2529. Collectivism versus Individualism

I’m back to Left versus Right, elitist intentions that contradict human experience, deliberate deceivers versus accurate perceivers, failed promises versus successful history.

  • The collective results in being forced to sharing what you earn. —versus— Individualism enables one to keep what they earn.
  • Envy stimulates political pressures against others. — versus— Envy is free thought and therefore freedom.
  • Ambitions are fulfilled in politics, activism, and community organizing. — versus— Ambitions are fulfilled by earning respect, prosperity, and opportunity for wealth.
  • Equality is presented as greatest virtue, but it is never achievable, because it fails to resolve envy, which justifies further political pressures and actions. — versus— The greatest virtue is fairness which is achievable because it can resolve and reduce disputes to mutual respect with measurable results.
  • It results in the condition of poverty that reproduces itself and equalizes misery. — versus— It results in lifting everyone’s boat on the dynamic sea of economic growth.
  • Personal influence is result of who one knows regardless of who else benefits. — versus— Personal influence is result of ability, work ethic, and merit in delivering some service or connection to others.

If not clear let me know. If not simple, you should investigate further. If you disagree, let’s discuss it.

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One response to “2529. Collectivism versus Individualism

  1. My Husband's Wife

    I completely agree, Sir Guy—could it be that Nazism / Communism fall under the “collectivism” umbrella? So that even though they are polar opposites, they seem to generate similar results. Would all “isms” seem to be forms/pillars of Collectivism?

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Yes, on all counts but one. Nazism and Communism are not polar opposites, just different versions of the same political “disease,” elitism and totalitarianism. All leftist ideologies fit the collective bill, namely, that individuals gravitate to individualism and from there to middle class. The soviets found the middle class their final unconquerable obstruction, which energizes American leftists to eliminate that class today.

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