2528. Tips for Women — III

  1. Think and act morally exemplary, and you’ll influence others to duplicate your character.
  2. Think and act pretty, and you’ll make yourself prettier.
  3. Think and act selfishly, and you’ll be treated childishly.
  4. Think and act sexually, and you’ll attract men for sex exclusively.
  5. Think and act uniquely and modestly feminine, and you’ll attract a husband.
  6. Think and act unselfishly, and you’ll become a helpmate or servant leader.
  7. Think and act with moral conviction, and someone will cherish you.
  8. Think and primp in front of a mirror every day, and you’ll become prettier and value yourself much higher.


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2 responses to “2528. Tips for Women — III

  1. This is such charming and simple advice. The words we speak over ourselves and the thoughts we think have such tremendous power. So if we think pretty thoughts and speak attractive words over ourselves, it will start to manifest itself in our lives. Women especially can have lots of thoughts and lots of words. When we can learn how to take them into captivity and make them pretty and positive, it can change everything. Our actions tend to follow our thoughts, feelings, and words.

  2. Maddy

    A great list!

    Further the post and comment by Lady Insanitybytes22 – we must “be the best version” of ourselves to attract like minded “quality” friends. We cannot choose our family (although we can influence how they treat us) but we can choose our friends. Friends can lift you up, inspire you and be supportive, or be secretively manipulative and jealous (often with the “front” of being the aforementioned). Husband will get exhausted having to hang around friends that he doesn’t respect and eventually he may consider you to be similar to those friends (otherwise, why would you want to hang out with them?)

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