2696. Ladies, Attention!

I am going out of town 5/3 – 5/10. No ability to communicate online, but will be thinking of you in Texas on personal business and a wedding, plus Missouri for a visit with family. A successful grandson and wife of significant merit also raise my great granddaughter, and I am excited to see them again. Get to travel with my son, too.

You might spend spare time in articles of interest as listed in the CONTENTS page at HOME. On return I will as usual respond to all questions in your comments. I’m particularly interested in questions re the disappearing dating scene.

Also, I seek your responses to this question: Why are we here? What did God  design us for and expect us to accomplish in life? Or, if you don’t believe, what has evolutionary development prepared us for? Anything in particular? Just live and survive? Or should we be aimed at something, some mission in particular other than survival? Or does the development of our brain obligate us in any way one sex for the other? How do we know or determine what’s the right thing to do?

Many readers will consider the previous paragraph to be uninteresting or irrelevant to current events. Whatever comments they make, however, will improve the body of knowledge that they have helped build on this blog.

P.S. I just ran across this site and recommend it while I’m away: https://illimitablemen.com/2014/07/20/women-the-death-of-femininity/


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17 responses to “2696. Ladies, Attention!

  1. Iwannahear

    God bless you, Sir Guy for all your efforts on this platform. Do have a great time with
    your family.

  2. Safe travels Sir Guy. We will miss your posts in your absence. I think why we are created by God is to evolve into higher spiritual beings.

    Your Highness Mary Wumths,
    Thank you for the response. I expect to use it later.

  3. Miss Gina


  4. Kay

    I hope you have a great time and make many wonderful memories!

  5. FrenchyAnna

    Sir Guy,

    First of all, sorry in advance for my poor english 🙂
    Thank you so much for this blog, I am so grateful for discovering it. I remember 2 years ago, when I knew I was not thinking the right way but had no clue about how to think (my mother was not an example). Internally, something was wrong. I prayed God to help me. Hé listened me because since I read your blog, I feel much more féminine and attract many more men. I think I réflect a better energy.
    I would like to have your insight on one topic that keeps confusing me (even more since I read the excellent article that you mentionned) : what about women Who have a very high IQ? I do not want to sound arrogant. I explain myself : I am 27 years old and meeting Mr Right is my priority because I really want to get married and have Kids. But I have never felt like other women. I dress very féminine but I do not have the same interests as them. I am passionate of Strategy and my work consists in helping CEOs to exécuté their strategy. It is à very masculine environment but I am creating my own consulting firm, so that I am out of the hiérarchy and create à schedule that fits me. I really love my work and I am very bad at domestic stuffs. During my lazy time, I can spend days reading and thinking. And I am extremely introvertéd, I need a lot of alone time to recharge. When I see other women, they love organizing family gatherings, I see thèm like the glue of the family. I don’t see any problem with that but me, I am absolutely not like that, I am Quickly overwhelmed by social gatherings and all those logistical stuffs. I don’t think It is féminist influence, it is just my nature. And it makes me wonder how I would be if I was leaving in the 40s and hadn’t the freedom I have. I really understand the rôle of the wife as you describe it but I cannot see how it appliés to me. Plus, It is really difficult for me to date because I have to find someone more powerful than me, that I can respect and idealize. I feel like there is a dilemma between deploying all my potential and having a fullfilling life with a man. I feel a little bit guilty.
    Hope it was not too long.
    Have a nice trip.
    God bless you.

    Your Highness FrenchyAnna,

    Your English is more than adequate, but most of what you say works against you capturing a man for your life. Examples:

    • Forget the fact that you have a high IQ. Men don’t pay for a smart woman; it’s a mindset that turns them off. Also, quit looking for a man with IQ even close to yours. A much lower IQ can find compatibility with you. You’ll find ways to respect the man you marry.

    • Quit explaining yourself to both yourself and others. Push it to the back of your mind. Disclosing such info causes others to judge you, and they seldom find the glory you expect in what you describe. Men believe what they discover or figure out much more than what they are told.

    • Quit looking for Mr. Right. If you marry him, he will shortly be Mr. Wrong. Mr. Good Enough is the better way to go so that plenty room exists for him to grow under your tutelage over the next few decades.

    • Don’t disclose that you seek marriage and kids. Let men pry that out of you after many dates, like it’s their idea for you to follow them to that destination.

    • Don’t spend lazy time reading and thinking. Learn something else such as domestic habits that contribute to compatibility.

    • When you see other women organizing etc., you don’t have to copy them or be like them. You already are good enough, so continue to be who you are and what you can become by working on it (domesticity, family togetherness?) rather than wringing hands over your strengths that others see differently.

    • These are contradictory and self-defeating thoughts when taken together. “I have to find someone more powerful than me, that I can respect and idealize.” No you don’t, you just think you do, and you make spot decisions that some guys are unqualified for you.

    • These too are contradictory and self-defeating thoughts when taken together. “I feel like there is a dilemma between deploying all my potential and having a fullfilling life with a man.” The dilemma will fade when you quit deploying your potential. Instead, you find ways to develop your potential to be a desirable wife, feminine follower of a man’s leadership, and mother.

    • Why feel guilty when you have so much potential? If you don’t know how to play yourself into a successful relationship with a man, it should not stimulate guilt. It should stimulate determination to win what you want out of life.

    While not as evident as I make it sound, your comment is slanted toward you being the seller and expecting men to be the buyers. You have it reversed. You should be the buyer and make each man sell themselves and their worthiness to you. Your worth rises in their eyes as they find virtues (qualities they admire) while looking for weaknesses to get you in bed the first time.


