2626. How Can Women Recover?

It’s only anecdotal, but some college girls now keep their own booty lists and call and ask if they can visit guys for sex. According to one guy, campus gals are not just unrespectable but unlikable. His view: They act too much like men to be appealing.

It’s a societal trend that worsens. Men perceive women dumbing themselves down; women trash masculine usefulness to favor womanly boldness. Women figure as long as they can get their way as men used to do, they are winning to move their gender away from patriarchy. Thus, the feminist view moves forward, and politics replaces common sense in the relationship arena.

We are all born to get our way with others. Society settles disputes with common sense that now fades under the pressure of political correctness. Men have no recourse for getting their way except to rely on male dominance.

The downward trend continues as females reject the idea of earning the respect of men, even though a man’s love of woman is based on respect. Women fulfill the feminist objective of making enemies of the genders. They smother the institution of family with intentions and practices to act more like men, as if men seek to marry masculine women.They slaughter masculine interest of living with a woman for anything but sex and economic benefit, both of which lack bonding and are mostly temporary.

A perceptive newbie inspired this post. She reacted to my statement that modern practices by women make men think that a woman’s love is neither desirable, meaningful, useful, nor in a man’s best interest. Miss Green at 2625 inquired, “how do we turn it around?

First,  “we” don’t. It works on the societal level. It took a half-century to degenerate this far, and could take more to recover, but it hasn’t started yet.

Second, individuals can recover. I propose each of you learn to overcome for yourself, which is fairly easy except for two things: time to screen many more men and keep faith and confidence in yourself. Handling those exceptions can be done best by using the following.

Third, become more independent relative to women. Make over your thought processes about your life and how to make a success of your life with a husband. Listen more to your heart than your mind.

  • ID those feminist traits you may have picked up over the years and reverse them in mind and heart; e.g., 1) you think men are to blame, drop it. They may be, but you have to be unique to recover for yourself. 2) Refuse to accept political correctness as an ingredient for managing your life.
  • Quit listening to women about men; in fact, forget what you’ve learned. It’s nowadays contaminated with feminist-think. What women say does not necessarily apply to you and the men with whom you will be dealing.
  • Pay intense attention to every man of every age, what they say, and particularly how they act. Form new opinions on what you learn doing it. You have an immense talent for reading men, but you have to specialize in using it. What men say may not be honest; what they do reflects honesty, but you know that in your heart.
  • Make yourself unique from all the other gals, even those who think like you. Women like to think and act like a herd, because they lack confidence and seek confirmation about common concerns that help deal with men and husbands. It’s a failed concept. If not, men would also act like the herd which requires one to give up individuality and independence, and men don’t do that until charmed by one woman with whom they have the overwhelming urge to live with forever.
  • Your life will work best if you develop two habits each morning before your largest mirror. 1) Study and carry out the procedure described in posts 2123-2127. 2) Read the next bullet to yourself as a daily mantra in front of the mirror; it will program your attitude to do what’s best for you.
  • Men marry women who are not like the rest of the herd. Men marry feminine mystery, feminine modesty, feminine uniqueness, feminine monogamy, feminine manners, feminine attractiveness, feminine character, feminine trustworthiness, feminine independence, feminine stability, feminine reliability, feminine respect for others of every ilk, feminine focus on the future, feminine reliance on a man’s judgments about the present, feminine separation from other women except as relief from the doldrums of putting her life in feminine order sufficiently well enough to satisfy her mate into being satisfied with himself. Each man knows what feminine is to him, and so give femininity all you got. (Femininity is defined as opposite of Feminism.)
  • As to female love, women oversell themselves on it. Can’t blame them because their importance is built around having and sharing it. However, it isn’t all that important to men except as signal that he’s still okay for her.
  • After marriage, the way to inject your heart into a man’s heart is to learn to love your life together more than you love him. Not really from your view, but that’s what he expects. You will generate a life together that has him in the center—fully accredited, of course—but you make everything happen that satisfies him with your performance. If you study post 2558 you will learn how it balances out in life. In a successful marriage, he loves the responsibility of his marriage more than he loves you. Of course, in daily interaction it only seems that way, but it make marriage successful.
  • In dating and courtship, keep the marriage bullet above in mind but work it differently. Make him earn you; you help shape his thinking but he focuses on the present and so you have to forget the future while he wins you. Decide NOW just how a man should honor your dignity, self-respect, status, stature, and standards. Yield nothing including your personal history without his earning it—and never your sexual history regardless of how he probes. The more he earns the more of himself he invests, and men don’t walk away from deep investments of self.
  • Screen each guy for red flags and disqualify those who appear not good enough. Don’t take risks until you are sure that you can live with his shortcomings.
  • Make this your attitude but about which you say nothing. You will yield sex after marriage. With the attitude but no words or explanations, he has to date you more because his primary mission is to bed you. The longer you hold out, the more he invests himself. While dating, he looks for weaknesses that will make you yield.
  • Finding nothing but your strength against yielding, he uncovers qualities that he can admire. Such qualities are virtues to a man, and men seek to marry a virtuous woman. In today’s social marketplace, feminine is the essence of virtue.
  • So, the longer you hold out, the more marry-able you become and more likely he will propose—eventually, that is, because his decision is a three-phase process described in post 2558.

