Blog 2587 — Happy Birthday, USMC

November 10 is the anniversary of the birth of the United States Marine Corps, now at 241 years of uncommon valor, innovation, and combat excellence.

Once a marine always a marine. If you don’t know a marine or two, then you should. They are different, classic, and traditional Americans smothered with pride and humility. An irresistible combination for women. Not all are the personification of a gentlemen but usually the embodiment of personal responsibility, dependability, and admiration.

I was once blessed to have two marines on my staff in one of my naval commands. Their devotion to and performance of duty stood out as exceptional. They were both marvelous credits to my command, the U.S. Navy, the USMC, and exceptional reflections of the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis (Latin for Always Faithful and usually known verbally as Semper Fi) .

If I could start over at age 17, it would be as a marine.


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3 responses to “Blog 2587 — Happy Birthday, USMC

  1. stephanie deGange

    God bless you and all men for their military service

    Your Highness Stephanie,
    Thank you, darling. I love it when pretty women say that.

  2. Sir Guy, I have the upmost admiration for anyone who serves in the United States Military. There’s nothing as handsome as a man in Navy dress blues though…except maybe a man in Navy dress whites 😉

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    You hit it, darling. Her Majesty Grace thought the same. That’s how I caught her.

  3. Also, I found an article some readers might be interested in:

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    Thanks, enjoyable.

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