2715. Wisdom from Miss Gina #3

Miss Gina amplified my post, 2714 – KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, to such a marvelous degree that she deserves her own posting. And so I quote her below.

Dear Lady Etu and other Ladies In Waiting,

By letting a man figure you out, you give him a feeling of accomplishment in relation to you. This works in your favor.

It is not in the female nature to automatically understand the amount of observation and calculation that goes into the daily activities of men, but in actuality they observe very carefully and size up every person they meet. In the male world, this is essential to know where they stand in the “pecking order.” This keeps them out of fights and helps them maneuver in the very competitive male world.

However, every female undergoes scrutiny and categorization, as well. This is one reason why a lady’s visual presentation, manner, and actions are so important. Confidence, self-acceptance, modesty vs. likelihood of easy sexual conquest, intelligence, personality, work ethic, and many other things are conveyed through appearance–or so men think. (Sometimes men–especially immature ones–can be oblivious to well-hidden character flaws in a very attractive woman who fakes a nice personality, but that’s another topic.). Most of the time, it’s true that character can be read by appearance.

In general, mature/good men are fairly correct in their assessments based on silent messages. They have to be to navigate their world successfully, and so they learn.

Though it may not come naturally, ladies can come to understand that the right candidate(s) will see and value a lady’s unique and desirable qualities and be able to draw conclusions from there.

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