2573. More Tips for Women — 07

  1. The trait that women condemn so easily, a man’s ego, reflects his sense of self-worth, self-satisfaction, and sense of significance. To criticize is to say he’s not good enough, which invites him to find another woman for his life.
  2. A man’s innocent or friendly touch in passing, much like flirting, is a small price for a woman to pay for the virtue of respect and popularity. It magnifies her worth. To object embarrasses someone who thinks well of her. She knows when it’s not innocent and how to deal with it.
  3. Her man’s physical infidelity isn’t terminal; she wants to talk. His woman’s physical infidelity, however, is considered the end; he expects to walk.
  4. A woman expects to frequently have her sense of self-importance confirmed. However, it is unnatural for men to volunteer affection, which he treats as a subset of his respect. So, the more respect she earns, the more likely he shows affection.
  5. A woman expresses love through closeness, nurturing, intimacy, and matching words. It confirms to her that she is doing right and demonstrates her gratitude to others. The more she loves, the more important she feels.
  6. A woman wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by powerful people. Two men won’t knowingly share her, so one man dedicated to her works best.
  7. Female charm, indirectness, and patience enable women to govern values and interaction that shape relationships. Her inborn expertise enables her to capture and rule the rooster, whom she empowers to rule the roost that she builds for him.
  8. Femininity’s inherent virtues civilize men, balance male dominance, and suppress male aggressiveness at the macro level and govern interaction at the micro. IOW, to be a supermodel of feminine behavior (she only has to be attractive enough for one man) is to make life a piece of cake.
  9. Flowers as gifts have one purpose, to please women. Flowers are worthless and border on inappropriate for men even in sickness. If he’s in bed, give him something functional for his current ability—book, game, DVD, food.
  10. Men can more easily forget than forgive offense. Women can forgive but almost never forget offenses.


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8 responses to “2573. More Tips for Women — 07

  1. Sarina

    Sir Guy,

    Could you please offer an example of how a woman can hurt or insult a man’s ego? Sometimes women use similar harsh words and insults when verbal fighting with a man, but I’m not sure if ‘street’ language offends men because I feel that a woman screaming and cussing him is highly unproductive and won’t make him change that much, he usually becomes defensive. This is an interesting subject, the male ego.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    First, think of who and what he thinks he is and don’t offend that. Make your decisions on what he thinks and not what you think who and what he is.

    He thinks he’s a great driver; don’t criticize his driving. He thinks he knows politics and who will win the election. Don’t critique his thoughts as from a know it all on high. In any competitive situation with you, he will consider his knowledge and wisdom superior to yours, whether he expresses it that way or not.

    You don’t have to worry about his ego, if you always just smile, refuse to critique or argue, and just let him have his way on “intellectual” matters. Go against his beliefs, and you tamper with his ego, which consists of his need to admire himself, his satisfaction with what he accomplishes including talking, and his sense of significance that is his overall conclusion about his successes in life.

    If you have to or if you do verbally fight with a man, you are acting like a man. You cannot win in that situation. It may not be immediately obvious, but you will ultimately lose if only from lost respect. You have all you need to outwit, outsmart, and outmaneuver him and patience to make it happen virtually anytime.

    You may try to defeat him, but everything you do invites worse effects from him. You’re too smart and patient to challenge his ego and hope to win.


  2. Miss Gina

    I agree with Lady Sarina. The male ego is a fascinating subject.

  3. SeekandFind

    “A man’s innocent or friendly touch in passing, much like flirting, is a small price for a woman to pay for the virtue of respect and popularity. It magnifies her worth. To object embarrasses someone who thinks well of her. She knows when it’s not innocent and how to deal with it.”

    How should a woman deal with “innocent” touches? Not the kind that’s blatantly inappropriate but the subtle ones.

