2532. Submission #01: The Introduction

The last of this series was completed two years ago. It’s time for a repeat and hopefully something new. We have new readers on board. So, let’s start at the top. We view life from outer space. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize two different sexes. One is dominant but the other superior. Respectively, the immovable object faces the irresistible force, male gender versus female gender. It’s the historical and highly traditional battle of the sexes.

Expecting women to submit flips the superior sex on its head. Not only that, it makes women mad just thinking about it, even when they hear it in church. Unfortunately, that causes some women to lose their female balance, to blame the men in their lives. Regardless of how pastors explain it, there’s plenty of hope always available in the feminine boodle bag of options.

Since the Holy Bible favors men on the subject, women don’t seem to have a full hand of cards to play. Ahhhhh! But they do. In fact, they hold the superior hand. They have patience, skill, hardheadedness, grateful heart, free will, and abundant opportunities to play. Men have stubbornness, self-respect, hardheartedness, ego, and competitive determination to defend only one position, that she must submit. Advantage: wives. Abundant opportunities can smother one position even though well-defended.

The advantage comes from this. When push comes to shove, submission means only one thing to men. It’s their handicap. Not handicapped, women are blessed from birth for this particular battle. They are by nature cooperative and even submissive when in their best interest. Their nature thus provides advantage that enables them to outsmart, outwit, and out-maneuver dominant males. Consequently, submission isn’t a yes or no battle. Women make a game of ‘maybe’ out of it that convinces their man that he has won.

The feminine submissive spirit, often seen by men as unrespectable, is quite capable of conquering a man’s insistence that she submit as he and other men conceive it.



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7 responses to “2532. Submission #01: The Introduction

  1. 1jarofclay

    I love it!

  2. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,
    When I first read your articles on this subject, I didn’t get it. Now, I understand what you’re getting at, and I think there’s a lot of value in it.

    Before coming across your idea on this, I had learned to attack it another way which turns out to be quite similar. I don’t know everything, when my husband insists on something I think is outright wrong, stupid, or just a bad idea, after I have tried to persuade him, I have learned as a Christian that going along with him provides a great deal of spiritual protection. God will always work things out for me so that going along turns out to be an unimaginably good decision (of course, this would exclude going along with something immoral).

    I think both ways are actually quite similar in practice, since they give husband his way in the short term at least, and they involve wife being agreeable knowing circumstances are subject to change over time.

    There are times for each. There will be situations in which one must go along (or else fight–bad idea unless morality is at stake), and it seems one can’t maneuver one way or the other. These are the times to trust God. There are other situations which may be more minor, or those in which a balanced perspective says wife is right, but she is not right to fight, and it looks like there are possibilities ahead. These times might be those to prayerfully wait for opportunities.

    A great deal of food for thought…and peace in the home is *always* a good thing.

    • My Husband's Wife

      You’re so right, Miss Gina! I also had to learn to do this as well and not always easy. And whenever a husband or wife fails, it’s reassuring to know that God has us covered in His forgiveness which we extend to our spouse, which makes us lean on Him more trusting that it will be so.

    • Meow Meow

      I agree with this nuanced view of submission Miss Gina outlines. You will never regret not going along with something immoral, and indeed the times when a man seems bent on it (Perhaps not considering the consequences) is exactly the time to fight/disagree in my experience. Remain someone he can look back on and respect. Not often, or for any old reason, but not going along with a truly bad/destructive idea when it counts. It tarnishes us not to speak up then. I will also say, don’t submit to someone not worthy of respect. That too tarnishes us and casts doubt on our judgement. Usually, men really do know when they are doing something wrong, and going along with a bad idea does you no favors in their eyes in the end.

  3. “Since the Holy Bible favors men on the subject, women don’t seem to have a full hand of cards to play. Ahhhhh! But they do. In fact, they hold the superior hand. ”

    Ah, so true. If one truly steps into those submissive shoes and wears them well, the amount of power, of influence we as women have, can even be a bit disconcerting! I’m chuckling here, but in order to use your powers for good, you must first realize you have them. Then bless some man with them, heap praise and gratitude on him, and you will be blessed to.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes2,
    You will always have a pulpit on this blog. Thanks for once again making my points more clear.

  4. Meow Meow

    Sir Guy, would you elaborate on how/why men see the female submissive spirit as unrespectable? Is it because its something so foreign to them (They wouldn’t do that) and/or because it can make her seem untrustworthy (“She’ll submit to any man dominant enough, how can I trust her sexually?”) I sense this attitude coming through—“A pleaser can’t be trusted.”

    Your Highness Meow Meow,
    You’re right on. Men don’t respect someone until they earn it. A woman who submits at his unrespectful call or just to please him as if he’s a celebrity, and it goes beyond sex, probably will not be earning his respect. Personalities play a part too. Yes, as you put it, “A pleaser can’t be trusted.”

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