2717. Life Made Simpler for Women — 06

  • A man weighs his marriage according to how well he is satisfied with both her and living with her. The greater his devotion to her personally, the easier his satisfaction with whatever she does and whoever she is or becomes.
  • A woman’s future brightens when a man’s devotion comes before their first sex together. Regardless of excuse, delay serves her as her deferrals add to his respect that she earns.
  • Pop culture sexual practice is that sex should come early in a relationship, and men exploit it to the detriment of female interest. Also, men promote early sex as needed to determine a couple’s compatibility, but it’s pure masculine nonsense aimed at conquest and avoiding deeper investment of himself in a female’s interest.
  • Husband feels responsible for marriage as a whole. Marital relationships are her show. He’s either satisfied or not with how they live together. He doesn’t know how to ‘fix’ relationship problems, so his only options are to stay or get out.
  • A husband doesn’t intend to fail, and he uses it to justify correcting wife for infringements to his sense of satisfaction. The more devoted he is to her, the more readily he accepts her way of their living together.
  • A husband expects wife to handle what he doesn’t want to handle. It doesn’t mean he won’t critique her to satisfy him better, but the greater his devotion the less he criticizes.

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