2588. More Tips for Women — 20

  1. Some people excessively want to be liked by others. It’s caused by lack of faith in one’s natural self-interest and self-centered persona; lack of belief that one is okay in spite of doubts and their thoughts to the contrary.
  2. Large-breast fixation in a man is adolescent and immature. It makes enlargement self-defeating to capture and keep the more mature man.
  3. Living with or pursuing women with small breasts signifies the man is more likely to focus more on all of her; that is, more on the woman than just sex.
  4. Long before the wedding date, commitment to not over-spending, good financial decision-making, and ultimate relationship success are foundation pillars of stable compatibility.
  5. Males naturally insist on sex without marriage. Impatience floods the conqueror’s spirit while prospects of marriage threaten his independence.
  6. Masculine-style sexual freedom for women nullifies the female’s advantage. It reduces womanly influence over male dominance and aggression by men.
  7. Men are driven to compete. As hunter-conquerors they target high-value prey. No rabbit heads mounted in their den; unattractive women can be passed up.
  8. She’s admired. Men respect a woman that routinely, proudly, and defiantly presents an attractive appearance, because men think she is worthier of masculine attention. Worthier means more desirable and respectable.
  9. Men enjoy the challenge of chasing the unconquerable. If they don’t, they also lack ambition for other challenges.
  10. Men judge a woman’s character by her apparent sexual availability; a monogamous spirit earns the greatest respect and continued attention.


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4 responses to “2588. More Tips for Women — 20

  1. Nora

    I have large breasts and have never liked the idea that someone would say something like this., I would prefer small breasts and thought of having surgery but my doctor said be happy with what God gave you, now you publish this horrific statement. How shameful. Makes me feel really bad about myself when I read this.

    Your Highness Nora,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I regret offending you and making you feel bad about yourself. I make it a point not to do that. As you can see in the soundbites that must have caused your anguish, I describe how men react and how women of whatever size can perhaps avoid some grief later and, that is, maximize their advantage.

    “2. Large-breast fixation in a man is adolescent and immature. It makes enlargement self-defeating to capture and keep the more mature man.”

    “3. Living with or pursuing women with small breasts signifies the man is more likely to focus more on all of her; that is, more on the woman than just sex.”

    However you are endowed, it’s a blessing; just the way God’s design, Nature’s endowments, and hormonal consequences made you. Your endowment is but a small part of your appearance, personality, and belief in your worth.

    This blog is about what motivates both sexes rather than pointing out shortcomings in the shape of women, of which I find almost none except excess fat, because it is both unattractive to the eyes of men and has the effect of shortening a man’s penis when in use for intercourse.


  2. stephanie deGange

    another wonderful column of good advice

  3. gonemaverick

    Sir Guy,

    I know the effect of what you have helped me become has on men. Try as I may not to attract married men too, many are fascinated. I have always been able to smile the attention off and have a civil and respectful relationship with them. That is until now. There is this one gentleman. He is well spoken of, a man of good character, not known for paying attention to women, a loving father to his kids, etc. Could have been a MrGoodEnough if he wasn’t married.

    He speaks well of me to others in my absence, involves me in work done in his division, admires without saying a word the way I dress, chuckles at my feminine mannerisms, etc. Without being presumptious, him and I know where this could lead. Yes, there is mutual attraction. My question is, fascination with the feminine image I project aside, why would that kind of man be willing to risk his reputation for the kind of girl schooled by Sir Guy?

    Your Highness Maverick,

    You report a natural phenomenon; guy wants gal. It arises quite naturally out of the male’s primal and most compelling sex drive to conquer attractive women. From your likeable association, he has an idealized hope of conquering you, confident hope of keeping it quiet, and expectation of no effect on his home life. Also, most likely, he has little or no regard for outcomes in your life—you bond with sex, he does not, so he can ignore the consequences to you.

    Careful, darling, you may have one foot on the wet, slippery shore line of a dreadful lake of disappointment.


    • gonemaverick

      Murky waters indeed and you’ve never been wrong. No intention of sleeping with him though. I’ll get over it.

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