2567 — More Tips for Women — 02

  1. Sex with a woman is the ultimate expression of male dominance. Ease or difficulty of conquest determines how strictly or respectfully he dominates their future.
  1. Hunter-conquerors appreciate tantalizing, challenging, and hard-to-capture prey. It motivates a man to investigate such a woman intensively, which stimulates his curiosity, arouses his imagination about what her worth could mean for him. Preoccupied with trying to figure her out, he wonders if conquest is all that necessary right now. Perhaps he should back off the pressure, he reasons, and their relationship continues….
  1. Conquering a woman generates masculine glory and accomplishment that far overpower excitement of subsequent episodes. To the male mind, conquest is the most dynamic event in every relationship. It’s what he is born for, his primary mission in life.
  1. The more a woman enables a man’s dominance to go uninhibited and one-sided, the more likely she’s headed for a surprise dump. Before conquest, she has to compete to protect her interest, and men expect her to defend against conquest.
  1. After conquest is the wrong time for a woman to fight against a man’s dominating or domineering habits, if she hopes to keep him. The harder she fights afterward, the more certain she will lose; conquerors expect cooperation as one of their rights.
  1. Before conquest a woman can inspire a man to change and make his dominating or domineering habits more tolerable or tactful. Or, she can accept him as is and not try to change him later. Or, she can drop him. She will most likely lose with other options.
  1. The lure of modest, feminine, and flattering apparel on a neatly trimmed body works best for a woman. It indicates self-respect, and men appreciate respect more than love.
  1. Mystery mixed with feminine self-respect and unexpected reluctance attract a man. She becomes his research project. The more he searches for weakness to bed her, the more he invests himself. Men find it difficult to throw away potential return on investment. It’s a process that enables her to convey values, standards, and expectations for his associating with her. By holding out and making him earn all that he learns, his aim shifts subliminally from sex to her, from expecting her to satisfy him to his proving his worth to her. It enables her to screen the best from the near-best men.


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8 responses to “2567 — More Tips for Women — 02

  1. Ashley

    How does a woman inspire her man, in courtship, to be a better man? By that I mean he curses and drinks less, maybe starts going to church…

    Your Highness Ashley,

    He curses in your presence, then give him a nod of disapproval a couple times. If he continues cursing, refuse next date. If he drinks to excess, ask to be taken home. If he won’t, refuse next date. When he asks why no date, just say cursing or excess drinking or both. Then stop. Don’t explain further, don’t complain about his behavior. Let him see through your silence that you are likely done with him. Let him figure out by himself what it takes to satisfy you.

    As to church, you attend religiously, refuse to see him on Sundays, set a good example, and don’t try to talk him into going with you. Make yourself independent of him for religious purposes and on Sundays. Exclude him from part of your life.

    If you marry and have kids, continue the same way with the kids. After many years, many men decide that whatever you get in church may be what they need. So, they start attending. No guarantees, but quite often they do.


  2. MsTeddy

    Hi Guy,

    I have trouble understanding point 4. “The more a woman enables…” Could you please explain it to me?

    Also, could you direct me to a post of yours that deals with tips on meeting suitable men? I find it difficult for men to approach me and I am clumsy when interacting with men I find attractive. Hiding is more my motto.

    I must say that I enjoy your website as it shows an honest male perspective on how a Christian lass (or any) is to navigate finding a suitable husband in the current world.


    Your Highness MsTeddy,

    If you’ve not yielded to a man, keep him at a distance. Challenge his assumptions and assertions; insist he prove himself. Find ways to gently challenge his presumption of male dominance. Stand up for yourself; don’t let him charm you into his way of thinking. IOW compete with him eagerly, without offense or course, which challenges a man on his way to conquering you. The more you resist his relative importance during pursuit, the more of his respect you earn.

    After conquest, that ball game is over, because competition is verboten in his mind and cooperation is all he expects from a conquered woman.

    As to a post about meeting suitable men, my favorite post is 42. Escaping Loneliness in Church. The best way, however, is to make yourself a better, more attractive woman as suggested at 2557.

    As to clumsy with attractive men, learn to treat all men alike. Boldly stare at them until it becomes habitual. Treat them friendly and with smiles. Make no distinctions or judgments until they make the first, second, third, and hopefully more moves.


    • MsTeddy

      Hi Guy,

      1) Thanks for your prompt and informative reply! It is greatly appreciated! Just to make sure I understood everything as I am not too sure what you mean by “yielded”. Do you mean, avoid sleeping with a man, don’t allow yourself to be charmed by him, encourage him to want “you” for you and not merely to conquer you for sex?

      2) Also, how does the concept boyfriend and girlfriend fit in? How can you be exclusive with someone during courtship? And the moment you are someone’s boyfriend (by his initiative, of course) how do you remain unconquered until marriage?

      3) Also, do you reckon it is suitable to progress the physical aspect of a relationship during courtship slowly (and naturally)? As in, first kissing chastely, then a bit more, adding some passion eventually (e.g. French kissing), and so forth, but always with clear boundaries that undressing is not an option?

      4) Lastly, if he says “I love you” at some point during conquest is it okay to say it back?

      My apologies for the many questions but the more I read your posts the more I want to learn and put it into action.

      Anyhow, off to reading what you suggested.

      Have a blessed day,
      Ms Teddy

      Your Highness Ms Teddy,

      I numbered the paragraphs to which I respond.

      1) By ‘yielded’ or ‘yielding’, I strictly mean providing first-time sex with any man in any form, aka conquest.

