2547. Ten Steps To Win A Man’s Heart — Step 01: Marriage is Her Goal

A man does the work but the woman governs the way to a man’s heart, if lifetime marriage is her goal. The process begins with her thoughts that generate the proper attitude to encourage a man to seriously court her.

This is a very important principle. She cannot purposely and proactively capture a man’s heart. He gives it up to her. Forget virginity although great to have, forget conquest although that will be her most difficult obstacle to overcome, and forget trickery. Even if entrapment or manipulation works, it will fail her somewhere down the marital road. Summarized, he conducts the process that earns her exclusive loyalty to him only by proving himself worthy of her.

Delayed commitment leads to sounder connection. The longer she acts uncommitted but willing to accept his pursuit, the better for her. Unlike her, a man’s devotion develops slowly and his love may grow even slower. As described in these ten steps, the process reads like clockwork, each step following the other. But that is not how it happens; it all merges and modifies many disruptions and finally morphs them into a smooth relationship. No shortcuts because they ultimately fail.

A woman uses her interest and imagination to intermingle these ten steps into a relationship-building process that induces the pursuer to win her favor for marriage. He does all the winning; she mostly provides endless but chaste encouragement. It can get awkward or worse, especially delaying conquest.

The more he initiates the courting, the better and longer will be the marriage. It’s a good sign he’s after her rather than just sex. Her patience to go along, initiate little, and let him earn her converts his commitment into devotion, his love grows alongside, and his devoted actions develop into family-type responsibility of which a woman cannot have too much. It also allows more time and conditions for his love to grow and stabilize.

First step: She should recognize four vital thoughts for all men: 1) Her infatuation is not matched by his. His pursuit of conquest is not related to infatuation and not even her at the beginning. She is burdened to redirect his interest from vagina to her. 2) Romantic love so strongly present at the beginning will not last; it fades one or two years after conquest and she has the burden to generate enduring love to replace it. 3) Sex does not bond a man, and so conquest has no lasting benefit. In fact, it changes both sexes often for the worse and seldom for long-range good. 4) Femininity appeals to a man, because it is embedded with mystery, modesty, emotional fidelity, and monogamous spirit that makes her uniquely different and magnifies her attractiveness as very non-masculine.

Feminism and feminist thought have opposite effects. They discourage femininity that men appreciate so much and bring out the unappealing side of femaleness that overwhelms a female’s attractiveness as potential wife.

The second step describes important features of the male nature, next.


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5 responses to “2547. Ten Steps To Win A Man’s Heart — Step 01: Marriage is Her Goal

  1. Shermy

    It is sooooo wonderful to see this spelled out this way. Sir Guy, the more you outline your thoughts, the more I understand and agree. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the rest!!!!!

  2. I always thought the first step involved bacon. No? Maybe that’s just how you win their heart after you’ve been married a long time. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to read more 🙂

  4. gonemaverick

    Awesome series

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