2581. More Tips for Women — 15

  1. Persistent refusal to prevent conquest brings out the character, strength, and weakness of a man and enables a woman to examine, screen, and choose the best for her. Nothing else works as well or even at all to earn his natural respect of her as filling the superior role in life.
  2. Promiscuity reinforces to women that men are only after sex. Practicing abstinence, aka virtual virginity, teaches women that men can be more interesting than when focused on sex.
  3. Regardless of quality, a woman should never reveal the sexual ability of one man to another. Describing earlier men in a woman’s life poisons her relationships. Even the mention causes macho doubts.
  4. Cheap and easy unmarried sex bypasses the competition required to identify the best man for a woman. It reverses the natural way of competing for a mate that enables her to qualify and isolate the best candidate for her.
  5. Sexual relations provide little or no sense of permanency in a man and little or no incentive to be faithful. Women bond easily, but men do not. Men tend to bond while trying to win what they cannot have. Without conquest, men bond best from pleasing her while interacting to discover unsuccessfully what will get her into bed with him.
  6. Small breasts have great value. Nipples are most sensitive and more prominent to attract his attention. Huge breasts distract attention away from other erogenous zones.
  7. The ease with which a woman yields sex their first time together informs the man how dominant he can be and how submissive he expects her to be. The lower the ‘price’ he has to pay for conquest, the higher his expectation of her submissive acceptance and ‘belonging’ to him.
  8. The direct influence she wields competitively before conquest fades to indirect influence afterwards as she shifts into cooperative mode with him. The conqueror’s growth of respect for her former abstinence also quits growing.
  9. Women mistakenly think that sex the first time with a man is the same as sexual events that follow. Nope! He changes with conquest. Now he ‘owns’ her, or he’s released in his ambitious mind to drop her.
  10. Men mistakenly think a woman’s orgasm satisfies her, and some men try harder to produce it. Nothing wrong with that, but drawn out and sustained periods of high arousal provide her with greater satisfaction. Consequently, men pay too little attention to foreplay and afterplay.


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4 responses to “2581. More Tips for Women — 15

  1. stephanie deGange

    great letter today

  2. Brook


    Can you provide visual examples of modest but attractive attire, specifically dresses when dating? I love dresses that are sleeveless, form fitting, knee length, and maybe show a hint of top cleavage for dates but when I shared my views with a friend, she described it as slutty. It’s a very strong word and now it makes me wonder if I have been dressing slutty when I thought I was seductive but still classy. Thanks!

    Your Highness Brook,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Sorry, I can’t provide visual examples, but I can comment on your description.

    • Sleeveless and form fitting if you are relatively slim, otherwise not. The heavier you are, the looser. Also, the longer the clothing and lower the hemline, the slimmer you appear, which also adds some apparent height. Then add heels unless you’re too tall for your date.

    • What good is a hint of cleavage except to capture his eyes and make him think of sex? You should want your face and hair to capture and hold his attention. Wanting to ‘own’ you more than having sex with you is the mindset you should try to generate.

    • Modesty and neatness signal that you’re no pushover, but a woman who respects herself, knows what she wants, and expects to get it. If a man doesn’t like it, let him move on, which actually makes you an attraction for the Marrying Man.

    • Your friend is a female competitor, so how is it in her interest to make you look better than she? Modesty prevents slutty.

    • Why do you want to be seductive? It signals that you think sex is the only way to attract and hold a man’s attention. Men interested in marrying you don’t care to see seductive, because it also attracts their competition. If they want you, they want you exclusively. However, those points may not be evident to a man until after a number of dates.

    So, start at date one appearing good enough to marry, not good enough for sex. Let your style grow on him.


  3. Ari

    So very true! Hope your week is going well Sir Guy.☺

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