2642. Good Women Lose Their Way Getting Their Way — 06

If a woman doesn’t know how to get her way with a man, or chooses not to pay the price necessary to do so, she is under-prepared for marriage and perhaps courtship. If she doesn’t know how to click what makes a man tick, then out of isolation and frustration she chooses an alternative path, such as eat to excess, shack up, lesbianism, or crying for special consideration or compassion as a victim.

Women—married and single—still don’t understand men, and they get worse faster than panties are dropped. Incompatibility has become the norm, and separation has become popular even among older married folks. A huge vacuum exists that is being filled with pop culture values, expectations, explanations, and complaints that begrudge, blame, or seek to punish men for marital problems.

Harking back, when women abandoned their moral compass, they lost their ability to steer and govern a relationship into marital success. But it need not be that way. The male nature and how to exploit it to the advantage of women and children is available in the articles in this blog.

This current series describes and defends a natural strategy to earn marital success; that is, good enough to avoid separations. Single women and many wives need to start over in their thought processes. Not men but lack of knowledge and belief in feminist propaganda are the enemy. The new strategy includes what makes marriage work enough to keep a couple together. Accomplish that, and the world thrives with many opportunities for a governing wife to fine-tune her marriage such that she at least improves on what she has.

God intended the wife—concluded from the way the sexes are born so differently—to govern her marriage. Men lack the relationship expertise but possess the ability to contribute from outside both the relationship and the home. From which, however, they have the natural expectation to be compensated for husbanding and fathering.

After all, men differ. They need neither love nor marriage. They can enjoy the former but the latter comes only on their terms. A woman has to pay to keep a man involved in her life. Pay with what, you ask? What he values most highly, which is satisfaction with who he is, what he does, and who he does it with. If he’s not a satisfied man, he’s not a satisfied hubby and she’s not a satisfying wife. If she’s not satisfying him, he’s not showing the attention, affectionate words, and stroking that she needs to confirm her importance. Incidentally, sexual satisfaction is relatively minor compared to daily interaction and personal likeability.

Joined together as a couple, someone has to take charge of gazillions of little things, irritations, and task completions that pile up over days, weeks, months, and years. On the domestic front, women are made particularly able to fill that role. If the wife does not learn to govern the domestic scene successfully, handle at least the first gazillion little things, and thereby quiet husband’s dissatisfactions as they arise, then they soon scramble, flounder, and separate as a couple.

Men lack it, but women have the ability in their nature and heart that is necessary to make marriage succeed. If they: fail to eagerly accept and love the challenge of making compatibility work, blame someone else for problems, don’t understand the male nature, or don’t face and accept responsibility for marital success, then they are likely doomed to find separation staring them in the face.


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2 responses to “2642. Good Women Lose Their Way Getting Their Way — 06

  1. Anon...

    i think men need marriage…. since a woman could be a widow.. and still survive, but not a widower…. they either end up frail, or dead….
    its how each sex goes about getting to that point
    Young women are getting CHEATED these days… and they are going after ‘bad boys’ since they act at least ‘masculine’

    Your Highness Anon…,

    Men are not born to need marriage; individualism and independence make them stronger in their masculine persona. However, you make it clear. Lessons taught by women make most men marryable early in adulthood and, if not, aging eventually convinces them they should have chosen it.

    What is it about girls? Yes, they cheat themselves but the fault originates with their parents.

    1) Do girls want ‘masculine’ or do they want bolder, stronger, dominant?

    2) Or, do they want someone to put them down and thereby confirm their own worthless or less-than-worthy opinion of themselves?

    The problem originates with 2). The modern girl raised with low self-esteem develops a faulty self-image. She searches endlessly in social venues for conviction in the opinion of others that she is worth more than she values herself. Not finding or not believing what she does find, she assumes it confirms her unworthiness as a good female. Without affirmation that she is something else or better than who she thinks she is, she reaches out to guys who treat her badly and thereby confirm what she senses she deserves.

    In the mistaken belief it will help, good guys change their natural inclinations to be more like the feminist model for guys. That is, passive, feminine-like, less-masculine, sensitive, helpful, and responsive to female initiatives and independence. They try to build up the gals, but the belief of girls is opposite and undeserving. So girls don’t buy it. Hence, ‘bad guys’ finish first, because ‘good guys’ are ignored or cast aside as unsatisfying for a relationship.

    The root cause is adolescents raising adolescents, adultolescent parents too self centered to create and raise an infant effectively. Hardwired and unchangeable, the result is low self-esteem in infant boys who become the ‘bad guys’ and hopeless girls lost in a world of hurt and trying to find solace with the wrong people.


  2. stephanie deGange

    Thank you so much for your wisdom…

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