2716. Life Made Simpler for Women — 05

  • Women need to earn a man’s respect, if she hopes he will love her. She has three shortcuts to get started. Dating—by listening to him describe what a great guy he is. Courtship—by remaining chaste with him, and the longer she succeeds the more respect she earns that lasts for his life. Marriage—by standing up attractively and self-respectfully for herself and respectfully for their relationship interests before she has to yield and let him have his way.
  • Other than being courteous, men generally have two reasons to pursue talking to a woman they don’t already know or with whom they have no obvious interest. Brag about himself to convince her he’s a great guy. Figure her out to facilitate bedding her.
  • Men respect a woman when she listens to how great he is and could be for any woman. Men take advantage of desperate women, those easily identified by their constant chatter to make themselves comfortable.
  • A woman’s mystery holds a man’s attention. As he pries, she releases tid bits of info about herself. Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. They appreciate what they earn and figure out where and when to go from there.
  • ‘I love you’ and similar words mean much less to a man than a woman. He hears it and tries less hard. He’s won her. He can return his focus to the other challenges in his life. Make a man say it first and sincerely before she expresses anything like those three little words. The harder he has to work to earn her, the more worthy she is to him. He measures her worth by the investment he makes to win her.

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