Your life is whatever you make it, and men play a vital role whether you marry or not. Courting all men with feminine charm—but no giveaways except to husband—makes you unique and sought after by many men. The ones who won’t invest themselves in you are not good enough for you, so it should become standard practice to put many guys—uninvestigated by you—back in the parade that passes through your life. Caution: There’s no such thing as Mr. Right until you’ve charmed and coached husband over a decade or two.

When enough women follow the model described above, society may turn on its heels and reverse course. That being many years in the future, however, individual women can have much better control of their lives before then.



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11 responses to “2626. How Can Women Recover?

  1. aroundtheriverbend

    I like this…it almost feels like a list of instructions for all the basics from this blog.

    I think I’m going to find it useful 🙂

  2. msarianne

    Very good. I like this list very much. I love the reminder to be unique among women. Bravo!

    Sir Guy, I have found that it is so much fun having an interested man trying to “win” you. There is no room for angry or bitter in this love thing…just smiles and appreciation of him…and he keeps coming back. Like you say…if it is to be, it is up to ME…
    My disposition will either work for or against me…and you were right, it is what I do that matters not what others do to me. I have been working on that.
    My friend is an eligible bachelor, he gets a lot of female attention– it’s not easy to be his friend because I’m very shy and other women are not. They contact him to ask him out. Anyway, after Christmas break(we had 2 weeks apart) he told me he missed me and asked for a hug. He also wanted to spend some time together, so we went out with a group that included my sons and he flirted with me during dinner He treated us. He seemed so happy.

    To the ladies that recommended the book Fascinating Womanhood, thank you! I read it and have now given a copy to a friend of mine who is married. That and this blog have helped me grow in my knowledge of men. No matter how this particular situation goes I feel empowered at least and not so lost like I was.

    By the way there is another gentleman that has shown interest. Possibly because “pretty time” just makes one more cheerful and attractive in general.
    I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, I’m not, I’m just amazed. 😊

    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Lady Msarianne,
      I enjoyed hearing your story. One of my favorite things about this site (and there are many) is being able to read how women are returning to femininity and the positive things that happen in their lives as a result. It’s very inspiring!