    For example, she goes in for a hug and the guy kisses her cheek too, or he only hugs her but his hand is a little lower than it should be, or he’s saying hello, and he hugs her, but is rubbing her back, where her bra strap is. Or what if he’s had his hand on her shoulder and dropped it down and somehow it brush her backside.

    These situations catch women by surprise, she may be so uncomfortable but not have words to say at the time to address the situation.

    Some men aren’t conscious about giving women physical space. Like if he’s sitting next to her, he doesn’t close his legs enough or sit in a way where his legs or hands are near her legs, possibly touching/grazing her.

    Should women always seek to protect that’s space? By moving away, etc. Is it that vulnerable to be exploited?

    Your Highness SeekandFind,

    Always be silent, move his hand, or give him a disappointing stare down.Your object should be to not let him get by, not to punish or discipline him. Just let him know quietly that you have standards.

    Let him know he exceeded his freedom, change the subject, and move on to something else. Just a flash of disappointment works, although it may take more than one ‘hint’ that you disapprove of whatever he just did.

    Her space is whatever she declares with silent discipline to be her standard.


  4. KitKat

    If my husband cheats the last thing I want to do is talk. He should keep it to himself and hope I don’t find out. If he confesses, he is gone, I am done. I don’t cheat unless I am ready to go anyway. There would be nothing to say.

    Your Highness KitKat,
    The underlying principle is that men and women are born differently. She cheats and he is betrayed and unforgiving. He cheats and she considers emotional infidelity a greater betrayal than physical infidelity; she has maneuvering room that is not born with. So, she can talk if she so desires; it’s in her nature unless lessons learned in life convince her otherwise.

    • Meow Meow

      I hear you KitKat. Sir Guy says one of a woman’s greatest needs is to feel self-important, but nothing takes away a woman’s sense of importance to her man and his family like being cheated on. Especially as a woman who has put in a great deal of effort, love and time to try to hold the family together in tough times, cheating would be the last straw…one and done. Its enough work without added relationship drama! i would feel better on my own…because then there is hope…that “the next man” might be the new “Mr Right”!

      I just wish men would understand that to many a woman, cheating ends the trust that your husband’s got your back, and without that trust and faith in your man its impossible to be a fully committed wife emotionally, which renders marriage pointless. Personally I don’t know of any marriages that held together for long after one of the partners cheated. A few lasted till the kids were out of school. I guess in my generation women are not so likely to “talk”. Maybe if and only if they can drag the wayward husband to marriage counseling….however in my generation I see over and over again that wives are far more likely to cheat and the agonized husbands the ones to try to save it! Times have really changed.

      • KitKat

        For me it is a deliberate hurt to me of owning up to the cheating. I have no desire to talk about how it was only physical. I will not forgive a confession of infidelity, I am done. Talking is to relieve guilt. Keep it to yourself and live with the guilt if that is what you feel. Keep it to yourself and hope I don’t find out, under no circumstances think I will let you off the hook by talking about it. If I cheat, I was done long before the sex. I do not feel any guilt, as whatever we had is long over with. I would cheat, I would have left the marriage or relationship. Once I am done, I am done.

        Your Highness KitKat,
        Your mind is made up. Men are better at that than women, but you are certainly qualified to narrow your options.

  5. Anon...

    regarding number 9
    VERY IMPORTANT.. in fact, for BABY SHOWERS… when the baby is going to be a BOY.. the colors should not only be BLUE.. but GREEN and TAN for the theme…. LIKE being in a forest
    even a company used this theme, of being in a forest—-and looked like the perfect theme, since there was a symbol of an ’18 month old boy’ wearing a pajama suit.. with little ears, and a tail… (silicon valley)
    its possible, they didn’t know it..looked like a baby boy
    while, for a BABY GIRL… its FLOWERS… and other feminine things like tea sets.. etc….pink, purple, yellow.. etc…mostly PINK


  6. Anon...

    OOPS— although for the ‘baby boy’,, it only had two eyes… and nothing else on the face…;^)

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