2578. More Tips for Women — 12

  1. Men are born naturally self-convinced of their sexual ability to perform excellently. They’re difficult to change, and only highly respected women can do so.
  2. The hunter-conqueror has two independent sexual urges. 1) To conquer every sexually attractive female they think possible, and it is by far the strongest drive. 2) To have frequent and convenient access to sex, which turns them toward women they have already conquered.
  3. Determined earlier in the conqueror’s mind, conquered women become either keeper, booty, or disposable. It confirms that men neither bond nor stay with a woman because of sex.
  4. Women stumble and err when they try to capture and keep a mate by satisfying his sexual urges. It’s far from the only reason that men leave, but lose the obligation for frequent and convenient access and she loses him.
  5. Lovemaking comes in three acts: foreplay, intercourse, and after-play. The first and last—if done ‘right’—satisfy women and the middle satisfies men.
  6. When women are not regularly fulfilled in both foreplay and after-play, they can’t convince themselves that intercourse makes their man a lover.
  7. Loving her means greater arousal than intercourse alone generates. Foreplay arouses her with an eager heart, after-play pleasingly confirms her importance.
  8. Women need intimacy; men don’t. Both before and after sex, sustained holding, cuddling, and affectionate whispers confirm her importance and worth to herself. By adding worth to herself, he becomes a good lover.
  9. Except as one well-respected woman convinces him to ignore his urge to conquer other women so he can keep her, his nature frees him to move on after each conquered target.


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18 responses to “2578. More Tips for Women — 12

  1. Femme

    Sir Guy,
    this is excellent.
    Please can you explain 4? Especially the 2nd part.
    Thank you.

    Your Highness Femme,

    Thank you for the tip. That was a poorly worded and unclear point. I revised it.

    “Women stumble and err when they try to capture and keep a mate by satisfying his sexual urges. It’s far from the only reason that men leave, but lose the obligation for frequent and convenient access and she loses him.”

    Please inform me if I did not get it clear enough for you.


    • Femme

      Yes, still unclear.
      Does it mean that if the only reason a man has for staying with a woman is her readiness to satisfy his sexual urges then the minute she changes her mind about it she loses him?
      That would make a lot of sense.

      Your Highness Femme,
      Yes, you have it right. The presence of frequent and convenient sex does not keep him, but the absence drives him away.

      • Femme

        Also, in view of no 9…
        “Except as one well-respected woman convinces him to ignore his urge to conquer other women so he can keep her, his nature frees him to move on after each conquered target”
        …. frankly,
        I think it’s pretty amazing women manage to get men into relationships at all…
        It’s one of the facts about men that makes me wish they were different 😦

        Your Highness Femme,

        Yes, it is amazing, but women are TOTALLY in charge. They possess from birth all of the talent, skills, aptitude, and relationship management expertise to make relationships develop and continue to the satisfaction of women. All those abilities are subsets of management of her sexual assets.

        Her worth as a keeper deteriorates with her refusal to use those strengths to get her way and increase with her resistance and determination to yield on her own dime and time.

        Abstinence and virtual virginity enable her to remain sought after until the highest bidder emerges and she enables him to capture her after paying a huge price just to ‘own’ her to the exclusion of other men.

        Cheap, easy, and promiscuous sex push her to yield to low bidders because she wants a man more than admirable qualities that men admire, aka virtues. Too soon to yield leaves no time for a man to uncover her virtues, when men seek to marry a virtuous woman.


        • Femme

          Thank you, Sir Guy, for this in depth explanation.
          I just don’t know if the male nature can really be trusted… Or is it more like a bomb ready to go off at any time.
          Even the most beautiful women (aka celebrities) get dumped and cheated on.
          I agree with you that yielding too soon is an extremely bad idea for many reasons; but the more I learn about men the less I am able to believe a man is capable of staying faithful… No matter how virtuous I am and no matter how long the courtship.

          Your Highness Femme,

          No one can be trusted without they are respected. Your education about the male and female natures is not complete. I suggest greater study of this blog, because their natures interacting is the source of it.

          The male nature can be trusted to the same extent that the female nature can be trusted. Respect begets trust and vice versa. She earns his trust with her respect of him. He earns her trust with his respect of her.

          Marriage begins there, or they won’t marry. Afterwards, if her respect of him diminishes, his trust falters. If his respect of her diminishes, his trust also falters. It seems unequal to her and unfair to him, but their natures interact with those results. She can tolerate being unrespected if he is faithful, but he cannot do the same. She is an unlikeable woman if she does not respect him, and men don’t love an unlikeable woman.

