2574. More Tips for Women — 08

  1. Wives who exemplify mystery, modesty, feminine expertise, and Christian morality know how to smooth out husbandly domination, discourage aggression, and prevent violence. It carries over easily to children on wings of her leadership by example.
  2. Sex does not keep a man. Wives have to provide more to enhance life together and compensate their man for loss of his independence. Inborn relationship skills empower wives to succeed.
  3. Wives who endlessly complain, find fault, and impose guilt on husband are unlikeable, which is a major ingredient of a man’s bonded love. Even if he agrees that she is right, he nevertheless seeks an easier life elsewhere. He will change for another woman, but not one who continually blames him.
  4. Women are partially ignorant about men and much of what they know is wrong. Consequently, a woman’s relationship expertise doesn’t always work. She betters herself and techniques by learning more about the male nature.
  5. Women are the relationship experts. Men go along and expect a smooth and maintenance-free ride. To men, a relationship just is; no need of maintenance.
  6. Women fear abandonment. Men fear insignificance. By promoting their man’s significance, women reduce their fear. It also enhances compatibility.
  7. Women generate unhappiness by focusing negatively on their man’s shortcomings, which worsen precisely because of endless attention. Her being ‘happy’ and fault-finding her man are mutually exclusive. Citing his faults and motivating him to improve are also mutually exclusive.
  8. Women have one mission, to live well and have a good life for them and theirs. They work endlessly to make the tomorrows better and their future brighter.
  9. Each woman qualifies her man for marriage, conditions him to accept her values and standards, but shouldn’t try to change him after their first sex together.
  10. Mother doesn’t respect her son as a self-developer. She dictates that a husband is obligated to satisfy females for whom he is responsible and other things of which he’s too young to understand. Thus, mothers shape the character of boys to be poor husbands.


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16 responses to “2574. More Tips for Women — 08

  1. Anon...

    i’m confused about number 10, regarding how sons and moms are supposed to be…..i KNOW IT HELPS if a young woman goes out with a young man who KNOWS HIS FATHER== a plus, if his parents are still MARRIED…. or else, its a problem

    Your Highness Anon…,
    Perhaps I could have avoided confusing you if I had expressed it differently. Example, boys are born to be self-developers. If mom shows lack of respect by instructing her son on what husbands should be like long before he’s concerned with that role in life, she is reflecting disrespect probably for her husband, and probably others otherwise known as men. Boys are just small men, and such a mom is helping develop her son to dislike himself as a male, which does not produce a good candidate for husbanding.

    • Anon...

      i do know… for a boy to DISLIKE himself as a MALE.. is how Bruce Jenner types evolved… so, its not HEALTHY…
      also, THANKS for clearing that up…
      i notice that little boys LOVE to explore their surroundings as a rule, while little girls like to be more ‘quiet’ –except for tomboy types which grow out of ‘tomboyishness’ partially

      Your Highness Anon…,
      I agree. “[E]xplore their surroundings” is the process by which boys and girls develop their belief system about their many roles in life and develop their self- confidence among other development effects. What they figure out for themselves registers more indelibly than what they are told about themselves.

  2. Shermy

    Great reminders Sir Guy!

  3. KitKat

    Should we fear abandonment. I want you to stay but if you go, I will be just fine.

  4. Samantha

    Is there a way to confirm whether your boyfriend is a closet homosexual? Or has gay tendencies? Easily one of my biggest fears when getting married.

    Your Highness Samantha,
    Actually, I don’t know how but I will guess at it. Before conquest, I doubt it is discoverable except for suspicions. After conquest, trust your judgement in bed with him. Is he more meek, hesitant, and uncomfortable? Or is he more driven to get at you with fervor, diligence, and disregard for your feelings?

    • Samantha

      No conquest, practicing chastity or VV, so he is determined to seduce me into his house and ultimately his bedroom by offering to cook for me. However, one incident that worries me happened many dates ago. It was during Pride day. We had a date and he took me to a restaurant where all the waitresses were men dressed as women, in a very convincing way. Most of the men were transitioning to women so perky breast were the rage. The lady men put on a show during dinner, think burlesque. He told me someone took him there before and he was surprised by how attractive the ladies were until someone broke the news to him. Why he chose this restaurant again and for a date still baffles me but he spent all of dinner reassuring me how he wasn’t gay. Mostly telling stories of guys hitting on him and him totally avoiding it. He was also sitting front row and center so the ladies were definitely using him as a prop. At one point he requested we switch seats but I politely declined.

      Your Highness Samantha,
      It’s a maybe and a red flag. He sounds too interested in that way of life. Keep eyes and ears open. Judge on facts rather than presumptions.

      • Shermy

        Drop him based on that story alone. Waste NO time trying to discover someone else’s sexual orientation.

        Your Highness Shermy,
        Sound advice and probably less worrisome than dealing with red flags, as I suggested.

