2670. Refresher Thoughts — 05

  1. Home life includes relationship management. To men, relationships require no management.
  2. Husbands enshrined at home stay at home. Wives that enshrine themselves at home grow bored with husband.
  3. A husband’s unimproved shortcomings become insufferable to his wife. Her premarital shortcomings weaken his commitment, unless he’s so devoted that he sees none.
  4. If he can’t be the family head, she can’t be the family heart. She can be both the head and the heart, but those that try usually become single moms.
  5. Female modesty and moral standards rigidly upheld with delicate expectations are a natural counterbalance to male domination.
  6. A man’s desire for his woman to maintain their home is much stronger than her natural female objections—but not her feminist or political opposition.
  7. If she has weak character traits, his masculine conscience will also be weak. Her ever-strengthening character traits also bring along his conscience.
  8. He marries, takes her for granted, and she feels emotionally abandoned. When she takes him for granted, he considers it normal, unless she also shows ingratitude or disrespect.
  9. Husband will not play second fiddle, especially not to kids, pets, and even her job. He married to play first fiddle, period.
  10. Her apparent submission to his CEO role in the home adds value to both her and his sense of significance. Her failure to yield to him as ultimate authority drives him toward fresher pastures. (The subject of submission is described in “Submission is Wife’s Choice.” It’s chapter 8 in my book, Where Did all the Good Men Go?)


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3 responses to “2670. Refresher Thoughts — 05

  1. Briar Rose

    Sir Guy,
    Could you please clarify #2?

    Thank you!

    Your Highness Briar Rose,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to What Women Never Hear.

    Enshrining oneself comes from a spouse consistently elevating himself or herself over the other in terms of respect, appreciation, bossiness, and similar courtesies. They expect special treatment and reject it for the other. Examples: “I please nobody but everybody is expected to please me.” He overrides her decisions about domestic matters. He makes the family shut down all noise when he naps. When wife does those things, she loses respect for husband for tolerating her, which symbolizes his weakness.


    • Briar Rose

      Sir Guy,
      Thank you for taking the time to reply.

      Let’s see if I’ve got this correct, relating back to item #2 in the original post.
      (Per your example of all noise shutting down when one spouse naps)
      – When she encourages this atmosphere for him, he feels respected and satisfied in his castle.
      – When he encourages this atmosphere for her, she loses respect for him because he is weak-willed for catering to her whims.

      Your Highness Briar Rose,

      First example is right. Second example is not. It should read more like this.

      – When she expects this atmosphere at the expense of her family, and insists that she comes first and deserves it, he loses respect for her because she ranks herself above all others. Others can do it for her but not her for herself.


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