2590. Who is Responsible for Marital Success? Chapter 2

Nervous at sticking his neck out, Hank gives her the ring without really asking for her hand. Jenny accepts without saying yes. They lay preliminary plans.

It’s over. He did it. Mission accomplished, and his satisfaction explodes with self-heroics. Joy satisfies him, but the pleasure of relief floods him. Then to himself, “Whew! Glad that’s over!” He takes her home and for now lets her prepare for next date.

Pensive, driving home with figurative pats on the back, the steering wheel interrupts his thoughts with, “You’re one lucky sucker, ain’t you?” He smiles and escapes into his memories. His marital decision process began with first sight of her fifteen months earlier. With subconscious mind handling the driving, his conscious mind wanders through memories as if happening again.

Spotless, neat, and feminine, she spotlights herself with short hair quaffed as if she spent the night curling and positioning each hair in its proper place. Nothing radical or even unusual except high-quality feminine, the kind that makes every man stop, look, and appreciate the view. How lucky is he to meet up with someone so appealing to his taste?

On that promising day, Jenny seems dressed especially just for Hank. She wears a knee-length, brightly colored, flared skirt. Also, adorned with high heels, she makes her upper body standout uniquely in a white short-sleeve blouse with a highly starched bib-like front tucked in the skirt. Makeup accents her natural appearance, and exposed skin glistens. Jewelry at ears, throat, and wrist are so simple as to look expensive. Out of style but highly appealing, the top of her skirt pinches in behind a tight belt with highlighting buckle, and attention-holding red lipstick highlights her feminine appeal. The manner in which she carries herself speaks of confidence, vanity, and ‘look at me’. He does just as she expects; he even stares.

Hank’s imagination flares and curiosity stirs his mind. He sees three roles for her to enter his life. As an admirable beauty and dating partner, perhaps a mate-target, and at least someone to pursue for sex. Finally, he thinks about sex and wonders why it comes to mind last. Then he realizes. She is too much of everything else that satisfies his eyes; he needs to spend time with her and sex can wait. And, anyway, she appears so determined and sure of herself, to push for sex might just push her out the door. Not acceptable, at least not now.

He initiates a chat-fest. Jenny seems unimpressed, but he feels so comfortable talking. Although she responds little, what encouragement he receives comes mostly from his imagination; it’s where a woman’s attractiveness is converted to appeal. His pleasure but not comfort expands in her presence. He fumbles and mumbles his way into their first date, and his life and intentions take on forms previously missing.

On first date, Hank bewilders himself by admiring her appearance, confirming his luck, and appreciating her feminine character. Which to admire first? Most? He can’t decide; she remains glorious when he closes his eyes to see her reflection in his mind.

He knows right away that only enthusiastic pursuit will satisfy his unimpressive life. He doesn’t have to have her, to own her for his own, but he is certain he would fire all his guns to spend much magnificent time with her.

Not the least bit smooth at asking for first date, Jenny recognizes sincerity behind his nervousness, smiles to herself, and agrees after teasing him a little. But first date is not that pretty. His hunter-conquering nature pushes him too fast. He seeks too quickly to convert formal into casual, small talk into the suggestive. He pumps her for information about herself. He keeps thinking about bedding her without earning her, and so his attitude is out of kilter. He does not do well, but good enough that she agrees to second date.

As first date ends, discomfort follows them to her place….


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9 responses to “2590. Who is Responsible for Marital Success? Chapter 2

  1. gonemaverick


  2. A.GuyMaligned

    I’m new at this fiction writing thing and appreciate the warm reception. When doing something foreign, it is comforting to receive plaudits that fertilize one’s industry to try harder.

  3. Femme

    It’s better than a romance novel :

  4. Southernbelle

    It’s like being inside his head step by step. How fun Sir Guy!

  5. LadyRose

    Dear Sir Guy,

    First of all, thank you so much for providing all the information on your website. I am so grateful for it. This knowledge has helped me immensely in understanding the dynamics between men and women. It makes me feel very powerful in my femininity.

    Furthermore, I really like the story telling style and the theme of your two latest articles. I cannot help but project my own current experience on your story, so I am very curious how it will continue..please keep writing!

  6. My Husband's Wife

    What a great read to brighten a dreary Monday morning. It’s fun and uplifting and helps explain the principles given here in action. And I agree with Femme above that it’s way better than a romance novel, which I’ve never had much interest in anyway. I’d love to read more!

  7. Hello Sir Guy! I’m a new-ish reader and am absolutely loving your blog. Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness are astounding.

    The fiction is fantastic, and reading this excerpt made me realize I have a somewhat related question.

    You gave a very detailed description of Jenny’s outfit and the effect it has on not only Hank, but her overall presence as well. It reinforces a common notion that men are visual and how women adorn ourselves affects… well, nearly every part of our lives!

    I’ve always subscribed to this notion and tend to dress femininely yet modestly. However, I sometimes get mixed signals from my husband. Sometimes he compliments my elegance and steps up his outfit to match me, other times he seems shocked and will ask me why I’m so dressed up.

    For example, I wore a sweater dress with knee-high boots yesterday when we went out for coffee. He loved it! Today I’m wearing a sheath dress with the same boots and he asked me if I was going to a party. (The overall style and length of both dresses are similar). I felt embarrassed and deflated at his comment when I spent so much time picking out an outfit I thought he’d like (he actually bought me the dress).

    Furthermore, and even worse, he has asked that when we visit his sisters, that I dress like them so they don’t feel bad about themselves (t-shirts/jeans/sneakers). I have honored his wishes, but I don’t feel like me and I feel uncomfortable dressed like that.

    So, Sir Guy, I ask if you have any insight into his behavior or thinking.

    Thank you kindly.

    Your Highness Mylittlesliceoflife,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Wonderful questions. Tell hubby you dress up to feel good about yourself. Ask that he try it more often. Tell him too that men are never as handsome than when they show off what a great prize their wife won and her competitors missed.

    As to visiting his sisters, do as he asks. But you may want to wear dress t-shirts, ironed and creased jeans, sparkling clean shoes (They clean well in the washing machine). It’s all relative, and it will make you feel better. Don’t tell him I told you, tho. It’s your idea.


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