2576. More Tips for Women — 10

  1. When a woman does not believe in much, mushy thinking pushes her to believe in anything. It turns her soft-headed, and frustrations harden her heart.
  2. If some man doesn’t make himself worthy of a woman, she has to find and capture one. Many women try unmarried sex, but it has a poor record of success.
  3. Wise women plan to minimize disclosure of their sexual history long before new relationships begin. Mystery earns them more respect.
  4. Women are born pretty. Men are born handy. Unless they are changed by poor parenting, they develop with the potential of a compatible adult matchup!
  5. Women are born to be grateful for others. When they show it, they become important in others’ eyes, which earns them the self-importance that leads to happiness.
  6. Women are born very capable of changing in order to do what’s necessary to have their mate help fulfill girlhood hopes and dreams. Men are not born so capable.
  7. Women cheapen themselves by giving unobligated sex. It makes males more dominant, independent, and aggressive against female interests.
  8. Women expect their man’s words to program his heart. Not true. His actions program his heart. His words reflect his heart—if he’s truthful.
  9. Women have a unique capability to make superior choices dealing with the opposite sex, but only when they live by moral values, standards, and expectations that earn masculine respect.
  10. Women complain that men don’t act gentlemanly. The high self-respect and self-worth that ladies exhibit inspires men to act gentlemanly. Women set the standards up to which they expect men to step. No standards, no gentlemen. [NOTE: To loosen up moral values, radical feminists five decades ago shamed out of existence the social construct of the lady. Gentlemanly respect, chivalry, and courtesy faded rapidly thereafter.]


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7 responses to “2576. More Tips for Women — 10

  1. Shermy

    Great list Sir Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1jarofclay

      Hello Lady Shermy,

      I often think of you. I hope you are doing well! Any updates on your dating life there in NYC?

      My husband and I are visiting the city for Thanksgiving. He is from New Jersey and I told him I ❤ New York and haven't been there in a long time. We want to go to the Macy's parade, Broadway and other places. So exciting! 🙂


      • Shermy

        Hi Magnolia!

        Thanks for thinking of lil ol’ me, lol! I’m doing well gratefully. As for dating life, ugh, it’s been tough. But, I met with a friend of a friend who helped make me a bit more marketable on my online profiles and that made me feel a bit better though there was no increase in traffic sadly. I did however meet a gentleman in person at work, and while there did seem to be some initial interest, he hasn’t followed up post my vacation. The timing in my life just always seems off. At this point in the year, I just give up and have deleted all of the dating apps off my phone and am just focused on the holidays with friends, family and workout goals. I’ve also taken up expressing my frustration in haiku, so maybe a book will come out of it lol!

        Hope you have a fun time in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Susan

    Kindly comment on women guilting a man to marriage after pregnancy outside wedlock

    Your Highness Susan,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I strongly favor it for the results. But even if he responds favorably, I doubt it has much of a lasting effect. Unless that is, she can inspire at least his devotion to her and eventually inspire his bonded and true love. All three are described in post 2558.


    • Shermy

      Don’t do it, it doesn’t work. Good luck getting him to take on the responsibility so late in the game. If he doesn’t step forward to make it happen, it won’t. Going forward you’d have to figure out how best to build your support system for the child.

      • Etu

        I feel like this day and age it isn’t quite the social mandate that it used to be, for a man to be or feel obligated to marry after pregnancy.

        • anon...

          It’s because women allowed it.
          I wish Sir Guy, or someone else started this back In the 80s when women were experimenting like this

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