2580. More Tips for Women — 14

  1. Female happiness arises out of a woman’s gratefulness. A grateful woman is kindhearted. She emanates signals that she’s grateful for others, which makes her important to them, which confirms her self-importance. A woman less grateful for herself is less kindhearted, less grateful for others, less self-important, and thus less capable of finding the ‘happy’ today that compounds to become happiness tomorrow.
  2. A man dumps his wife; easier to exchange her for a trophy, but perhaps not. He seeks to return to finding satisfaction in who he is and what he does. He likely lost interest in wife after years of her morphing into someone he did not marry. Men expect their wives to always remain bride-like, but women change as they try to improve what is often not broken in their man’s eyes.
  3. A man’s motivational interest emerges from his primal readiness to compete, which makes him focus on today and its problems. He expects to handle tomorrow, regardless of what it brings.
  4. A man’s love bonds this way. He’s loyal to her because she’s likeable to him. He expects reciprocity. She’s loyal to him because he’s likeable to her. If her likeability falls apart, so does his love. She should realize it is coming when his likeability declines in her eyes.
  5. A man’s sense of significance rests upon his woman’s faithfulness—and especially his not having to face men who have ever known her sexually. Each one brings into question his sense of possessing her, aka ‘ownership’.
  6. A wife has free will and freedom of choice to submit or not. She isn’t owned but encouraged by her nature to ultimately fulfill her hopes and dreams by helping fulfill her man’s ambitions.
  7. A woman instinctively needs a brighter future for her and her children. She seeks security of life, dependable relationships, and family cohesiveness. Those ambitions are usually easier to achieve with a man than without.
  8. Accused men defend themselves by disproving the evidence presented. Over time, debate and argument change his faults into failures in her eyes. His faults get worse as her expectations fulfill her prophecies to make them so. One can’t continually complain about something without it getting worse in their mind and perhaps the mind of the subject.
  9. Budgeting generates good self-discipline to minimize the effects of bad habits. New habits can put one’s mind in charge of money instead of letting plastic rule over the mind not strengthened by good habits.
  10. Capturing a man is easy. Keeping him is not. It’s her burden. Her nature seeks togetherness; his seeks independence. Fulfilling his desire for frequent and convenient access does not keep him, but the absence of it disrupts his willingness to hang together.


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One response to “2580. More Tips for Women — 14

  1. “Female happiness arises out of a woman’s gratefulness….”

    This is very wise and very true. Gratefulness is the key to happiness. Often women are filled with discontent, control issues,a desire for change,anxiety, whatever it is that plagues us, and these things can interfere with our happiness. It can feel counter intuitive, but gratitude really is what gives birth to our own happiness.

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