2707. Life Made Simpler for Women — 01

  • Women share self-love but men don’t share self-respect; it must be earned. Women only have to show sincere interest in a man to start earning it. He quickly presumes she would also be interested in his greatness, and he proceeds if she will listen attentively, which he interprets as respectfully. It’s how women meet men successfully. He talks, she listens.
  • If females want to do better, they should be much quieter about themselves. Full disclosure kills mystery and nullifies challenges. Women improve both performance and luck by being reluctant to talk about themselves while showing sincere interest in each man.
  • Men tire easily when listening to women who seldom stop. As if they have ADHD, their mind wanders away or to something they want to say. Sensitive women learn how to compensate.
  • Poor communication is often cited for a couple’s problems. It’s result more than cause. Personality no longer likeable, unrespected mate, or mismatched self-interest is more likely the cause.
  • Conquest stops a conquered woman earning any more of a man’s respect, the unconditional kind that lasts for life. He paid whatever price she demanded and expects to ‘own’ her and their sexual agenda.


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6 responses to “2707. Life Made Simpler for Women — 01

  1. How does a woman listen to a man talking and show interest when she doesn’t “connect” to what he’s talking about?

    I have a friend with a number of years’ experience in a florist’s shop.

    Recently we had a conversation in which he talked about his style of flower arrangements and the good opinion others had of his work. A lot of it went right over my head because it was professional jargon.

    I felt frustrated because I knew he was sharing something meaningful, but it really was like listening to a foreign language. I didn’t have time to ask questions about stuff because we were interrupted, but even if I had had time, I don’t know what I would have said to show interest without looking completely stupid.

    Your Highness Edith Mcklveen,

    Fake it till you can inquire. A big difference exists between you feeling stupid and looking that way to him. The latter is obscured by your apparent interest.

    I imagine you do a lot of that with girlfriends who talk fast or technically deep.


    • Miss Gina

      Also, if you don’t understand a technical term, just ask him what it means. He will be happy to be needed.

  2. DJ

    After a few years always listening and the knowledge that he specifically and people generally do not care to reciprocate begins to wear a person down. How do you suggest accommodating for that?

    Your Highness DJ,
    Can you be more specific?

    • DJ

      Most of my life I’ve actually done what you suggest I listen and let people men and women talk about themselves, I ask questions show interest really try to be present when they are talking. The one problem I’ve encountered is when I want to share there is so rarely an attempt at reciprocation. After a while it starts to wear . So I was wondering if you had any suggestions for dealing with that. Because doing what you suggest will eventually lead to the feeling in the person doing the listening that they are not appreciated or valued they are just a utility. I’m not saying your wrong I agree that listening and letting a person let loose in a conversation is a good thing.
      But that lack of being valued it gets to a person. So how do you suggest dealing with that?

      Your Highness DJ,

      First, let me explain the dynamics of what you describe. It’s common behavior, as everyone tries to get their way. Second, I will offer some help.
      First, it’s the competitive battle of people trying to get their way, to persuade with their thoughts and ideas. We all act that way in certain circumstances. However, you back off your determination to make others listen. Nothing wrong, you choose to do so. You may not believe you deserve it for one reason or another. Or you may want to be extra polite, or just choose to defer to others.

      People get accustomed to your listening well and not speaking up. You appear reluctant to get your way. IOW, you don’t push back to get your thoughts injected in the convo. That slowly eats at their respect for what they expect you will say, which devalues what you have to say in their eyes. As time passes, you appear passive and more easily disregarded unless you insist and even then they may disregard what you say.

      Where you are concerned, they weigh common courtesy to listen and find it less important to them. It’s the accumulation of subconscious behavior. They are not consciously judging you but subconsciously figuring you have little or nothing to say or you would have contributed earlier and said it confidently. Initially also, they feared from your hesitancy to insist they listen that you would be embarrassed if they asked you to contribute. The end result is what you describe. Been there, done that. Know the feeling.

      Second, as to a solution, become more proactive in expressing your thoughts. Wedge in to get your way and say. Don’t stop to weigh the appropriateness, just speak your piece including talking over someone else until they stop. It may take a small lack of courtesy to convince others that you are also in the arena, but brighten up your stubborn streak and begin talking more and insistently. You can do it! When up against everyone seeking to get their way, your determination can win the day.

      Best wishes for greater determination and getting your way. You deserve it as much as those who practice it all the time.


      • DJ

        So it’s really a balance between listening and forcing people to hear you.
        Thank you Sir Guy

        Your Highness DJ,
        Yes, the balance you decide to impose to please yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think, so long as what you say fits the context and makes sense. You’ve both right and privilege to be heard, to get your way. You may have to initially push harder.

  3. KitKat

    How do you explain a then teenage boy coming back years later still being is in love.

    Your Highness KitKat,
    Either he loved and was reluctant to act, or bad experiences through the years programmed him to rethink a previous girl he can love again.

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