        • My Husband's Wife

          I second what Shermy has to say. In addition, I strongly feel that a lady needs to choose the man whom she can willingly submit to and follow his lead. The place this man chose to take you, the trans restaurant, was indicative of what kind of leader he would make as a husband. I doubt you’d be happy following THAT sort of “leader” for very long.

          Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
          Well reasoned and sound.

          • Shermy

            Agreed MHW!

            • Samantha

              To be honest with all of you I have doubts about dropping him because his behavior before that date and after that date have always been and continue to be very respectful and gentleman like. He pays for everything, plans every detail of our date, picks me up and drops me home, and treats me like a lady whenever we interact. I’m still dating other guys but no other guys has come remotely close to topping him but that trans dinner raises suspicion and makes me wary of being exclusive to him.

              Your Highness Shermy,

              You’re a good decision maker, even if it turns out later that you are wrong. Without taking risks, we don’t finish our self-development. Well done.

              However, reading the other ladies makes me remind you that I use man-think and they use woman-think. Only one can be the best, and I am outnumbered.


              • MLaRowe

                Sounds like that restaurant event was something like a test. Maybe you passed (in his eyes) but really, honestly, that was a completely weird place to take someone you are courting unless you wanted to see how they would react to that particular situation for some reason.

                No one can necessarily know if someone else is gay or not unless the person in question is truly being honest about it. It’s often true that people so desperately want to NOT be gay that they won’t admit anything to anyone, not even themselves.

                Let me digress for a moment and say that I believe being gay is not a choice but rather something you are born being.

                I’m not capable of deciding who I’m attracted to, it just is the way it is (but I am able to control whether or not I act on my attraction, of course).

                I don’t believe people become gay due to some event or to piss off their relatives etc. etc. – they are legitimately attracted to the same sex or they aren’t.

                That being said, there are some environments that are still so punitive around this subject that people raised in those situations do everything in their power to try to be someone they really are not. They hide their true attractions and basically live a lie until such a time as they simply don’t want to/can’t anymore.

                I spent a number of years with such a person always wondering why the relationship never went to the next level.

                Looking back if I had made it a point to insist on devotion (in actions not words) then I would not have wasted as much time as I did beating my head against that particular relationship brick wall (which on the outside looked perfect). I can tell you I truly did not know that was the case at the time and it was only well after the relationship ended that I realized what the problem was.

                This blog has a lot about devotion in it- you will know it when you see it- if you don’t see it yet keep dating other people.

                Red flags mean move along- put him back in the parade as Sir Guy likes to say. That will make room for someone who can become devoted or maybe even already is.

              • Shermy

                You humble me Sir Guy! Yes, the other ladies have given more to consider, but I must ask, what is it going to take to make you comfortable with that event, because even though he has done subsequent actions you approve of, you still brought up that date as something that genuinely bothered you. So what do you need to put it to rest? What kind of confirmation from him?

                Your Highness Shermy,

                I know of no way to confirm it. Even if he’s a good bed partner, he could be a bi-.

                Here’s a thought for what can make of it. NYC is the bleeding edge of societal fashion. To be fashionable, one must be familiar with new style. Perhaps, what he took you too is the latest, and fashionable guys want to see the latest.

                It’s an alibi but perhaps it may help your thought processes.


  5. Magnolia

    I was thinking the same thing as Sir Guy. He might be bisexual. I would probably end things or at least keep my options open. Don’t hold on to him. A lot of women marry men that they shouldn’t have because they refuse to see red flags or they push them aside (and later there’s hell to pay). I’ve seen it with abusive men and gay men. I even know someone who was married to a man who is gay and says she never really saw it until they divorced. It’s sooo obvious that he is gay. Everyone can see it! He tries to hide it by marrying. He’s done it now at least a couple of times. That’s how powerful denial can be.

    But this is one of women’s biggest mistakes and they always say the same thing– “Oh, there’s no one who can compare.” They just blind themselves like that. Once they become infatuated, they cling. It’s terrible for them. Just let things develop as they should. Allow him to prove himself and don’t make excuses for him. And whatever happens will happen. But never hold on to a man.There are plenty of good men out there and more than likely, there’s someone better suited for you.


    • Samantha

      I was just sharing with you that I am keeping my options open by dating other guys, by not chasing this guy, being hard to get, and lastly by not having sex. Everything Guy says to do and not do when being courted as a woman I am doing. Yet he keeps coming back wanting to take the relationship to the next level with exclusivity. Meanwhile other guys are just falling off the face of the earth when I do the same thing. I am by no means clinging to him but I am very observant and truthful when I say no guy has come close to his level of commitment.

      Your Highness Samantha,

      Why not exclusivity? Can he go along with your standards and expectations about sex? I have the sense that he may want to find out what a woman is like, because he has never been with one. Could that be it?

      The next step may open new doors or show red flags. IOW, it will provide info to guide you better.


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