It’s so easy to love you gals. You’ve earned my respect and I’ve invested nine years in you. You deserve it, or I wouldn’t be here.

My hope is the man in your life admires your feminine qualities, adds up your virtues into virtuous enough for marriage, and finds you supercalifragilistic- as a wife keeping her man satisfied with his -expialidocious self. Swell matched couple, huh?



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10 responses to “2646. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY

  1. Ahhh, Sir Guy makes such a charming valentine. Are we blessed to have him or what?

  2. Iwannahear

    The Lord bless
    you, Sir Guy

  3. Sharon

    A Happy Valentine’s Day wish back to you, Sir Guy, with appreciation for your instruction over the past (is it possible?) nine years.

  4. stephanie deGange

    we love you…

  5. prettybeans

    You Sir are the standard to which all gentlemen should aspire to.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you dearest Sir Guy

  6. msarianne

    My Dear Sir,
    I hope your Valentines Day has been great. Thank you for all you do for us ladies! You are a blessing to me.

  7. gonemaverick

    “supercalifragilistic”… “expialidocious” #giggling

    “braggadocious” anyone?

  8. Miss Gina

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  9. 1jarofclay

    Awww… Thank you Sir Guy! How kind of you. ❤ 🙂


  10. Meow Meow

    Happy belated Valentines Day Sir Guy. Thank you for your well-wishes and clarity, as always!

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