Blog 2571 — Ladies: I’m Out of Order

I recently upgraded software and cannot work with it. WORD 2016 defeats me. I may be offline for quite awhile. Sorry.



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5 responses to “Blog 2571 — Ladies: I’m Out of Order

  1. Miss Gina

    So sorry to hear this, Sir Guy. Best wishes for a fast solution.

    P.S.–Have you tried the free Open Office word processing software? Very functional and easy to convert back and forth with Word, at least recently.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    Thanks, but it’s beyond my capability.

  2. gonemaverick

    Hope to have you back soon. I’m confident you’ll work it out.

  3. Hang in there Sir Guy, and know we’ll be thinking of you until you get it all sorted out.

    • Anon...

      For an 80 plus year old even attempting it, he is doing pretty good 😄

      Your Highness Anon…,
      Thank you. I continue to regress into childhood and now count by half years. Tomorrow I will be 85-1/2. You ladies make it a party every day.

      • Well, he is quite delightful and charming. I’m shamelessly enamoured. 🙂

        Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
        I love it when pretty women show such discriminating good taste.

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