    P.S. You focus too much on yourself. A major strength of the female nature is a woman’s ability to focus on others over and above herself. You may wish to work on that.

    • Femme

      Hi FrenchyAnna,
      just wanted to thank you for this post because I feel like you are talking about me.
      I’ve had the same dilemma around social activities etc, I am introverted,
      love reading and thinking, but I’m also very emotional. So…
      My biggest problem I guess is finding a man who would be on the same level intellectually as well as being handy around the house…
      If he doesn’t read, cannot impress me with his general knowledge – in short, doesn’t bring in something I don’t already have – it’s hard for me to respect him.
      A man who cannot spell “bank” properly kind of doesn’t do it for me…
      And I would like to be able to look up to him, at least most of the time.
      Trouble is, from what I have noticed, if man is handy and masculine in the traditional sense, he will have trouble with spelling… and he will not be a reader.
      So I’m awaiting Sir Guy’s response eagerly.

      • FrenchyAnna

        Hi Femme,

        Good to know that other women feel the same way 🙂

        • Miss Gina


          There are many wonderful men who have dyslexia. Most are highly creative and many extremely intelligent. Some have advanced degrees from highly respected universities, and others make very high incomes with no college degree whatsoever. It would be a shame to leave such men out of your consideration.

          • FrenchyAnna

            Dear Miss Gina,

            It was not about dyslexia but about the “éducation level” that I think should be the same for the wife and husband. And I think Sir Guy made an article about it. Yes there are many people with dyslexià and who are very bright

          • Femme

            Dear Miss Gina,
            I have limited personal experience with men in general so thank you for pointing out certain characteristics that may be more man specific. Just wanted to add that if man is doing great in his job and is interested in life itself, has goals towards which he is working etc. then a mere fact his punctuation is wrong doesn’t mean a thing. I was referring to somebody who did poorly at school, does poorly at his job and always blames others for it, has no visible interests or hobbies and wouldn’t be caught dead with a book and even despise those who read. Someone who completely downplays spelling 😄but then asks for proofreading before sending any letters off. But as I type this I realise this may actually be just the tip of an iceberg .It’s just that, in my mind, if a man doesn’t cultivate his, it would be a red flag because it would mean he isn’t open to someone else’s ideas beside his own. Dyslexia hasn’t occurred to me but from what I know it does seem to “favour” men more than women. Thanks for setting me straight.

            • Femme

              Also, come to think of it, it may be possible that men who have problems of this kind may secretly despise themselves for them but be too proud to admit it and then build defence mechanisms? In any case I’m very glad for this discussion because my son is very good at science (especially physics and mathematics) but his English marks have started to seriously worry me. He also only reads scientific literature… I think his brain works this way. Perhaps I should stop worrying so much.

    • FrenchyAnna

      Sir Guy,

      Thank you for your reply. Clear and complete. You are right, I have to work on my selfcenterdness. You say i shouldn’t focus on the IQ. It is not really the IQ. It is the job. I read in one of your previous articles that it is better for a women to marry à man from the same “professional level” as her. The wife shouldn’t be the breadwinner, right?

  6. FrenchyAnna

    I think that we are here to prove our faith to God and as Mary Wumths wrote it, to elevate ourselves.

    Your Highness FrenchyAnna,
    Thank you for the response. I expect to use it later.

  7. My Husband's Wife

    Good thought-provoking questions you have asked us ponder, Sir Guy. I enjoy the home work while you’re away, keeps my mind busy!

    To answer your questions…
    1. “Why are we here?”
    I believe I’m here to love and serve my neighbor. My neighbor is anyone placed around me (husband, family, co-workers, etc.) at any given time. These works are a bi-product / outpouring of my gratitude for what God has done for me. I come before God clothed not in my own works or merits, but solely in the works and merits of Christ, which are imputed to us. Having been justified by faith, I’m sent by God back into the world. Do I do this perfectly? Not even close!

    #2. “What did God design us for and expect us to accomplish in life?”
    I think Ephesians says it best: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

    #3. “What are we here to accomplish?”
    I believe this gets into more of the specifics in looking at how we were created: male or female as it states in Genesis as a part of God’s design. Through my female role and blessings, I live out my vocation to accomplish the forementioned good works. This is the part that’s been particularly distorted in our post-modern culture by the deliberate rejection of femininity in women and masculinity in men (“The Death of Femininity” article linked above illustrates the result to perfection). We are so confused in our God-given roles that relationships end up in chaos. I believe the “Female Blessings At Birth” and the “Manly Claims from Birth” are the God-given means to accomplish our service toward one another.

    I can’t end without acknowledging with gratitude that so many good things have been brought to me by the gentlemanly Sir Guy and the pretty ladies here at WWNH. God has taken care of me, through all of you, to help me learn about these beautiful distinctions between men and women.

    Looking forward to Sir Guy’s return from a hard-earned vacation!

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you for a wonderful response. Clear, complete, and well thought out. I plan to use it later.

  8. Cocoa

    Hello ladies,
    Hello sir Guy.

    I missed you! I have been hiding from the world. But been following quietly.

    I believe we are here to accomplish God’s mission for us. He has a plan for each one of us. My job is to seek to understand and figure out his plan for me. Once we get this our whole life is fulfilled! We settle. We rejoice. We burst with energy, life and light to all.

    I also believe that God designed us to be LIKE HIM. “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness”.

    Every day, every hour, we transform slowly slowly to be like Him. To love like Him. To think like Him. To forgive like Him. To live a life like He lived when he decided to visit us here.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Thank you for the response. I expect to use it later.

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