2648. Strategy for Courtship — 02: Beliefs (cont’d)

Undeveloped and mistaken beliefs hold women back and let good men get away. To masculine eyes, poor attitudes flow out of women who stick to pop culture and feminist values, standards, and expectations. The roots of female common sense follow below. Each item affects relationship development throughout dating and courtship. The list that began at 2647 continues.

4. It grows in popularity. Men are to blame for women’s problems. However, it’s all leftist inspired in a political strategy designed to pit gender against gender, group against group. God designed men to be the ‘friendlies’ of women—providers, protectors, producers, and problem solvers—and well prepared to be recruited to serve women raising kids. If all men are not viewed as friendlies by the gal looking for a sweet courtship, she’s unlikely to fulfill her hopes. What man can believe in a woman’s love, if she thinks other men are bad or enemies? It’s hard to believe that he’s as unique and worthy as she claims, if she tries to convince him with an attitude soured by blame.

5. A lady said this, femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. Feminine comes from a woman’s belief in her heart that opposite of masculine is best for her. Examples: She exploits her natural modesty to get her way. She refuses to stay around man-talk and boyish behavior. She favors monogamy. She trusts men and her ability to keep them in line. She insists that her natural sensibilities not be offended by guys; i.e., shut up or leave. She knows her competition for a man is other women. She dresses to show off physical rather than sexual attractiveness. She paints her toenails. She brightens her countenance with red lipstick. She demonstrates modest taste in making herself physically attractive all the time and not just for dates. In short, she’s as opposite of men as a female can distinguish herself in good taste. It’s her non-masculine uniqueness that appeals most to men and virtuous to those seeking to marry.

6. Men seek to marry a virtuous woman, but what is virtue? Not what your mother taught. Basically, it’s anything about a gal that a particular man admires. Thinking in background, men prioritize virtues. Each woman possesses sexual assets and has potential, but a man’s admiration depends on her overall attractiveness and his imagination. He can admire her assets with just the thought of exposed breasts and groin area. Second virtue, she has not been conquered except by a husband and even that is one strike against her. If available to other men, it had better not be many and none that he knows or will likely encounter—could be second and third strikes. Third virtue, all her other qualities that he admires, mixed and combined into who she is and what she looks like. Of particular value are the feminine qualities that make her stand out among her peers and attract other men such that his competitors envy his ability or potential to conquer her. The first virtue is instinctive, second is highly desirable, and third is a collection that accumulates into total worth as each man sees her differently. Then each man makes his own determination of whether she’s virtuous enough to marry or not.

7. The foundation of a man’s love is his respect of her. Women have two ways of earning a man’s respect and by far the first and best is this: She refuses conquest and his respect grows for her holding out over time and against his persistence. Withheld long enough, his respect strengthens unconditionally and lasts for life (even though marriage may not) by her defeating his most primal sex drive. After conquest, she earns his respect with accomplishments about which he can admire her, but it’s conditional respect and unlike the former. It reinforces, however, whatever self-respect she has already earned and can strengthen his love.

The seven principles above, when accepted as beliefs, work in background to shape a woman’s attitude. Having an attitude highly admired by men helps in the process of both dating and courtship. The process is next.


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3 responses to “2648. Strategy for Courtship — 02: Beliefs (cont’d)

  1. msarianne

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this series.
    You speak of a lady’s true beauty and allure….before all this feminist propaganda made women self haters. You are a joy to read.

  2. stephanie deGange

    thank you, sir guy…….

  3. Femme

    Sir Guy,
    I couldn’t help but smile at the painted nails… 🙂
    For several years now, I have painted mine red notwithstanding several attempts from my female relatives at making me stop doing it.
    Apparently I should be doing something more productive and useful in my free time.
    Thank your for confirming I’ve something right.

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