2586. An Election for the Ages


Election over, the best man won. We are in for many more surprises, so I look forward to confusion and exciting disputes during the opposed and embittered transition of power that precedes the larger war.

Surprises and battles continue as the ideological war recommences with new arguments about old perspectives: power vs. principle, left vs. right, communism vs. Americanism, elitism vs. populism, losers vs. winners, globalists vs. nationalists, Marxism vs. Conservatism/Libertarianism, Constitution-wreckers vs. Constitution-preservers,  Clintonism vs. Trumpism.

In the name of election fraud, the losers harass those chosen by the people and states. Claiming supposed legitimacy for the nationwide popular vote, losers attack the Electoral College, which is the constitutional principle that enables states to elect the president. It is the constitutional principle that prevents big states from overpowering smaller states, and prevents tyranny of the majority that inevitably develops when 51% of the people can rule the other 49%. That is, when the big city and coastline folks rule over those in flyover country.

The losers focus on preserving what they can of the Obama legacy and shaping the future for them to win in 2020. Don’t blame them for doing it, just for doing it so lacking in mutual respect.

Let the games begin. I know I will be p***ed off many times during the lame duck period from now to January 20, 2017. So, to recover before I need it, I took yesterday off.


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12 responses to “2586. An Election for the Ages

  1. Sarina

    Oh Sir Guy, I hope you won’t let yourself become too affected. I know it’s easier for me to talk coming from another country, but it’s astonishing the way they’ve presented this guy on media platforms. He’s seen as the worst person on the planet because of some exaggerated accusations. I’m not into politics, but it’s frightening to see how brainwashing masses has worked, how marxist ideologies reign. In a way, US elections affect the entire world, so I hope things will calm down, but knowing the intolerant opposition, it won’t stop.

  2. Democracy is a beautiful thing, isn’t it Sir Guy? I try to focus on how amazing it is that we live in a country such as this. We’re a hot mess that’s for sure, but these days being a hot mess is seen as a good thing, so I guess we go for it. 🙂

  3. M

    Doesn’t the electoral college allow the tyranny of the few over the many? It seems that most voters prefer Clinton to Trump and voted accordingly.

    Your Highness M,
    No. Most voters don’t elect the president, states do by representing their own voters in the EC. With insight of the Founding Fathers, constitutional principles distribute and limit power at every political level. It prevents tyranny except when some power brokers operate outside the law.

  4. My Husband's Wife

    I’m very fond of your political posts, Sir Guy, and I have a question for you:
    There has always been the divide between right and left, but the one thing that has me (and most of those I know) concerned is the outright emotional outbursts (especially crying) from the losing side. I cannot recall an election prior where the losing team (repubs or dems) threw “temper tantrums” at the loss. And it’s not just the millennials. I found my neighbor 60 years old sobbing in her yard the day after the election. Do you have any idea for what this is / why this is happening? I’m concerned as people seem to be completely derailed. It’s not good for them…or anyone else, or our country in general for that matter.

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    It’s all the result of leftist programming and pursuit of totalitarian governance. Childishness bred of cultural decay, dumbing down by educational establishment, logic and reason demeaned by moral decay, lack of interest in governing ourselves, dependence on government freebies, and lack of effective teaching about God helps those who help themselves.

    • My Husband's Wife

      I appreciate your making sense of something that has seemed so “senseless” to me!

      Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
      First things first. He has to get a re-balance of internal power and its distribution to his favor

  5. Milena

    From what I have gleaned from Donald Trump, he has very little respect for women, animals, our planet or any minority in a vulnerable position. Therefore, I cannot agree with your statement that the best man won (although he was the only man running, so not sure if there is a touch of irony there). I do not want to judge too harshly, not knowing the realities of living in the US and trying to build a life there, but I feel very sad for what Trump’s presidency might do to the health of our planet and the fact that the rest of the world had no say whatsoever in this.

    Your Highness Milena,

    “I feel very sad for what Trump’s presidency might do to the health of our planet and the fact that the rest of the world had no say whatsoever in this.”

    Not to worry. By living there, Americans get the privilege of selecting the brightest future they can imagine from all the options. The states select the president, and it has worked admirably for well over two centuries. America seems to have helped the planet throughout, and I suspect Trump will continue along that line after he rebalances internal politics. First things first.

    Incidentally, just to keep you interested and thinking, I would like an outsider’s view. Why should the rest of the world have a say in American elections? A natural right, why? Entitlement, based on what? Privilege, how earned? Wish, on what principle? The world still operates on competition and power, and I seek to uncover evidence if it is changing.


    • aroundtheriverbend

      I agree with you completely Milena,

      I’m not American but even so, knowing that that man will spend the next four years being in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world fills me with dread and worry for the future, particularly in regards to environmental issues.

      His presidency won’t just affect Americans, it will affect the rest of the world too.

      Your Highness Roundtheriverbend,
      We have to wait and see. I hope you will be as voluble if things turn out differently than you expect.

    • Milena

      By respect for the planet, I am specifically referring to the urgent issue of man-made climate change and the pollution and destruction human kind has caused and continues to cause so carelessly and selfishly upon nature, which will result in the extinction of more than 50% of the currently existing animal species. And what will Trump do about this? “Climate change is a hoax made up by China”. So nothing or worse than nothing, he will revert the little progress we have made! A president who shows so little concern for what science has proved, who twists the facts to serve his needs, who calls women “pigs” and only extends value to them based on how “sexy” they are, who mocks disabled people and shows worrisome signs of sociopathy is troublesome indeed, to say the least.
      I am not saying the world is entitled to have a say in the American elections, only that issues such as climate change affect us all (and the poor more than the rich), so an entitled president-in a fair world-shouldn’t have the right to cause so much destruction to the rest of us.

      • Meow Meow

        Sadly I must agree with Milena here and can only fervently hope that Mr. Trump will see the level of damage that is being inflicted on the natural world on which we all depend and respond to set things right and reverse the destruction. Maybe he will also rise to the occasion and be able to overcome his severe prejudices….but I am not holding my breath. Decades of work to try to reduce/limit global climate change as well as years trying to reverse social prejudices/injustice are at risk and so far his proposed appointments to his cabinet do not seem promising! “Worrisome signs”…..certainly says it all. I for one am very worried.

  6. gonemaverick

    I have a lot of respect for Mr Trump’s poised, modest and calm wife. She seems to live by The Fascinating Womanhood principles. As a side note… I am South African and I love Mr Trump.

    • Meow Meow

      Well given all the nude modeling she did I can’t really call her modest! I do like her though. Certainly more than I do her husband.

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