          As feminists anticipated and generated, to blame men is to disrespect them, which is the root of their neither respecting nor trusting women. For women to expect that they are equally to blame is to respect men and generate at least a modicum of trust of women. Overall, it suggests there is no place for blame in male-female relationships. Successful ones start there and should pass by without either side blaming their mate or the other gender. The consequences of not doing so shatter relationships.

          Compatibility, including faithful togetherness, is a two-way battle and blame is the common enemy.


          • Femme

            Sir Guy,
            my education is far from complete; thank you for pointing that out.
            ~That is why I have many questions still.
            I continue reading the blog but – and please don’t take it as me being argumentative – I still have a lot of unresolved fear around male behaviour…
            Men can be wonderful – they build houses and bring bacon (at least some of them) but they also start wars and can be really heartless and cruel at times. They are also usually physically stronger and better equipped for survival and competition…
            And what worries me is that a women we seem to have only one way of protecting ourselves, and that is protecting our sexual assets…It kind of feels not enough…

            Your Highness Femme,

            You’re not argumentative and welcome to ask.

            You’re bright to see the disparities in the sexes that God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize. I’ll try to explain why you need not worry. First, the big picture.

            Females are the superior gender and irresistible force, while men are the dominant gender and immovable objects. Both sexes are also born to be compatible with a mate but also to get their way with others. So, friction has to be neutralized with values and standards that generate more peace than squabbles. Thus, the sexes are born to compete, but women have the advantage.

            Women are also born with a special relationship expertise that allows them to manage relationships and thereby move immovable objects. Men lack the ability; to them if management is required, it stopped being a relationship.

            Over the millennia, women learned that hunter-conquerors have a special reverence for women who refuse to yield sexual favors to just anyone. By being particular, women confirm to men that women can be superior without proclaiming it or rubbing it in the faces of men who too easily turn physical.

            Thus, women are empowered to move immovable objects enough that the sexes reach agreeable conditions by which men and women can live together as couples and civilized society.

            Second, it has always been so, which is why women:

            • partner with a mate for help and protection,

            • use abstinence to grow potential mate’s respect of her to the maximum, such that it convinces him that she fills the superior role in life, and, therefore, he’s responsible and duty bound to help her to raise kiddies,

            • use, morality, modesty, marriage vows, and indirect influence to civilize men,

            • use respect, dependence, and admiration to confirm a man’s satisfaction with himself as mate and father of children,

            • allow men on the surface to dominate females while working in background for females to get their way,

            • enable and help husbands dominate present-day life, while wives govern future events for the family,

            • use mystery, modesty, marriage, humor, respect, dependence, and admiration to generate comfort and pleasantness for their mate’s castle,

            • give men the impression that he rules the family, while she governs and tries to harmonize the family into a cohesive unit of which husband can be proud.

            So, you see Femme, while you are right about the sex differences, our predecessors have figured out how to make it work agreeably for both sides. So, not to worry but keep you eyes open for the little signals that things are not working rightly for you.


            • Miss Gina

              Dear Lady Femme,

              It is helpful to remember that Sir Guy writes only of the base male and female natures.

              Morals and virtues he is raised with make him better than his nature. Also, even for an immoral man, a lady he is fascinated with can so capture his attention that he will do *anything* to have her…so she can hold him to any moral standard she likes, and he will rise to it. Her main methods to catch and maintain such intense interest are femininity and virtual virginity.

              I’d like to share an example that fascinates me of a woman taming a man’s nature, just by virtue of who she is. My husband and I have a church friend who lost his wife to cancer. After his wife died, he told us how they had met. He was in prison, having served 25 years for armed robbery, dealing cocaine, trafficking in high-dollar stolen goods (heavy construction equipment), etc. At a church ministry function at the prison, he saw her across the room. She was a dance teacher with long hair and physical feminine grace who laughed a lot, but of very average looks. He told us that before even meeting her, he told God, “If You will give me this woman, I will give up my life of crime and live Your way.” God did, and this man did. Their courtship and marriage took place while he was in the prison, so she was very hard to get and virtual virginity was enforced. When his wife died, he went off the rails just a little, but soon another woman of high morals had caught his attention, and he straightened up right away. This man–6’3″ with broad shoulders, very strong, with a booming voice–has been, since I have known him, one of the most gentle, honest, godly men I know, and very dedicated to his both wives and marriages.

              This is the best example I know of what happens with a man to a certain degree in every successful marriage.