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Lady Msarianne,

      I am so glad to hear of your success in implementing feminine principles. Sharing your victories will encourage others who are interested but may have doubts or questions. We are all learning to clean out the cobwebs of old mindsets here and replace them with fresh, new ones–even those of us who have been married for years. Keep us posted: it’s always fascinating and encouraging to hear how femininity confounds and draws men. 😉

  3. Miss Gina

    Love this!!! 😀

  4. Patience

    Hi Guy,

    I hope you’re doing well. I have a question for you. What does a guy mean when he says he’s waiting for you? Is he really waiting like I’m waiting or is he screwing everyone else until he can screw me? I’ve been dating a nice fellow for the past six months but waiting until marriage to have sex. Recently he brought up when we would seal the deal and I just replied I was still getting to know him. That’s when he told me he was patient and could wait until I was ready because good things are worth waiting for. The conversation ended there but it did inspire some additional questions, mentioned above.

    Your Highness Patience,
    This sentence is the answer, “Is he really waiting like I’m waiting or is he screwing everyone else until he can screw me?” He does not have enough interest in you to chase you, so drop him curtly. His reaction will guide you better than I can.

  5. Sarina

    There doesn’t seem to be a turning back. US women are the starting point because they can influence the world. From how things are moving, I see that the slut lifestyle is promoted as empowerment. I really can’t understand the mentality, it’s definitely the most detrimental and nonsensical thing a feminist advocates. You wanna show it to the guys that you can be more depraved and perverted than them? Do they know that sluts would even have sex with animals for the right money, are feminists mentally impaired when they promote the no-slut shame thing? Men are laughing and enjoying the free ride, women turning into toilets from a very young age. I’m kinda ashamed to be a woman in these current times. Yes, prostitution was always a thing since the beginning of mankind, but it was a shameful and looked down upon with disgust, now it’s embraced and it’s mind boggling how women aren’t grossed out by it.

    • Anon...

      it could be… because these young women were never in families in the first place…..Many, depending on where they are, were just born because MOM wanted to have a child before it was too late…and she, nor her friends had strong/good enough husbands….
      it could also be causing their grandchildren—to become sexually confused

      • Femme

        Dear Anon,
        allow me to disagree.
        I used to have a friend who came from a very stable church-going family (her parents still live together). She has an elder brother (who is twice divorced now) and everything seemed perfect on the outside. Father very much in place.
        Yet my friend turned against the Catholic church, never married, never had children, and her views on marriage and relationships… well, they were/are quite feminist. She highly respected prostitutes because “at least they earned their living” (and that was a closeted jab at me because at the time she said this, I was a homemaker and did NOT make a living).
        She was of the opinion that as long as a marriage works, it doesn’t matter who the breadwinner is, if the man stays at home and the wife works outside etc. Affairs are ok as long as both parties enjoy them. At this point in history, it’s time women learned to divorce sex from love, the way men do. Children should be brought up by communities and not parents to diffuse the parents’ influence on the child.
        And so forth, and so on. I kid you not. I tried discussing this blog’s theme several times but every time I did, she managed to find at least 2 examples to the contrary.
        Curiously enough, she has always done in her life exactly as she pleased (having no dependants and always earning a decent salary from her chosen career, in which she has done really well), and yet she revealed to me several months ago that she feels “an unfulfilled old cow”.
        She is permanently depressed and has always overeaten.
        It has baffled me for some time now.

  6. Miss Green

    Thank you! These provide hope and a clear mission, thanks to you. I want to start myself and I can only pray for people that either consciously or unconsciously notice that this behavior works will follow, and in doing so this “recovery strategy” will ultimately extend to society at large.

    I plan to will commit to them, and as well to the referenced routine recommended in posts 2123-2127. Thank you.

    Your Highness Miss Green,
    I love it when pretty girls commit themselves to learning how to exploit their talents and skills to improve their lives.

  7. Amazing Gracee

    “so it should become standard practice to put many guys—uninvestigated by you—back in the parade that passes through your life”

    Sir Guy,
    Could you show me what this looks like? I understand it’s some form of no longer accepting his pursuit.

    Your Highness Amazing Gracee,

    Right, “no longer accepting his pursuit.”

    Just dump him and don’t explain yourself or blame anyone. Drop an innocent reason such as I no longer find enough interest to continue in the relationship we had. If he inquires, don’t explain yourself further.


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