2582. More Tips for Women — 16

  1. Feminism and Femininity are mutually exclusive. The former attracts women; the latter attracts men. Trying to join as a couple, Feminism in her tends to polarize their interests and weaken their connection, whereas Femininity does the opposite.
  2. Feminism dilutes mutual respect and makes unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent within a couple. It’s a compatibility toxin.
  3. Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Thus, they lose their natural expertise for holding a man.
  4. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the watering down of family responsibility and accountability.
  5. Flower gifts to men indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause. But, if it pleases her….
  6. Girls and women who play hard-to-get know what they do. Those who don’t teach males to benefit by using their own version of hard-to-get model, e.g., players.
  7. Girls help condition boys to respect females and domesticity. If they don’t help along the process that moms start, then adult men lack respect for women and interest in domestic life.
  8. Hard-headed feminine gentleness born out of a woman’s soft-hearted nature beguiles males. It adds to both her mystique and influence, because she’s so different from men.
  9. A woman’s former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should be made or details disclosed about ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands—especially their sexual abilities.
  10. He practically begs to know her sexual history. He uses it to expect her sexual fidelity with him and may use it against her in disputes. Non-disclosure works best.


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3 responses to “2582. More Tips for Women — 16

  1. Shermy

    It’s becoming clearer and clearer thanks to you Sir Guy!

  2. Sir Guy, I would really love to hear your perspective on gifting money. You have stated in a few articles that a woman should receive with gladness whatever gift a man wants to offer in order to impress her, but this is a situation that happened to me months ago. A guy who’s part of my group of friends offered me a huge sum of money, around $8,000. For me, coming from a poor country, it pays for living acceptable for roughly 3 years, however I decided to reject his money. Why? This guy (he’s Canadian) wasn’t always friendly with me before, he did trick me with debates and sports and games previously, he was a manipulator, so I thought why would he offer me money all of a sudden? I’ve asked him and he stated it’s because he likes me, then I instinctively stated ‘No’, he enquired ‘don’t you like gifts’…I replied ‘I enjoy gifts, but not from you’..so he asked ‘weren’t you taught that a gift shouldn’t be refused’…and he stopped talking. So next time we meet up he’s extremely rude and condescending to me out of nowhere, I was so shocked beyond belief when he learned a swear word in my own language and used it on me, this is a guy that claimed he finds me sweet, wanted to be close, etc.. but he changed, even stated that ‘it was all pretense and doesn’t care about me’. His money was given to a friend of mine and surprisingly, she was treated nicely afterwards. He really adored this girl.

    I really can’t understand this type. What was wrong with him? And recently he came back to my country and we’re basically in the same circle and I’m afraid to see him again.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    Of course a woman should not accept such a gift.

    You spotted him as the manipulator he is. So, what if you do see him again? He’s insulted you enough. So, stare him down and say, “I’m still not for sale, snake,” and move on even if his ‘bought’ girl hears it.