2596. Who is Responsible for Marital Success? Chapter 7

Still driving home after proposing and taking Jenny home, he remembers their courtship. After many months and asleep at home, his life changes in one night. Just a normal nightmare, but the memory of it still rocks his comfort and ease about his life and future.

On an outing near a turbulent river and after a slight drizzle, he laughs as Jenny goofs around with a turtle atop a huge boulder near their picnic table. Suddenly, she slips and plunges into the torrent below. She doesn’t come up. Rushing toward her entry spot, he sees what happened clearly in a slow-motion, step-by-step flashback. She slips, feet and hips slide, head flies back to bang the rock; splash and submergence follow. The replay, worse than the event itself, redoubles his fear and magnifies his sense of possible loss.

He jumps in, fails to locate her, and exhausts his lungs before surfacing. Hopefully, he expects to find her swimming to shore, but he finds the same nothing he found inside the torrent. He is alone and downstream. No sign of her further down. Hopefully but fruitlessly he looks upstream. No Jenny. No one else nearby to help. Grabbing his head fearfully, he yells “Jennyyyyyyyy” as he breaks down, cries, and is swept further downstream amid anguish of what can he do now?

Flopping over quickly in bed, he realizes he just heard himself yell. It was real, and he moves to dry his eyes. Screw what the neighbors think they heard. Grabbing the phone, he calls her. She’s okay, but he pours out his remaining anxiety. Too sweaty to continue in bed, he showers again to drown the memory. Instead, it redirects his thoughts toward reality. What would he do had it been real? It prompts him to figure out some answers, for which he searches amid speculation and intermittent dozing for the next few hours.

Can I live without her? Can my life even be sane without her? Replaceable or irreplaceable? That is the question. But those are silly questions. Of course, I can live without her, even a sane life. But in every stretch of self-honesty, I would never choose that option. Surprising himself, he confesses; I strongly desire to live with her alone. Yes, to the exclusion of all others and my independence. Then chiding himself, where did that dreadful thought come from?

Can I sustain our relationship as is, or must I shift into dreadful mode and follow the golden princess to wherever marriage might take us? Can I do all she says we should do? Do I even want to? Will she accept and follow me and my ambitions? Of course, I don’t really know how she feels about marriage. She’s mysterious on the subject. Most women want it though; so how am I to know, unless I propose? Uh, oh! Not a good something to think about.

Can I accept withdrawing from life outside our relationship? Will I forego all other women? Give up my independence for making decisions? Those are tough calls, but…. Hardly pleasant thoughts, so I will think about them later.

But how can I live with her, if she won’t provide sex to check out our compatibility? Marriage? Shack up? Move in together? Sure, we can get a bigger apartment and merge our lives closer together. Talk her into that and sex will surely follow, won’t it?

We have talked often about sex, but only about the marriages of other people. I sense she wants marriage, but she never pushes or even suggests it as either an option or way to go. How come? I know she plans for the future, but she never mentions ours. She leaves it up to me? Why? What do I know about marriage and raising kids? Or does she think our relationship doesn’t qualify for a lifetime commitment? Her silence deafens me about matters I now realize are critical.

I recall when the term commitment came up. She said I am in charge of such things. The same when I mentioned not dating others. She is along for whatever ride I provide. She will do whatever pleases me. Don’t know if I care to take on that pressure.

Seldom done before and usually avoided, he goes deeper into introspection.

I appreciate her silence about marriage, but why would a woman not pursue her dream more assertively? Am I not the right guy for her? Is she just toying with me until she finds someone else? Does her behavior truly signify her love of me? Only me? Really? Any signs it’s not true? Is it really true that she seeks to join my bus ride into the future? Can I let her drive while I maintain the bus?

Surprising himself, he thinks:

Hell, I love her. She must love me. How much? Can I be sure? I wonder, could we live together? Would she? Probably not. What if I propose marriage? Would she accept or refuse? It’s the question of the day? How can I find out? I’m not about to propose, if the answer will be no. What is it lawyers say? Never ask the question if you don’t already know the answer.

Wait a minute, what am I doing toying with the idea of marriage? Am I ready?  I’m not ready. She may not be the best, although she sure looks it. How do I prove it? I want her but not unless it’s my decision. Not her praying and spreading feminine charm into my life while persuading me to accept a huge new responsibility. She’s great, but I don’t bend my principles or let girls determine my life, even the most gorgeous.

What if she changes after marriage? Does she want kids? How many? But, man, she sure is qualified to blend our lives, manage our kids, prepare my toast, and kiss me off to work. She’d be like Doris Day in the kitchen of my castle. I could even claim a tax dependent. Wow! There may benefits I’ve not uncovered.

