2583. More Tips for Women — 17

  1. Drop or compensate for impulse buying, compulsive shopping, and immediate gratification. Just doing it earns self-respect and shows respect for hubby.
  2. Men by nature have little or no interest in nesting, nurturing, or nestling. They have to be taught before puberty by females.
  3. Men by nature have little or no interest in intimate cuddling/snuggling after sex. They learn it from females and adapt best when pleasing her pleases him, aka he’s devoted to her.
  4. Men escape being parented when they leave their childhood home. They won’t accept it by a wife and especially not in front of others.
  5. Men have multiple missions and work hard to accomplish goals; daily they work, rest, recover, and prepare for tomorrow’s battles with their dragons. It’s a sex difference that causes him to return from work and grab clicker and beer, while she toils until bedtime.
  6. Men marry to ‘own’ frequent and convenient access to sex. Except as his imagination determines otherwise, all vaginas are alike, so she has to be unique in other ways to stimulate his curiosity, imagination, and desire to continue as before.
  7. New school moral relativism breeds abuse and violence of men against women and children. The evil impulses of mankind escape and evade control by individuals, because natural self-interest is distorted into exploitive self-centeredness.
  8. Only egregious actions repeated by her man shatters her hopes and dreams and, consequently, love. Normally, she’s resilient to his flaws.
  9. Other then connected to sex, women expect to hear affection expressed in multiple ways and need it demonstrated frequently.
  10. Promiscuously experienced boys make poor mates. Their expectations revolve around too much around sex, and too little about their mate being a person/woman/wife/mother.


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4 responses to “2583. More Tips for Women — 17

  1. This entire list is very wise, but I enjoyed this the most, “Men escape being parented when they leave their childhood home. They won’t accept it by a wife and especially not in front of others.”

    Be careful about mothering him because maternal love is not romantic love and if you allow yourself to feel like a parent towards him, it can cause resentment and kill attraction, your own. A child is a dependent, not a romantic interest.

    Of course,you can make him chicken soup when he’s sick or nurture him in other ways, it’s just important not to allow yourself to slide into the role of parent. That kills attraction in both directions.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes2,
    What a lovely teacher you are. I love to see pretty women step up on that podium. Tell hubby he married over his head.

  2. Jolie

    Hi Guy,

    Can you share any previously written blogs on becoming a stay-at-home wife, specifically navigating from having a job during courtship and engagement to being a stay at home wife? I’m a huge follower of yours and I get the sense that being a stay-at-home wife and eventual mother is best for the success and longevity of the marriage.

    Your Highness Jolie,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I can’t recall anything precisely for the stay-at-home wife. So, I suggest you search the CONTENT page for articles with ‘mother’ and ‘recovery’ in the title. These should get you interested in the breadth and depth of the subject you’re pursuing. I know you’re probably not a mother yet, but you will be helped by becoming aware of that side of the fence.


  3. Cote

    "Men escape being parented when they leave their childhood home.."

    Well my boyfriend is in his 30s and still living with his parents. What if he doesn't want to leave his childhood home? He's not incapable. He treats me right and all, hardworking and decent, a good catch overall - but I'm sensing a failure to launch from his end so to speak.

    I'm troubled because I don't know where to draw the line between waiting for him to be ready and waiting for nothing.

    How do I nudge him indirectly?

    Your Highness Cote,

    You are in charge until you go to bed with him. If you have, you have little recourse but to dump him. He’s not good enough for you, because you’re no longer good enough for him to pledge his easy life and give up what he has now.

    If he hasn’t yet conquered you, tell him you’re moving on and no longer dating exclusively or at all. Yank his anchor chain of the easy life at home to find out just how you fit in his dreams or lack thereof.

    As to doing it indirectly, you don't have to. It doesn't work that well before marriage when you are totally in charge of relationship development. Be stronger than he, and let him see it.


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