Blog 2616 — Hero Day

A family should have as many hero days as members. So, I propose that women add this to their annual calendars.

Six months to the date after everyone’s birthday is their own personal Hero Day.

I suggest that the family recognize it as official. Recognition and celebration to include a family get together. Everyone present must present a reason to the celebrant why they are viewed as heroic or hero to the presenter.

No gifts to be exchanged. Also, gifts cannot be used to substitute for declaration about the celebrant. Only words are acceptable and hopefully amid smiles of affection.

I will be accused of watering down the definition of hero, but I suggest that uplifting of mates, siblings, and parents is worth it. We all want to be a hero of some sort. So why shouldn’t we have it shown to us from friendly faces capable of showering us with love, respect, approval, appreciation, or an honorable and genteel expression of the celebrant’s importance in the lives of those nearby?


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6 responses to “Blog 2616 — Hero Day

  1. msarianne

    I love it!

  2. Thankful

    Excellent idea. Please pencil your six month mark into your new 2017 diary and remember – you’re my hero 🙂

  3. gonemaverick

    You are my hero Sir Guy.

    You have no idea how happy, content and loveable (by men) your teachings have made this girl to be. #pretty time #virtues #femininity

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    You have no idea how I love it when pretty girls tell me that.
    It’s far too slow a process, but the world is getting prettier.

  4. This is amazing; more-so in its simplicity
    You really are my hero Sir Guy

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