2682. Refresher Thoughts — 12

  1. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females inflicts potential damage on the institutions of marriage, faithful husbanding, and responsible fathering—all of high interest to women. The male nature is hardwired to respond to potential conquests made abundant by female behavior.
  2. If men pay no high investment of self, sex is cheap and easy. In the case of conquest, vagina is target and holds his dedicated interest. By enabling access, women easily water down their own worth and magnetic appeal. Female attractiveness goes for nought, when his access to vagina costs little or nothing
  3. Female virginity is under- and male virginity over-valued by modern women. With women, experience counts. If a man is not experienced, other women found him of little appeal. If significantly experienced, a woman’s competitors judge him appealing, which makes him more desirable.
  4. Men desire females that other men have not had. With him, it’s competitively beating out all those other guys. So, it’s not purity to men so much as her sexual inexperience by which he can (a) imagine his personal prowess with little fear of comparison and (b) anticipate her fidelity to him. [1907]
  5. Female gentleness is far removed from a weakness. To men it’s unique and mysterious. Much like modesty, it defies understanding and grows its own appeal.
  6. Women are born hard-headed and soft-hearted. Men are born hardened in both regimes. When her beliefs are narrow or little, mushy thinking pushes her to believe in anything. It defines soft-headedness and causes hard-heartedness in females.
  7. Mutual love makes marital living negotiable but not necessarily compatible, which depends more on mutual likeability and mutual loyalty—the ingredients of manly love.
  8. The sexes have opposing and competing strains of A.D.D. Women suffer from Affection Deficit Disorder. Men ignore their Affection Delivery Disorder unless taught as boys and teens to frequently speak of their gratitude to the females in their everyday lives. It needs to become habit to please females.
  9. It’s needed to replace romantic love that fades after a year or two. A man’s enduring love arises from the foundation of his respect for an exceptional woman and her likeability as a supportive mate. A woman’s enduring love arises from her gratefulness for who and what her man means to her in both the present and especially the future.
  10. Negative influences too easily compound to poison love. Infidelity, disrespect, nagging, abuse, lack of affection of her, and ungratefulness for him come quickly to mind. The continual repeating of one or a few negative influences shatters the major foundations of masculine love—respect, likeability, dependency, and gratitude. Love bleeds out through the cracks. [1908]

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One response to “2682. Refresher Thoughts — 12

  1. Briar Rose

    Hello Sir Guy,

    Number 10 got me thinking… How would a lovely and loving woman navigate the micromanaging tendencies of her strong and kind hearted man?

    She shies away from and hesitates doing little things in front of him (driving, cooking, cleaning, unlocking the front door!) because he consistently pipes up with advice on how any given task can be done better and sometimes even bumps her out of the way to do it himself.

    Most days she lets the comments slide right off her back because she knows they come from a good place, but there are those days where they affect her self-esteem, confidence, and comfortability with him and by the end of the day she finds it hard to hold her tongue.

    This lady would like to find a balance of respecting her man while autonomously handling tasks without constant critique. And avoid the periodic squabbles that follow suite!

    Thank you,
    Briar Rose

    Your Highness Briar Rose,

    Question him with great delicacy, patience, indirectness, complaint-free feminine charm, and lots of smiling. The object is to start him thinking without any blame attached. You might try this approach, while cruising in boredom down the highway or some other empty moment:

    • What did you admire about me that prompted you to propose? Am I still your bride? Or…

    • What could I do as a bride that you liked and, perhaps, don’t like now? Am I still competent to your liking? Or…

    • I know you can do everything better than me, but am I no longer adequate? Oh, nothing in particular, but it seems you always want me to be better or smarter than I am at a particular instant. It hurts when ordinary tasks or little things don’t please you completely. Then…

    Follow up his reaction with something along this line:

    • You know, how a new wife seeks to please hubby in ordinary matters, such as driving, cleaning, and other wifely tasks. Am I still good enough for your standards and expectations? Do I run your castle, or has it turned into a hut? Don’t answer now, just think about it. Big picture, not small things. I’m not even peeved; just trying to fine tune our relationship which needs no fixing. A woman just has to stay busy making her life better.

    Expect weeks before he seems to react. If you get no favorable results, you might try something more harsh. Such as the next bullet under the same conditions as at the top.

    • I think I’m regressing back into my childhood. Being corrected hurts more nowadays. It reminds me I didn’t develop into the woman and wife that I expected to become.

    Good luck and bless you for being such a good wife and having a good man. Undesirable habits are tough to break, but you possess the ability to know him well enough to find greater satisfaction with him.


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