2676. Q&A for Women — 01

Over the years women requested that I disclose men’s failings that contribute to marital breakdown. Some look to justify blame and others tire of my describing only wifely motivations. I usually respond that the man’s story is for another time and place. I’ve decided its here and now. Remember, this describes the basis of the male nature as born, not how men appear as they make themselves look good to women and feel good about themselves.

Q.  Why do men avoid marriage?

A.  They see too few ways to satisfy themselves; too many restrictions on doing man-things and too many female-things that provide little satisfaction through manly accomplishments. A man’s goal in life is to keep himself satisfied with himself. Taking on responsibility for a marriage appears self-defeating, until a woman convinces him otherwise.

Q.  What makes a husband dissatisfied with himself?

A. The events, conditions, and environment that surround his life and produce results with which he can no longer live. If married, it may be time to leave. If not, it may be time to marry. It takes a woman deserving of his devotion to change his game plan.

Q. Do men consider the wife to be responsible to keep their marriage together?

A. No, husbands are responsible for two reasons. Being stronger, he should be in charge which also presumes responsible. Also, men don’t take on responsibility with any thought of failing. Asking for her hand, therefore, includes self-promise that he will rule and won’t fail. He expects to supervise the way she runs the show to make everything come together, manage their relationship as couple, and merge children into a harmonious family. He expects her to exploit her superior ability in those marital matters. The better she keeps him satisfied with himself, the more she gets her way, and the less he supervises. His measure of success is that he’s satisfied with himself for what he’s doing, which amounts to three things. He’s satisfied with who she is, what she does, and for accomplishing that for which he is responsible. On that last matter, he measures his satisfaction from her displaying respect of him, dependence on him, and gratitude for what he does.


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2 responses to “2676. Q&A for Women — 01

  1. Dear Sir Guy,
    Regarding the last sentence of your post “dependence on him”
    In what ways should a woman show her dependence on him without appearing too needy. I read that being too needy is a turn off for men.

    Your Highness Mary Wumths,
    Dependent on him for what he accomplishes, provides, and maintains, that which contributes to their relationship/marriage. Not dependent on him to keep her emotions uplifted or upheld, which requires that he contribute without accomplishment or what he married to do. He complains that she’s needy.

  2. stephanie deGange

    another great post!

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