      2) You avoid conquest by outwitting, outsmarting, and out-maneuvering him by using the virtual virginity strategy as explained and expanded in the articles listed in the CONTENT page.

      3) Not only suitable but essential. He should have to earn every favor from you, and if you have no standards or expectations for him to step up to, then you are giving away your natural advantages and perhaps your most precious asset for little or nothing.

      4) I recommend that you not say it. First, you can believe this: He does not love you YET (study article 2558) so it could be ‘like’ instead of love or just an untruth to convince you to cave in to his hard-sought conquest.

      You are good at figuring things out for yourself, so keep it up. You will continue learning about men until you yield to one or more.


      P.S. If you want to add more mystery to yourself, change your screen name to MissTeddy or Miss Teddy.


      • MissTeddy

        Hi Guy,

        You’ve clarified so much! Again, many thanks!

        Re paragraph 4, I will need to reread (study) article 2558 as you suggested. (1) My concern is that I wouldn’t want to push him away by causing offence when he (at a suitable time) says I love you and I don’t reply back. (2) Then again, if you were to truly love someone wouldn’t you want to marry them? Ah, the complexities of human nature.

        Miss Teddy (Great suggestion!)

        Your Highness Miss Teddy,

        I numbered your sentences to which I respond.

        (1) You won’t offend if you respond with questions such as: So soon? How do you know? If you’re up on Cloud Nine about me, what have I done to put you there so fast? You are claiming to be on Cloud Nine, right? [Of course that’s the female view of love, so it should surprise and make him hesitant to respond for fear of what it fully means to you.]

        [Let him express himself. Then follow with variety on the subject.]

        Wish I could be so sure of myself so quickly. Guess I’m just a slow poke [I like that double entendre]. Golly, I am flattered but surprised also. I wish I were so sure of myself. Love is such a serious matter.

        [Let his three little words open up his talk rather than you disclosing yourself.]

        His words don’t shape his thinking but they impress his mind toward commitment—if he’s truthful in the first place. Second, it lets you know more about him and his true interests. Third, that does NOT mean to accept his three little words as truth or commitment. Judge that by his actions and not his words.

        (2) That is woman-think, an intuitive conclusion. It does not apply to men; they are emotional creatures but they use logic and reason to decide to give up their independence and take on additional responsibility for others. Love is never enough to marry or stay together.


        • Miss Teddy

          Hi Guy,

          Thanks for your advice! Glad to find out now that men use logic and reason. 🙂

          Miss Teddy.

          Your Highness Miss Teddy,
          It does not follow that women agree their logic and reason is confirmable.

          • Miss Teddy

            Hi Mr Guy,

            I have a question that is completely unrelated to what we have been discussing thus far – and I have not been able to find an article of yours yet that answers my question. If there is one, please guide me to it. 🙂

            I ask you this as you’ve been exceedingly helpful so far!

            Due to relocating, I am currently not working and I haven’t found a church where I can serve that speaks to me yet. Also, due to relocating my social life is lacking as I don’t have many friends. Thus, at present I am not very active and my life isn’t as interesting as it used to be. I’m afraid that I may be seen as lazy and obviously that averts quality men. Reality is that I am currently invested in some personal projects that I am keen on and I am certain that my life will turn interesting soon enough.

            How can I ensure that my lifestyle doesn’t avert quality men? And that my current unemployment isn’t seen as laziness?

            Many thanks for your help!

            Miss Teddy

  3. gonemaverick

    “She becomes his research project.” Sir Guy, how far do men go in their research?

    It made me think of this meme, “guys don’t understand that girls’ stalking skills are so strong that we can literally find out a guy’s entire autobiography in 12 minutes”.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,

    Your meme is a crock. If she’s a stalker or would stoop to thinking like one, she knows nothing or very little about the male nature or about finding what makes a man tick.

    Men pretty much quit researching an attractive woman after conquest. He becomes a different guy with different objectives.

    After conquest, his mission changes, and she quickly becomes either keeper, booty, or disposable and he acts accordingly. Also, her earning of his respect stops, that is the respect that she earns by refusing to yield what men view as the ultimate prize—sex that men would never give away easily or for nothing.

    He paid the price she expected, and he now ‘owns’ her and their sexual agenda. Before conquest he focuses on finding her weaknesses that can be exploited to persuade her to yield the first time. In the process he discovers qualities that he can admire, and they become virtues to him. After conquest, he stops looking for weaknesses and finds fewer if any more virtues. Men want to marry a virtuous woman, but if she doesn’t hold out until he finds enough virtues to marry, then his research ends.


    • gonemaverick

      Sir Guy, you are such a guy! and I mean that in a “masculine, I can’t decode women small talk kind of way!” #smiling

      I was hoping you would ignore the meme comment. In girl talk, the stalking is not in the morbid sense but in the sense that we can use social media, friends and whatever means possible to find out background info about a guy. e.g. where he works, who he’s dated, who he’s asked out, who his friends/family are, what he posts on social media, his cellphone to see his whatsapp status, etc. My question was more along those lines about a man’s ability “to investigate a woman intensively.”

      Your Highness Gonemaverick,

      I see what you mean now. I don’t do any social media at all or talk to men about it. So, I can’t answer this question: “how far do men go in their research?”

      I would presume they would go as far as their interest carries them, but not nearly as far as you claim women go. Why not? Men as not as worried about being surprised as women are and not as interested in risk-avoidance.


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