              Of course I am not recommending to marry any man without careful screening…especially one from a prison. But I use an extreme example here to show that male devotion to a woman can be an extraordinarily powerful force. A man brought up well by good women can also have an entirely tamed and faithful nature. That male aggressive nature can be entirely directed toward providing for and protecting a man’s family. I credit also the effect of living up to a Person (God) and a standard higher than a man’s self.

              I think, with what is out there in terms of movies, books, internet, etc., and the lack of morality pushed in our culture, that it is completely understandable for a woman to have some fear of men due to bad experiences, things seen on screen that shouldn’t be, etc. I feared men at one time, anyway. That does not mean the fear is rational or healthy or productive. In nature, fear attracts predators. It is up to us to gain more and more confidence as we push past our comfort zones and gain experience with newer and better interpersonal skills. Smiling, friendliness, confidence, and attractiveness are extremely powerful in the hands of a woman. This, in my mind, is what it means to be a strong woman.

              Your Highness Miss Gina,
              Another fulfilling comment. Wish I had said that.

              • Miss Gina

                Men are never so handsome as when they give credit to a lady when his explanations have drawn together for her many seemingly unrelated parts. 😀

            • Femme

              Huge thank you to both Sir Guy and Miss Gina!
              Your answers have helped me identify where the problem lies: what if a woman doesn’t feel particularly virtuous OR attractive?
              What if she simply isn’t attractive to the opposite sex no matter what she does or the guys who are interested in her are consistently low value?
              Also, getting things in the feminine way means being passive… Not in control.

              Your Highness Femme,

              Below I offer more advice than you ask for. Don’t let discouragement get the better of you.

              “what if a woman doesn’t feel particularly virtuous OR attractive?” You can change your feelings by actions repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and …. Get the pic? Get hot and do something else other than what you’ve been doing. Passive is to lay down your ambitions and make them unimportant.

              Forget the guys in the marketplace. Ask close male friends or family just what are the qualities they most admire about you. Then, improve and highlight those qualities. That’s what some man will see as virtue and crown you virtuous and thus marry-able. Continue to forget the guys in the marketplace; make them find you.

              Perhaps get a makeover to have an expert highlight your visible qualities, to fire the starter’s gun, so to speak. Start you running around the track where men fill the infield to witness what’s currently running around the track that they can chase. I’ve never seen or heard of a bad makeover.

              Use mirror time described in posts 2123-27 to practice gaining attractiveness and aiming at doing better than the women of your age, your competitors. It’s much like you and someone are being chased by a bear, forget the bear. You only have to outrun the other person, that is outshine other gals with neatness; modesty; better fit of clothing, hair, and face; and presentation of self. You were born pretty but not the prettiest; God left that up to you and you only have to be prettier than some others, not prettiest.

              Passive is out. Listening to a man, which is necessary to keep one interested, is not passive.

              Keep control of situations wherein you defer to a guy until he steps out of line by any of your standards. Whether he’s a date, fellow worker, or passerby, stand up for yourself. Whack him figuratively up side the head to let him know you control the verbal ‘wrestling’ match.

              Surprise, not passivity, conquers tough situations. If you don’t like the guy, over time indifference works best to convince him to leave you alone. (Indifference is purposely ignoring someone’s interests. Passive is laying down, quitting, and yielding control to someone undeserving by your expectations.)

              When you stand tall in defense of yourself, accept no misbehavior by your standards, and stare down men who you tend to fear, your fear of men will dissipate. It take practice, but it’s another assertive action you can adopt that men admire (aka virtue).

              Finally, dedication to daily mirror time as described in the blog posts above promotes your agenda this way. The better you like yourself for who you are and what you do, the better others will also. IOW, you gain the virtue of self-importance by telling yourself of it to your mirror-bound best friend. Moreover, the better you become grateful for yourself at the mirror, then the more gratitude you show for others, which comes back as confirmation of your importance to them, another virtue.


              • Miss Gina

                Dear Lady Femme,

                Sir Guy’s advice is excellent. Don’t let things overwhelm you…just work on one new thing at a time, and before you know it you’ll notice a big difference.

              • Femme

                Oh wow… thank you for this answer Sir Guy as I suspect there will be more female readers gaining from it.
                I was asking more in general terms actually as it dawned on me that if a woman isn’t secure in her own body and doesn’t believe in having her way by being feminine, then most probably she will choose the feminist option of independence and doing everything for herself herself, thereby having more control over her own life.
                BTW I’m not sure I understand what you meant by saying that feminism attracts females. In what sense? As partners? Friends?
                I’m going to try and adopt your advice as I have a suspicion that the female way of getting needs and expectations met is actually sweeter…

                Your Highness Femme,
                Feminism attracts females who seek to blame men for the problems, consequences, and frustrations that women encounter and seek to reverse the so-called ‘evils’ of patriarchy.

