2679. Wisdom from Lady My Husband’s Wife

What a lovely post today [at 2678], Lady Magnolia. I sure enjoyed reading it and like your positive attitude. I agree with you that there are still good, single men out there.

I see the challenge today that both single men/women face when trying to find a spouse. It seems as if you don’t find a mate right out of high school or college, it’s like trying to find the needle in a hay stack!

Single ladies, if you’re stumped for ideas on where to meet men other than online or at the bar or at work, and there is no one at church or work, I’ve found a few spots where they seem to congregate and outnumber women by at least 3:1:

1. Any outdoor-related volunteer group such as park clean-up days, forest service planting projects, hike/bike trail maintenance, etc. These groups usually have day/weekend events where you work in groups on a project with food and social time at the end. They have the men do the tough stuff and women the lighter work so everyone works well together. And even if you don’t meet anyone, you’ve done something to help a good cause and get outside for a while. I’ve found the people at these events very upbeat and inspiring as their working for a cause higher than themselves. So a win-win, even if you don’t get a date out of it
2. Any outdoor-related biking/hiking/climbing/skiing event or class. Just went to a three day mountain biking festival with my husband where men greatly outnumbered women and people were very friendly. Lots of opportunities to meet men while you wait in lines or travel in shuttles. The men seem very eager to help a lady out who’s new to the sport and give advice and tips.
3. If you’re not Catholic, your church’s seminary as there are mostly men who attend—and many who are looking for a spouse too! Not just young men attend these schools as many are second career theology students that are older. Most seminaries will have classes or Bible studies that women can take or have events on campus such as concerts—or maybe even look for or a job on campus. My church’s seminaries have week-long workshops for musicians and Bible conferences for lay people and tons of concerts and services. The men so outnumber women that they just love to see a lady on campus!

What’s great about the above options is that you will immediately have something to talk about as you’re working on common project or have some of the same interests that easily open the door for getting to know someone without being too forward or coming across as desperate for attention.

Hope this helps some of the ladies here find some new inspiration on where to meet the good men that still exist.


NOTE to My Husband’s Wife: Wow!!! Thank you for the timely, clear, and perfect followup to Magnolia’s great contribution. Remind hubby this man thinks he married over his head.



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3 responses to “2679. Wisdom from Lady My Husband’s Wife

  1. Miss Gina

    Dear Lady MHW,


    This makes a wonderful jumping-off point for creative ideas to meet a spouse.

    Incidentally, I know of a young lady who found her husband almost exactly as you suggest–in a new country! She had gotten a job as a nanny halfway around the world from where she had grown up and gone to school…prospects looked bleak. At church, she asked around about who was interested in mountain biking, a favorite hobby. She was directed to a young man in the church…who is now her husband. 😉 So it really can work.

    Lots of possibilities for ladies with other interests who may be able to creatively adapt these thoughts to their situations, too.

  2. aroundtheriverbend

    These last two posts could not have come at a better time…I am 26, slim and attractive, yet I have been single for years because I don’t make the effort to meet or date men.

    Just as I decided to change this and started thinking about how I could go about it…voila!

    Thank you Ladies Magnolia and My Husband’s Wife, both posts well written and just the kick up the backside I needed! 🙂

  3. 1jarofclay

    Thank you so much, Ladies My Husbands’s Wife and Aroundtheriverbend! You are awesome women. 🙂

    Lady Magnolia

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