2572. More Tips for Women — 06

  1. ‘Full disclosure’ by a woman is foolish. She will be judged, so less information is better. Her intention to be ‘fully known’ works against her; his curiosity is uninspired.
  2. A man changes dramatically after conquering a woman. He inherits the conqueror’s right to manage their sexual agenda, or he is free to dump her.
  3. A man’s respect for a woman is essential for his love. Among women, love can come before respect.
  4. A woman seeks family, economic, social, and domestic stability. She seeks safety of health, life, and family—that is, a brighter future.
  5. As more and more women take up bedpost notching, they generate disrespect for selves and gender. Raunchy and feminine are mutually exclusive.
  6. Booty call is the screwing she gets for the screwing he got. Duty sluts have lost more male respect that they can ever imagine or recover with him.
  7. By girls insisting on and upholding feminine, social, and domestic standards, boys learn they must please females for no other purpose than it is right.
  8. By planning to treat and qualify all men alike, a woman conditions her thinking to not go off the deep end with infatuation.
  9. By their nature, women favor equality for decision making. Men favor fairness. Resolve it early or arguments compound and bitterness follows.
  10. Unless she is unattractive to a man, the thought of his conquest never ends. It’s why platonic friendships between the sexes are unstable. He can’t conquer his nature; he’s born that way.


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8 responses to “2572. More Tips for Women — 06

  1. Kay

    Good Morning Sir Guy! So glad you are back. Love this stuff!

  2. Miss Gina

    You’re back! Hooray!

  3. aroundtheriverbend

    Full disclosure is definitely something I struggle with.
    I recently started a new job and have been realising the past few days that I find it very difficult to create mystery around myself.

    When people (male or female) ask me questions about myself I seem to be mentally programmed to answer honestly straight away without thinking about it, and when I’m nervous or not sure what to say I often talk about myself to fill the silence.

    I’m trying to stop doing this but keep slipping up…any advice?

    Your Highness Aroundtheriverbend,

    I don’t see your habit as bad, except when dealing with a man. Especially with a man of interest, your advantage comes from his having to learn about you by spending time with you. Your easy disclosure satisfies his appetite for knowing you. Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts, or easily believe what they are told.
    However, they come to believe what they figure out for themselves.

    You should want a man to earn the privilege of getting to talk to you about personal matters. Each detail he learns too quickly weakens his curiosity about getting to know you, which shortens his estimate of how much time he should spend with you to assess what you can mean to him, which means he uncovers fewer qualities that he can admire, which reduces the virtues that you possess in his eyes, which means he admires too little of who you are and what you do, which weakens his respect that normally grows from your abstinence during dating and courtship.

    I suggest you use your mind more than your heart, when dealing with men and always with those of interest to you. It’s a good learning experience for you too.

    By the way, anxiety to get everyone you meet to know you is a sign of weak belief in yourself. You rarely get the confirmation that you expect, which means disappointment too often follows although more from men than women.


    • Beloved

      Miss aroundtheriverbend, I suffer from the same problem!! My only advice is to practice ahead of time, in the mirror, what questions might be asked of you (based on past experience) and then write down, or record on a voice recorder, your responses. Also, I have found books on confidence to help immensely to help me realize that we almost all struggle with social appropriateness at times. Hope that helps!

    • Meow Meow

      I can tell when someone is trying to “create mystery” about herself, but maybe what you mean is wait to get until you know people better about whether to open up to them or not. There is nothing wrong with being honest, but you don’t have to give unknown people TMI that you may live to regret!….Sometimes its best to hold off and discern what the office politics may be. Sadly often I found that the very first person who would try to come over to me and initiate a deep conversation would usually be a gossip or an outcast looking for support.
      Try asking nicely phrased questions of the other person instead of getting nervous and disclosing more than you want and maybe you will turn the tables! Thus you will appear friendly without having to reciprocate or decide if this is a person you want to get to know right away.

      With men….have standards (‘why does she have standards?”) maybe a unique meaningful conversation piece (change it up now and then) (“why does she have that xyz?”) and a strong sense that you have value (“Why isn’t she fawning all over me?”)

      I like Kay’s answer below ….”need to know basis. ” Think of yourself like a secret agent getting to know your new workplace. Mysterious and fun!

      Your Highness Meow Meow and Aroundtheriverbend,
      My late wife, Grace, had a way to stop unwanted questions. She would ask, “Why do you ask?” Or, “Why do you want to know?” It worked well for her.

  4. Kay

    My Dad always use to use the phrase,” on a need to know basis”. That alone helps me when I am about to reveal my every thought!

    Your Highness Kay,
    Very sound advice, there’s no finger pointing in the process of dismissing one’s questions.

  5. aroundtheriverbend

    Thank you Miss Beloved and Miss Kay.

    Great suggestions…I will definitely give them a try!

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