2575. More Tips for Women — 09

  1. To stimulate interest and help her for life, a woman convinces a man that he can be more of a competitive winner with her as permanent part of his life.
  2. Initially trying to find weakness to get her into bed, a man uncovers strengths and qualities that he admires, aka virtues to him. They can be useful and indicate her ability to support his way of life.
  3. Uncovering her sexual history is a man’s due diligence. He wants to know but non-disclosure is best for her. Disclosure risks it being used against her someday.
  4. Total silence about her sexual history may be best but not always practical. Repeated smiles and light-hearted banter can change the subject and discourage excess interest.
  5. Under certain circumstances, women can change a man’s behavior. Mostly, it takes place before conquest or happens slowly after years of devoted marriage.
  6. Cheap and easy sex causes a man’s respect of a woman to not form, and it opens the door to male aggression, family irresponsibility, and violence against women and children.
  7. Using the virtual virginity strategy prevents a woman being taken for granted before marriage. It keeps boyfriends guessing, and thus adds to her mystery.
  8. When a man senses that a woman finds him attractive, appealing, or of more than friendly interest, his nature tends to take her for granted, e.g., players.
  9. In the face off of two conquerors, her yielding sex stops the growth of her worth to him except for booty sex. If he’s invested little of his time, effort, and money, then she’s worth little to him.
  10. When a woman concludes that men are only after one thing, she ignores or downplays all else she has to offer. It weakens her as candidate for marriage.


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5 responses to “2575. More Tips for Women — 09

  1. Anon...

    number 6 is so true…and eventually, IMO, many men don’t respect themselves if they don’t respect women….like their mothers.
    (it could be whats going on in ‘c.RAP’ culture)

  2. SeekandFind

    When a man senses that a woman finds him attractive, appealing, or of more than friendly interest, his nature tends to take her for granted, e.g., players.

    This is very true, and sometimes that’s when women tend to make the chase easier for the men. I have fallen victim to this. I may not have wanted the guy to chase me in the first place, I would only admire him from afar, but I think in our interactions he would find out, because I’m either acting a bit too eager, overly smiling, giving too much attention, saying yes too quickly when offered to hang out or the opposite, I’ll be very shy, without much to say, especially if we’re both in the same room with mutual friends, and everyone’s talkin. I’m guessing that’s when he knows I’m crushing on him. It seems to happen unconsciously though, showing this sort of preference for him. It’s almost like I can’t help it but I wish I had more control over myself in that department. How can I reverse that? Where would I start?

    Your Highness SeekandFind,
    Why would you want to? You get his attention, and you can’t do better than that except know how to win your game with him. Don’t begrudge your blessings, just because they seem different from what others do. It’s not a weakness, but a start-up virtue in the eyes of those men who move in on you.

    • SeekandFind

      Thank you for your insightful point of view.

      My thinking is that if I show him that I am interested, even a little, or show even the slightest preference for him then he’ll start taking me for granted, as it says in the tip #8 above. Or he’ll think he got me. And I wouldn’t want that. In the past, as in 8 months ago, I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do with a man’s attention once I got it. I am still learning. 8 months ago, I intended to be just friends with a guy I was talking to. He started his conquest (thanks to you, I know exactly what that looks like) but because I never had that experience, he was my first serious pursuant, and I liked the attention from an older, well off guy, I didn’t think much of it. As time went by, he always led things further and further even though my initial reactions to his advances were that I didn’t want to. But then I became a participant. I stood to my no kissing rule (for a few months) and no sex of course before marriage. And this went on for almost a year. We did “relationship” stuff, hanging out, constant texting. And one of the things he’d always say is let’s “go with the flow.”

      The story can go on for days, but in the middle of this experience another young lady caught his attention as well, and she always seems to do or say the things that peaked his interest/things he allowed to happen (laying her head on his shoulder, grabbing/holding his hands, challenging his opinions, flirt with him/comment on his beard) I should of listen to those red flags, especially the quick advances, and the young lady. Currently me and the guy don’t talk anymore. In the end I don’t think he saw me in his future.

      How exactly does keeping the interest and attention of a man works once you have it?

      Also what do you mean by, “because they seem different from what others do?”

      Your Highness SeekandFind,

      I see two red flags that suggest you were involved with a player.

      First, he’s “an older, well-off guy” and I would bet you were not the only girl in his life.

      Second, he repeatedly said, “let’s ‘go with the flow’.”

      You say, “In the end I don’t think he saw me in his future.” Exactly and you are better off without him, if another gal’s attentions pulled him away from you.

      You ask, “How exactly does keeping the interest and attention of a man works once you have it?” What he has to work for and win invests himself in you, and men look and wait for a return on their investment. So, what you did with the 8-monther was good and proper. He was just the wrong guy.

      What is the context of your last question? Can you provide the source?

      Finally, you must be a good-looking chick for him to tolerate your abstinence so long. He spent a lot of time during which you refused to cave to his wishes. Well done, darling.


      • 1jarofclay

        Hello Ms. SeekandFind,

        In article 2129-Avoid Being Dumped, Sir Guy gives very good advice on how to keep a man’s attention. It’s a great start. Check it out! 🙂


        Your Highness Magnolia,
        I love it when pretty women do my work for me.

        • SeekandFind

          Thank you 1jarofclay!

          AND to sir Guy, a man is never more handsome as when he showers a woman with a compliment and praises…

          In your first reply you said, ” You get his attention, and you can’t do better than that except know how to win your game with him. Don’t begrudge your blessings, **just because they seem different from what others do**. It’s not a weakness.”

          My questions was what did you mean by “just because they seem different from what others do”? what are other people doing thats different?

          Your Highness SeekandFind,

          Other gals today don’t find attention sufficient for their needs or game plan. They go proactive and try harder and push to recruit guys. They disclose personal info, offer or suggest easy sex, feel they gotta have a bf. IOW, they act like men by playing the seller role.

          Your blessing is your recognition that attention is the only point needed for a guy to start a relationship with you. From there you play it passive and feminine, and let guys do all the work. (Men are born to love work for the sake of satisfaction.)

          You let the game play out under masculine initiatives that sweep you into the buyer (you gotta sell me) role, guys into seller role, and you into the driver’s seat of your relationships. It’s the female winning game plan, because men respect mystery, modesty, and feminine charm, and respect is the root of a man’s love. You can’t have too much masculine respect.


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