2634. Censored Comment

I received a man’s comment on 2633. He’s irate with women and rants too long, disrespectfully, and with foul mouth. It’s more about the manosphere, but I can share the opening part of what Bookooball has to say. If you think you don’t need it, read it anyway. The enemies are at war, and only women can fix it. I say again, only women can fix it, but they are not underway yet doing it. Unfortunately, still headed in the wrong direction.

“These new age hippies have all been brainwashed by feminist yentas in the marxist indoctrination camps we call universities. They get a useless degree in women’s studies, then go run around larping about a battle with the “patriatchy”. Talk about daddy issues!

“Well, not to say some women don’t have shitty fathers, they project their misandry out into society, downplaying man’s burden to build and maintain society. Ignoring the fact every brick of every building she has ever laid eyes on was put their (sic) by a man.

“Of course, their whole plan is to destroy the family, because western civilization has gotten boring to them. This is how they doublespeak women’s rights out of one side of their mouth, while promoting the mass immigration of muslims out the other.”

Feminism paved the sick and slick road of making enemies of men and women, disrupting family stability and influence, and centering female politics around leftist doctrine.

Now, men are unwilling to discourage or give up cheap and easy sex that costs women their self-respect and comes home to roost in middle age as regrets about previous behavior. Manosphere is the masculine rebellion against whom they recognize as the cause of female unwillingness to respect men, which requires female self-respect lost in promiscuous lifestyles.


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3 responses to “2634. Censored Comment

  1. Terry

    Guy, Pretty interesting article here. Not just that, but her reasoning. She must read WWNH! I don’t read cosmo, but there was an article and link here on USA Today. I, a guy married 45 years with no daughters except 2 adopted that married my sons, have read you for a long time and truly appreciate your wisdom in this battle.

    Sir Terry,

    Welcome aboard. I love it when another guy joins us on this cruise on WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Thanks too for the words of appreciation and hot link.


  2. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Please correct me or elaborate if necessary.

    From the perspective of a lady who’s been on the feminine road perhaps a bit longer than some others here, my prescription to cure the gentleman’s ailment is as follows:

    More and more pretty, feminine women, smiling kindly at all the men they meet (perhaps not the true creepy creeps…), and–the few times that words are necessary–speaking graciously.

    I would almost venture to say that a woman of any age just learning to reclaim her femininity can make just about any mistake on her journey, but if she maintains her self-respect (modest, hard to get), smiles, and is kind and attractive, it will be forgiven.

    On the days when I remember to smile, smile, smile–at everyone I meet, including women–it just seems like all the men around are so happy, and any mistakes I make are so easily smoothed over. (Not meaning to sound arrogant–this joy is for anyone…you have taught us that a female smile tells men they are OK, and they can be happy with themselves. I’m certain that this is what I’m seeing.)

    I just think this gentleman could be tamed if he saw a few pretty smiles, rather than feminist grimaces–even from strangers. (I agree with him: those man-blamer, disempowered-woman scowls are most unpleasant.)

    It seems almost too simple…

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    Beautifully expressed. You need no correction or elaboration. You said it all and well. I love it when pretty women make life great by revealing its simplicity as God intended and you expressed. Thank you.

  3. stephanie deGange

    right on post, Guy!

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