2566. More Tips for Women — 01

  1. As single women take up, permit, and enjoy sex for its own sake, men bypass learning and respecting other things of importance to females.
  2. In our world today where sex comes before marriage, men look at attractive women as sex targets until conquered and as keeper, backup, booty, duty slut, or throw-away after conquest. The longer before conquest, the more likely she’s a keeper.
  3. The more the female gender provides unmarried sex, the easier for each individual woman to miss out as a keeper. The fewer the unmarried givers, the easier to become a keeper.
  4. Men need no lessons for ‘wham, bam, thank you, mam’. It comes quite natural. Only women can defeat the urge that easily becomes habit.
  5. Men learn how to treat a woman differently by her and other women rejecting them for sex. Thus, men learn to greatly respect the female gender.
  6. Morality serves women, but male dominance operates very well without it; men don’t need it except when sensing responsibility to win a woman. Mothers and other females carry the burden to see to it that boys and men live within the moral expectations of women.
  7. Mothers civilize and domesticate boys. Chaste girls tame and teach testosterone terrors to honor female standards and expectations. Grateful wives finish the process of making good husbands. Or else men disappoint the female gender.
  8. The more that women trash-talk masculine characteristics, the less men honor female sensibilities.
  9. The female nature strives to live up to something bigger such as God, their man, their children. Men have to learn to live that way, which puts teaching in the hands of women who can capture and hold the attention of each man.
  10. The less respect that women show the male gender, the more men become irresponsible for helping fulfill female dreams for home and family.


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3 responses to “2566. More Tips for Women — 01

  1. stephanie deGange

    Everything you have cited is completely true. Women must join together and refuse easy sex to men. She can still go it alone, if necessary, however!

    Your Highness Stephanie deGange,

    It is not easy sex but easy conquest that will make any difference in the poor man-woman relationships that transpire today.

    Conquest is the monumental event in which the respect of women stops growing. It changes the mindset of the hunter-conqueror. She immediately becomes less important to him, and he is free in his own mind to hunt and lift the skirts of other unconquered females.

    That game continues until one woman says No to each man. Then, over time and with her legs till crossed, she becomes so important to conquer that he figures he has to ‘own’ her in marriage even if to the exclusion of all others.

    He believes what he figures out by himself much easier than what he is told. So, nothing like crossed legs so indirectly seal his fate to marry, if it is necessary to conquer.

    Men will do whatever women require for frequent access to convenient sex. Conquest is enough, because it entitles him to be the owner of their sexual agenda.


    • Sarina

      Beautiful reasons, Sir Guy. I think it’s best for me to re-read this explanation whenever ‘unlawful’ temptation arises. The only reason I’ve managed to keep myself physically pure is because of religious motives, but now adding up another ‘strong’ value like securing a man’s respect will definitely make my defense on this issue more powerful. Resisting the desire through action and less with words while also abstaining from futile explanations whenever men ask the dreaded question ‘why you won’t do this’.

  2. My Husband's Wife

    This information is so good that it breaks my heart as it has been lost throughout the last several decades. It’s a shame this is not common knowledge by women today as we’ve become so disconnected from our God-given feminine nature through deliberate cultural engineering. Women, men, and children suffer as a result as the sexes are polarized against each other. Going against God’s nature/creation always ends in destruction. The good news: it’s not sustainable. Unfortunately, there’s way too many suffering collateral damage from these unnatural ideas.

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