  3. Think and act as if men are important, by listening to their self-satisfying talk aimed at convincing you of their importance to you.
  4. Think and act admirably, and others will duplicate your examples.
  5. Think and act as a person to trust, and observe how others become trustful and trustworthy.
  6. Think and act as an attractive female, and you’ll grow into the role.
  7. Think and act as if men are intelligent, and they will get smarter.
  8. Think and act as if men should not make themselves worthy of you, and they won’t.
  9. Think and act as if you’re irresistible, and men will upgrade themselves to your standards and expectations.
  10. Think and act as if you’re sexually unconquerable, and men will find you irresistible.


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9 responses to “2526. Tips for Women — I

  1. Shermy

    Sir Guy, I think I’m struggling a bit with this. I fully understand that women need to behave this way for men to bring out men’s best masculine natures, but I somehow sense the environment has perhaps irrevocably changed the masculine nature as it has for women. A lot of this assumes that men are as they’ve been forever, but I don’t find this to generally be the case today. Pardon the analogy, but it feels as if since the marketplace, as it were, is so filled with fast food options, that NO ONE remembers what a home cooked meal tastes like,or better yet, thinks it’s boring & unworthy of the time. Anyone else experience this?

    • anon...

      Wow.. Deep analogy, however it’s possible it changed when they replaced home ec in middle and HS, with sex ed

      • Shermy

        I believe both are important. You can’t harmonize a home or relationships without essential information. Our educational system fails at providing either, or for that matter, much of what is useful to fully function as adults in a society.

    • 1jarofclay

      Hello Lady Shermy,

      I hope you are doing well. It’s good to see you around here. 🙂

      The answer to your question is both yes and no. Yes, it’s true that it’s harder than ever to establish and mantain a relationship that will lead to marriage, but it’s totally possible and I’m an example of it. As you know, I recently got married. The process starts with our thoughts. I never thought that said process, or the men are boring and unworthy of my time because that would be having a defeated mentality from the get-go. I thought that there were many worthy men in the dating market and lo and behold, I married one who adores me and would do anything for me. I also dated other wonderful men before him. What you focus on is what you are going to see.

      Once you know the game, you perfect your skills and become really good at it. There are dating coaches who help people get married in today’s market which admittedly is not for the faint of heart. But men marry all the time, you see, and all it takes is understanding what makes them tick in order to get to the finish line–marriage (assuming that that is what you want). Any woman can do it. Any person can get married. It’s not a matter of being able to get married, but rather choosing the right partner and also being the right partner.

      A while back I realized that although I wanted to get married and have children one day, I was hardly dating at all! I decided to change that and started dating only men who are interested in something serious and marriage- minded. There was no shortage of great men! A year and a half later I’m happily married.

      Some time ago, one of the ladies who reads the blog was telling Sir Guy that she has been reading this blog from the time he started writing and that she was still single and things have gotten much worse in the market. This blog has been around for what, 8 or 9 years? I was shocked! Do you think that this is an example of thoughts holding someone back? I’m sure it is. (Not trying to bash anyone, just bringing up an example).

      Every year dating coaches like Renee Wade or Katarina Phang help many women see a world of abundance, not of lack, and establish relationships, strengthen them, get engaged, get married and even save marriages.

      There are some men who also help people with relationships such as Jordan Gray, James Michael Sama and Graham W. White. When men come complaining that “there are no good women out there”, they show them the same thing– there are plenty! Their own experiences (and their clients’) prove it. But sometimes people just refuse to see.

      I hope this helps. 🙂 ❤

      Much love,

      • 1jarofclay

        As a reference, these are some books that have helped many women:

        “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider

        “The List” by Mary Corbett and Sheila Corbett Khine

        That last one in particular helps you sprint instead of walking when dating. It helps you make good decisions because it gives you vision 20/20.

        In today’s dating market more than ever only the fittest (most able) survive. I decided to quit wasting time. I wasn’t going to be left behind.

        Best wishes,

        • Miss Gina

          I have to agree with Lady Magnolia. I have been married for many years, but I see wonderful men all over the place, both married and single, and of all ages. The area where I live is not as promising as other places. The woman who sees herself and those around her as precious and extremely valuable will capture male hearts. Every lady can be a “Queen of Hearts,” with men of all ages eating out of her hand. It simply requires an expectation of good from life, from God, and from the people around her. A smile and appreciative attitude on the face and figure that has committed to pretty time will draw men in ways they don’t understand. Good men will get courage to approach, and many not-so-good will be inspired to be good, to be worthy of approaching such a creature. Are you still in NYC? After the best pretty time ever, try walking down the street with a big smile, sharing it with everyone. Yes, you will be different, but that’s the point. 😄

          • Shermy

            Thank you for some wonderful things to keep in mind Miss Gina! Yes, I’m still in NYC, which I understand is a “uniquely” difficult environment, but I’ve sought to thrive where I’ve planted myself. If nothing else, I know for sure that men have responded favorably to my smile, yay!

      • Shermy

        Dearest Magnolia,

        Thank you so kindly for your thoughtful and thorough reply, and for the sharing some new resources I hadn’t come across. I adore Graham W White and his wife, so it’s nice to know he’s on your list too! I have been at this awhile and while my mindset/outlook/behavior has been EXPONENTIALLY enhanced by what I’ve learned here, I’m just at a place where I’m not getting the results I’d hoped for. It might just be time for me to step away and regroup and go out and try again after I’ve regained some strength for the journey.

        It also may be time for me to consider leaving NYC as well. I’m coming up on 10 years here so it’s definitely been a time of reflection, and perhaps I need to seriously consider a more target rich environment.

  2. 1jarofclay

    Yes, indeed. It all starts with our thoughts. Thank you once again, sir.


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