2662. Refresher Thoughts — 01

We could not survive if we had no generalities by which to guide ourselves. These apply most of the time. They’re good enough to rely on until reality shows you otherwise.

  1. Parents should neither complain nor explain themselves to their children. When they do, they weaken their authority, figurehead status, ability to judge without dispute, and invite kids to be competitors.
  2. Children see disdain or criticism of one parent for the other, and they learn to play one against the other. It’s the nature of children to do whatever is required to get their way.
  3. Society’s popularity of sloppy apparel, careless appearance, and obesity by girls and women significantly reduces the desire and intention of men to remain close to one woman and fosters the manly spreading of seed.
  4. The popularity of unmarried sex squelches the benefits of marriage. For men, multiple conquests are preferable to the familiar.
  5. Relationship success depends more on the absence of negative stimuli for the man than the presence of positive influences for the woman.
  6. Devotion means he uncovers his hidden agendas to her. Commitment means his agendas remain hidden. (Good example of devotion in My All American at Netflix.)
  7. Late night TV too easily induces thoughts, wishes, and dreams about replacing one’s mate with someone who appears better. Sex and sleep without TV work better to solidify a relationship.
  8. If she’s easy to respect, she’s easy for a man to love. If she’s easy with sex, she’s difficult to respect.
  9. Relying on your heart exclusively will lead you to what you don’t want, because today’s heart isn’t prepared for tomorrow’s realities.
  10. Mutual respect and likeability are the most important ingredients of enduring love.

More follows next.


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5 responses to “2662. Refresher Thoughts — 01

  1. sunshine

    numbers one, and three are very true….
    ever since, the ‘no fault divorce’, we started to dress sloppy, then, we also started to EAT SLOPPY—- fast food.. drive thrus.. etc….(and i connect food with sex) to a degree.
    Many children also think food isn’t ate at the table, and NO you don’t get seconds, and no ice cream until dessert

  2. sunshine

    number 9
    today isn’t TOMORROW… pleas ladies
    you don’t know how you will be TOMORROW.
    for body art.. USE HENNA

  3. Good summary Sir Guy. A woman advises to respond with “whatever you think” when a husband offers up a suggestion or idea. Do you think that is a good response when a husband gives ideas and/or opinions? If not, what is a better response that a wife should give?

    Your Highness Mary Wumths,
    “Whatever you think” is a little too uninterested on your part. How about: “That sounds good. Why do you like it?” or “I have no objections but you’ve delved into it deeper than I. If it looks good to you, I’ll support you.” Just something that shows greater interest on your part.

  4. Such great advice! Thank you!

  5. Kay

    Wow these are great. Every single one

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