Hank recovers with new plan.

Ah,ha! Okay, that’s it. Now I got it. If she loves and wants to marry me, she will let me in her panties. She will bend, yield, and learn to appreciate my sexual competencies. Don’t know how far she will go at the beginning of such ultra smooth pressure, but it’s time to get this love-fest in a higher gear. It’s been her game of friendship development so far. Hell, I favor friends with benefits. Why have I been so quiet and accommodating of her wishes? My new campaign begins now.  I shall conquer the driver of this bus, so she can take me where it’s deservedly beneficial to me too.

But what if she throws me under the bus? Can I recover? Yes, I can, so look out tomorrow, honey, I shall replace you to steer our bus on a new course.

Meanwhile, Jenny knows to expect it. Intuitively, she already prepares for his put-out-or-else campaign. Having privately studied and perfected her strategy of managing sexual aggressiveness and turning threats into friendly banter, she uses techniques to make the competition end up her way. Her sexual history proves this: When passion drives, relationships don’t thrive.

As always, she expects to have her way, and relationship survival is paramount. Until, that is, she decides how and when conquest will happen. Delay becomes more difficult every time they are together.

As she does for each get together with Hank, she anticipates another surprise. Always ready, she doesn’t know the next will reveal Hank as up-and-coming conqueror intent on ….


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6 responses to “2596. Who is Responsible for Marital Success? Chapter 7

  1. 1jarofclay

    Cute series. Love the story!

    Just wanted to add… often this process that Sir Guy describes is subconscious. I remember being shocked when I was dating and I’d ask a man what he was looking for. The answer would be: “I don’t know what I want.” I’d answer: “How can you be dating if you don’t even know what you want? How will you be able to find the right woman?” Then, when I started studying this blog, I learned that that’s how men are. Somewhere Sir Guy said: “What do men want? They don’t know.” That was a big a-ha moment for me. I had flashbacks to those conversations with former dates/boyfriends. Renee Wade (from thefemininewoman.com) also says that men don’t know what they want until they find it. It’s like it hits them over the head. (This is the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life!!) They just go by instinct and Sir Guy is right in that we lead them from date one.

    Women really are the relationship experts. For men it’s very foreign. There was an article that I read a while back in which the writer, a dating coach, (can’t remember her name) said that when a man stops seeing a woman because he lost interest, he doesn’t really know why. When she asks them, they often can’t articulate the reasons. Women, on the other hand, she said, know exactly why they lose interest and stop seeing a man.

    The last example is the most shocking to me because I thought that everyone knows that men are after sex and women after marriage. Well, not really. Back to Renee Wade, she has said that men often don’t realize or understand just how important marriage and children are to women. She actually had to have a conversation with her husband David Shen about it when they’d been seeing each other for a while and had to explain to him that it meant a lot to her to marry and have kids at some point and he had no idea.

    I just think that it’s interesting to get an insight into the male psyche. We can learn so much about men/women differences and how to work through those differences. We women really are in charge.


    Your Highness magnolia,
    If you like the story, let me know how you like chapters 7 and 8.

    • 1jarofclay

      1. The story is quite charming and it keeps me engaged. I want to know what will happen on chapter 8.
      2. You effectively describe how men bond and their thought process (even if they register only in the subconscious). We can see now on chapter 7 that Hank is very devoted to Jenny as the thought of losing her is painful.
      3. The story also realistically goes over something seldom discussed on this blog– when a woman loves her boyfriend, it becomes more and more difficult to remain celibate as the courtship progresses.
      4. It’s great that you’re presenting a fictional example as it happens in real life similar to the series of how Guy Jr. and Lauren fell in love and the testimony of Mrs. Anonymous about how she got her guy to propose by following the guidelines presented on the blog.
      5. I doubt that most young modern men know who Doris Day is, but my dad sure thought that she was very pretty! 😉


      PS. You should write a novel!

      Your Highness Magnolia,
      Chapter 8 scheduled to post Monday.

  2. My Husband's Wife

    This phrase is the best: “When passion drives, relationships don’t thrive.” 🙂
    What a clever saying for us ladies to easily remember this important fact.

  3. A.GuyMaligned

    Attention Magnolia and Femme,

    I shifted the schedule for the articles I promised you. Chapter 8 for Magnolia posted on Sunday and Femme’s contribution scheduled for Monday.

    Ah!!! Enjoyable are the schizophrenic pressures of trying to please more than one woman at a time. If you can do it. At my age, the fun is in the trying.


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