2709. Life Made Simpler for Women — 03

  • The more self-respectingly and graciously she repeatedly defeats a man’s attempts to get her into bed the first time, the more charmingly he treats and deliberately pursues her. Denial means he must try harder. Most men do if they find her more attractive than sister females.
  • The more deliberately a man pursues an unconquered woman, the deeper his investment of self. As pleasing her continues and with his thinking it will make her yield sooner, his actions slowly morph into devotion. That is, the first and most coagulating step toward a man loving a woman. In background, his actions program his heart to favor her over others.
  • As a man deliberately seeks to uncover a woman’s weakness to facilitate their first sex together, he discovers qualities that he can admire. Each is a virtue, and men seek to marry a virtuous woman. The longer she holds out, the more virtuous she appears.
  • Women know instinctively and intuitively how to indirectly reveal their best qualities. What a man figures out carries more weight than what she tells him. Personal comfort, independence, informality, and familiarity work against her. Mirror time, modest attire, mystery, and friendliness work for her.
  • In men, self-pride is an outgrowth of inborn self-respect reinforced by accomplishments and female attention. In women, self-like is an outgrowth of inborn self-love reinforced by relationship success and male attention. If it sounds too obscure, think of this. Self-pride and self-like motivate men and women respectively to be more open and outgoing with each other.
  • Every man expects to be appreciated by most women for who he is and what he does. It can make men obnoxious, and the woman who likes herself greatly as a woman can put up with such men. She can overlook faults to find blessings. Mirror time and dressing up enables her to like herself more and thereby find men much more tolerable or acceptable than obnoxious.


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5 responses to “2709. Life Made Simpler for Women — 03

  1. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,
    I like the last one. It is so true that men can be obnoxious–I have been guilty of just avoiding those who are more so, but you give me a new perspective.

    Do they get less obnoxious by competing for virtuous pretty women (perhaps even by associating with pretty and virtuous ladies, married or not, in a variety of social situations?), as they come to realize over time that they may need to make some changes to win one?

    Your Highness Miss Gina,

    Those who tend to over analyze may foresee a brighter future and change to operate more successfully. Experience teaches them to find out more about women.

    But most men won’t change until one wants a particular woman for himself, and she’s not as available/conquerable or even pleased with him as he currently exists. How she slows him down provides both incentive and time for him to adjust for the purpose of making progress toward conquest, not changing to please her. Experience teaches him to rely more specifically on his male nature.


  2. msarianne

    Interesting, I’m rather attracted to the more obnoxious type of man. I find this type of man is usually highly intelligent, resourceful, confident, and often witty and funny. Oh my, what should I do?

    Your Highness Msarianne,
    Find ways to listen better to what he wants to say, and invite more. Give nothing away but your attention. Make him earn everything else from you. Once, he develops that as habit, he’s investing himself in you.

  3. Etu

    Sir Guy, I am at loss for what just happened after a date this weekend. Met a conservative guy online within my age range and local. He has a job but not a career (late 30s, has bounced around a bit but always had a job and is educated). His dad is in the state legislature, picture of perfect family etc. we talked about a week before meeting. Before meeting I thought he went a little overboard telling me how he thought I was pretty and even texted me a pic of myself from the site where all my makeup had melted off )end of workday). We met in person and talked an hour and a half before dinner. He’d never had Indian food and enjoyed it. At the end of it he said he had a blast as gave me two gospel cds and I gave him a pie. Were still Facebook friends but he hasn’t contacted me since the date Saturday and just deleted his profile off the site where we met. Just perplexed?!

    Your Highness Etu,
    Deleting his profile says either he’s done or he will be the one to re-initiate. You should look elsewhere. If he returns, you’re not in waiting mode for him to glory over. If he doesn’t, you’re in glory mode for having found another unworthy of you. The fact that he looked good and acted decently does not make him good enough.

  4. Miss Green

    Mr. Guy, how does one “indirectly reveal [her] best qualities”?

    Your Highness Miss Green,

    By hints, suggestions, indirectness, patience, actions without explanation, questions rather than statements of opinion.

    In essence, make men figure you out from your actions, while you figure them out by theirs.

    What men figure out they believe infinitely better than what they are told. Women tend to be opposite.

    It makes it tougher for women to know a man well, but she keeps trying because it suggests that she can make him a better man.

    Men think they know a woman well enough, easily satisfied; they don’t want to change her. OTOH, she wants to change a man precisely because she reads him so well, sees promise, and expects to sway him to her way of living.


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