      • Femme

        Got it now, thanks 🙂

        • Femme

          Well, the way I feel about it is that women are here to spread love and bring children into this world and it would be ideal if men could support us in this… It’s just that they very often don’t. Since women are no longer taught how to influence men to be more female and child friendly (which I believe benefits MEN as well, in the long run), they very often think the answer is to take matters in their own hands (the recent rise in female politicians, for example. Am I the only person who DOESN’T see it as progress?). It seems easier than having to move “immovable objects”. The only problem is, we’ve ended up having to do everything while guys are free to pursue their own agendas and getting manicures. Not trying to blame them, just saying something has gone horribly wrong. In my opinion.

          Your Highness Femme,

          “The only problem is, we’ve ended up having to do everything while guys are free to pursue their own agendas and getting manicures.” Well said. Yours is a solid opinion and very brightly expressed.

          It happens because Feminism taught women to abandon their nature and blame men for all that is wrong. The process of women blaming men, which they perceive as disrespect, makes a woman unsure, uncomfortable, ungrateful, and unbelieving of her personal importance.

          For example, access to her sexual assets is a privilege to be earned to protect and provide her future. Instead, women share their sexual property for immediate gratification to please a man, rather than deferred gratification with someone of known value capable of helping fulfill female hopes and dreams. IOW, women live in the male present instead of the female future, as God, Nature, and hormones ordain it.

          When she gives her property away without obligation, she has little with which to further negotiate. Although born to get her way in life, discomfort and uncertainty weaken her influence. When she drops to her knees before men, she opts out of the most influential role of protecting her property to her advantage. Consequently, men get their way by hardly trying.

          Women are no longer grateful for themselves. Solid is their belief that they know what is best for them as an individual, but it contravenes the female nature and copies the male.

          Parenthetically, re their sexual assets, the Declaration Of Independence was originally worded this way. “… they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Property….” I think the Founders initially had women’s sexual assets in mind to confirm their political equality. But for political purposes, they had to yield to unify slave states to produce our union of states.


          • Femme

            Sir Guy,
            “The process of women blaming men, which they perceive as disrespect, makes a woman unsure, uncomfortable, ungrateful, and unbelieving of her personal importance.”
            -this is spot on.
            I have NEVER felt that my sexual assets as you call them and even sex itself could be so important to a man that he would like to lose his freedom to have regular access to it. But then again, I’m a woman. To me, sex only makes sense if I can use it to connect to the man I love. But I wouldn’t marry just for the sake of it if other areas didn’t work.
            There is something that really has bothered me for some time now.
            You say repeatedly that men seek to marry a virtuous woman.
            So why do they marry the Madonna and then very often leave at home in charge of the household and babies and seek someone less saintly to cater to their “darker side”?
            Is it nature or nurture?

            Your Highness Femme,

            In this regard it is nature; he is born to chase other women, even if he has one at hand.

            In this regard it is nurture; he was not taught in childhood to respect females above men, and he was not admired as a man by females in adolescence.

            Women tame the tiger to stay home, or they miss what they would rather have than almost anything but a baby.


            • Femme

              Ok, thank you – that makes sense. But I’ve heard 2 stories of guys who married he virtuous woman (and not the best looking, presumably to make sure other males didn’t find her very attractive) and then once they produced offspring they were no longer interested in her intimately, only as the mother and homemaker. Almost as if they couldn’t have both in one person, like some sort of a bizarre split in their psyche. I wouldn’t like to say more as this is too close to home but I would be very interested in your perspective on this Sir Guy.

              Your Highness Femme,
              Methinks you look at effects that arise from a cause different than you cite. The male nature requires that a man be recruited and rewarded for helping a woman raise her kids. In the cases you cite, my best guess is that the relationship of man and woman became unlikeable in or two directions. Look for the bizarre split to be between man and wife and not father and kids, which if the latter were the problem, it would not affect his intimate behavior.

              • Femme

                Well I have to admit that that IS a possibility at least in one of the cases.
                (in hindsight).
                Thank you

  2. Anon...

    i think its changing when it comes to number 2
    thanks to pornography…

  3. Anon...

    many men actually LOST their sex drive… or greatly diminished from it

    • Magnolia

      Yes, Miss Anon. I have read that currently many men are having difficulty keeping a relationship/marriage because they lose sexual interest in their partner and sometimes are even experiencing ED.


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