2577. More Tips for Women — 11

  1. She can be more respectable. When not shown, he responds with less affection. Yes, wife’s respectability reflects on him and generates more appreciation.
  2. To show devotion to your spouse, don’t shirk responsibility and don’t overspend in the domains for which you are responsible.
  3. The feminist spirit makes women ‘stand up inside’. Disappointment and anger stir such women to look continually for flaws instead of benefits or blessings.
  4. Think and act as if you’re ‘standing up inside’, anger showing, feet off the ground, and you’ll not be cherished very long by a man.
  5. A couple’s dominant/submissive arrangement at conquest continues unchanged thereafter. The easier she yields, the bossier he becomes and remains.
  6. The issue of who submits to whom revolves around who fears most losing the other. The one most fearful submits on critical matters.
  7. The taproot of a good man or good woman is respect for the opposite sex greater than respect for one’s own gender.
  8. Four major impediments to a sound marriage are lack of mutual respect, kids outrank husband in mother’s mind, wife ungrateful for herself, and disagreement about husband’s responsibility.
  9. Self-centeredness is natural. Too much morphs into narcissism. Neither is the same as selfish (relative to someone else) or self-interest (one’s prime motivation).
  10. Self-interest motivates everyone. Self-centeredness motivates you. Us-centeredness motivates a couple. Selfishness motivates others against you.



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5 responses to “2577. More Tips for Women — 11

  1. Magnolia

    Great stuff!

  2. Magnolia

    Sir Guy, when I saw this I couldn’t help but to think about you. 🙂


    Your Highness Magnolia,
    Absolutely, sister, and thanks. Very timely as I had forgotten it.

  3. Kim


    I’ve read your site since more than a year now. I has really interesting ideas in it.

    I have a question about ‘more tips for women’ and initiating contact.
    Is it okay for a woman to phone a man (ex coworkers), or should it be left to the man only? Especially when it’s the first phone call after a year of low contact ? Btw, the man asked for the woman to call only if she wanted to (the woman has some things to explain further about a ‘condition’…) I sense some vague and unavailable and putting low effort/cost on his part … But maybe he doesn’t want to be pushy, because the woman should explain some things about her ‘condition’.

    Thank you


    Your Highness Kim,
    You make it sound like he expects you to call if ‘conditions’ have changed. Sure, call him as he seems interested about something. You will be able to confirm if his low interest or his fear of being pushy prevails. Don’t volunteer to renew his interest; let him do all the renewing. If he doesn’t, then you know it was not the pushy thing either.

  4. Kim

    Thank you for your input.
    I didn’t pick up the phone last week, because it seemed too much initiating on my part. And talking about my condition isn’t quite easy on the phone. I told him that and he proposed to talk on the phone ‘if I was up for it’. And I wasn’t up for it. It seems like you said he’s open to talk about it if I want to and he seems interested about something. But I don’t know what it is.

    Your Highness Kim,
    Sorry, but I wasn’t very clear. I meant that if he did not open up to show greater interest in you, interest in you is lacking and his invitation to keep him informed was just courtesy.

  5. Kim


    I thought about giving you an update about this guy. So the phone call came. At first i thought i would have to make the call but the guy initiated it. We talked for more than an hour, we didn’t speak to each other since a year now. I think it’s the first time that we had a normal conversation talking about plans and holidays. He talked about keeping in touch through fb, but i’m not a big fan of social media. i told him i rather see the person. i hope he heard my indirect request.

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