2697. Refresher Thoughts — 13

  1. Men are grateful for what they do; accomplishment makes men satisfied with themselves. Women are grateful for what they have; the more grateful, the happier they are.
  2. For a man to feel good about himself, he need only plan, tackle, and complete some task either for himself or someone he loves. It satisfies him for the present. For a woman to feel good about herself, she need only find gratitude in something or somebody. It satisfies her momentarily and lifts her spirits.
  3. Children should never outrank father. When a man plays second fiddle in his mate’s home orchestra, he’s prompted to cancel his union membership and look to play a set or two elsewhere.
  4. As wife, she has responsibility to convince husband he is numero uno, period. As mother, she convinces all kids that husband outranks everyone else in home and family, but each child is convinced they rank foremost in mom’s heart.
  5. The mushy-headed woman accepts a man’s words instead of taking time to test and judge his actions. She believes too easily what men tell her, and so she falls for offers that favor his interest far beyond her own.
  6. Without using feminine thinking shaped around female-friendly principles and her standards, a woman can’t separate a good man for marrying from a man good for fun and games. Example: He wants to take her off for a weekend. She agrees only if they have separate rooms.
  7. Some women want their own man so badly they sign up with almost any male offer. Mushy thinking, aka following only their feelings causes short relationships.
  8. When a woman lets infatuation guide her into easy sex and she gets dumped, she overlooks her female best interest. Convinced by guilt that she deserves no better causes her to take up with the worst of men. Such as, the self-centered man full of himself who uses venomous words that parboil her self-esteem, reduce her self-image, and subvert her self-interest. [1908]


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2 responses to “2697. Refresher Thoughts — 13

  1. Diana

    In regards to point #4, are you stating that the husband has more power than the wife or that they are actually on the same level of power but the kids should think otherwise? I’m not quite understanding that point, would you be so kind as to elaborate?

    Your Highness Diana,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Think of it this way. Mom shapes the beliefs of family members such that everyone knows dad is the ultimate authority for his wife, and mother convinces the kids that she’s their ultimate authority. She wears two hats, as wife aimed at pleasing her husband. As mother aimed at developing her loved ones, who are all equally loved with no favorites except as individuals may claim themselves as mom’s most likeable.

    If kids think mom overrules dad, she convinces them otherwise. If dad thinks he’s the boss of the kids, she convinces him that she’s their boss to handle them and he’s her backup and hopefully never needed.


  2. Amazing Gracee

    “doing whatever it takes to keep him satisfied with himself”

    What does this look like? How do you know he is or isn’t satisfied ?

    Your Highness Amazing Gracee,

    How do you know he is or isn’t satisfied? Women have a natural and uncanny ability to read a man as to his attitude about virtually all matters. His attitude reflects what’s in his heart, and his woman’s interest revolves around her reading him all the time. Attitude about his job, his family, his home, his relationships.

    Also, is he the same man you married? His attitude still open where you’re concerned? Seem pleased with himself and pleasing you as before? Are his thoughts about you, living together, himself, and associating with others still on the same track as before? Has he withdrawn from any aspects of family, home, and relationships? Does he sink into quiet moments of contemplation without disclosing the subject matter with you?

    In the end, you have to figure out what his levels of satisfaction look like, and manage to that standard.


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