2675. Refresher Thoughts — 10

  1. Men treat women as women act. Act like guys and they’re treated that way. But men don’t marry guys—at least not for life.
  2. When women exploit their female nature, men respond favorably. When women don’t appreciate their femaleness to the fullest, men don’t either.
  3. Women need men more than the reverse, especially those women hopeful of a permanent relationship. [1904]
  4. Women work to love, build relationships. Men love to work, accomplish things.
  5. To stay with one woman, men must be rewarded for husbanding and fathering. The male sex sets competitive standards and expectations and each man measures his self-satisfaction by the return on his investment.
  6. A man’s love is based on respect for her and her likeability supporting him in his responsibilities, off-duty recovery, and preparation for what’s coming next.
  7. Disconnected from sex, women expect to hear affection expressed in multiple ways and demonstrated on frequent occasions. The male nature doesn’t prompt men to think that way. They require training by females earlier in life and mothers and adolescent girls teach it best.
  8. Women like to claim that men are only after sex. It’s a shortcut to passing blame or imposing guilt. When claimed, it closes the female mind to understanding and figuring out how to use a man’s nature to help fulfill girlhood hopes and dreams.
  9. Each woman’s sexual availability is the measure by which men judge women for their loyalty to and dependence upon one man.
  10. Women can abandon their female nature to enjoy masculine-style sexual freedom, but they eventually lose playing that man’s game. Why? Men don’t respect loose women, and the foundation of a man’s love is respect for her.[1905]

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