2724. Sexual Assets Put Women In Charge—or Not!

To male eyes, women possess the most valuable thing on earth—each woman’s sexual assets. A man thinks this. If he owned such great possessions, the price for anyone’s access would rise each step from touch to feel to fondle to ultimate price for ultimate prize.

Men don’t respect women who don’t copy what men would do with such unique and negotiable wealth. Dumbed-down women are appreciated for sex but seldom loved. When a man doesn’t respect a woman, he can’t love her. It means that cheap and easy sex is a man’s respect unearned. Moreover, men don’t appreciate unearned gifts, so one-night stands with no follow up should be expected by women as the natural result of cheap, easy, and unearned gifting.

Women abhor the male urge to spread seed, but a man has two distinctly different, highly motivated sex drives. The first aims for first-time sex with every attractive woman who will permit it. His secondary drive aims a man toward someone already conquered in response to manly need for frequent and convenient access.

A man seeks sex without regard for bonding; sex is an immediate function and disconnected from future expectations. When and if he bonds, it’s a growing process that evolves from her fascination as attractive woman.

In the process of uncovering her weaknesses to more quickly get her into bed the first time, he discovers qualities that he admires and which thereby become virtues. His bonding grows out of who she is and what she does to appear likeable and loyal to him alone, and who shows promise that she’s the best for him.

Women are processors by nature, so why do they not see the following? Perhaps because it is more detectable by study than by women who don’t really want to know it. With each one-night stand and no follow up by the guy, these lingering effects accumulate. Her sexual bonding is wasted and thus weakened more with each new guy, which weakens her ability to be grateful for herself, which weakens her ability to find gratitude elsewhere, which weakens her ability to find happiness, which causes her to blame men, which further weakens her respect for men, which weakens her ability to keep a man, and which prevents fulfillment of her girlhood dream of living and parenting with a man of her own.

Their first sex together transforms a man. 1) His respect of her for previously refusing to yield becomes fixed and stops growing. 2) His dominant nature becomes reinforced and impenetrable by her; he paid her price for ownership. 3) She slowly becomes aware that she’s either keeper, booty, or disposable, a decision he made before conquest. And, 4) he becomes ‘owner’ of their sexual agenda. Before conquest, she expected none of those. To the extent that he’s devoted to her, however, 1) through 4) may be softened.

A man expects and is usually willing to pay the ultimate price, when it’s necessary to get the woman he respects, desires, and likes enough to live with her to enhance his ever-demanding self-satisfaction. Consequently, the more effectively and longer women refuse to yield until they get their way, the more masculine respect they earn that strengthens the foundation of a man’s love.

In the final analysis, women can be in charge of generating successful relationships as long as they keep their legs crossed. Conquest before marriage switches men into the driver’s seat. He may bond after that, but the odds don’t favor it, especially in the current marketplace.



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4 responses to “2724. Sexual Assets Put Women In Charge—or Not!

  1. Explain how this might apply to mature men and women whose hormones are not circulating in youthful quantities. As WWNH points out, men at a certain point become more, um, mellow, and women become somewhat less mellow.

    Your Highness Edith Mcklveen,
    In my restlessness to respond to your delightful phrasing, my response grew into two daily articles, 2725 and 2726 (tomorrow). Thanks for the inspiration of admirable writing. Wish I could be so imaginative and still accurate.

  2. Sparkles

    Hi Sir Guy,

    Is there a certain way to phrase a suggestion in a feminine way? Example, my boyfriend and I were talking about weddings when I brought up I had thought about getting married in Vegas. It was his idea so he was very excited to hear I might be onboard. I also told him another option could be city hall. Soon after I said this, I felt like he became somewhat defensive and maybe dominate with me. He went on to talk at length about not wanting to wait a year to get married. I felt myself get defensive and tried to tell him the wait for city hall is rather short. However he ended the conversation by saying we would both do further research on it and get back to each other. At the point I smiled and chirped “sounds good.” I’m not sure if I handled the situation correctly but with the way it played out I’m wondering if my suggestion could have been better phrased.

    Your Highness Sparkles,

    You didn’t handle it effectively, not necessarily wrong but it didn’t work for you these reasons:

    • You did right to go with his idea, Las Vegas.

    • When you said city hall, you opened the door to competition and men won’t compete with their woman.

    • After you both got defensive, you kept throwing city hall in his face and the competition got worse and so he withdrew.

    • Your “sounds good” was a good response.

    Now, the question is begged. How do you escape from what could be a deal breaker of which you may be unaware?

    Change your approach. Demand what is rightfully yours. If you can’t get him to go along with what follows, you can expect any relationship will deteriorate into nothing or abuse. It’s your time to confirm that he respects you enough to give what’s most important in your life. (If he can’t, you can expect the same inconsiderate treatment after marriage.)

    Different phrasing perhaps along these lines?

    • The wedding day traditionally belongs to the bride. It’s reserved for me to hoot and holler that everyone should look at how beautiful I am and what a great catch I made with you as my one-day groom and future boss. The world is a better place because you stepped up to making it so, but I should get one day, my day out of all the others.

    • City hall is out.

    • If I can’t be your queen, how can you be my king? Royal connections breed loyal connections.

    • Maybe we could honeymoon in Vegas. The honeymoon is where and when the groom gets the hero gig. Bride knows to follow.

    Use charm, sweetness, and cooperative spirit to open the subject but don’t discuss it. Don’t argue or let competition set in. Give your speech and then turn the table. “Let’s reconsider how, when, and where each is willing to give and expects. Then we can get back together.”


    • Sparkles

      We still ended the night on positive terms. I forgot to mention while I agreed with him to do further research on city hall, I would also be interested in getting married in Vegas with a dinner party later – his idea. Before we parted ways that night he told me he loved me and that he would not be marrying me if he didn’t love me. Nevertheless he seems very set on Vegas for both ceremony and honeymoon, promised to do further research on the subject. Sadly, City Hall might have to be out but I’m not ready to give up on it yet. I would love your thoughts on another plan. When we see each other this weekend, I plan to wait until he brings up the topic and simply say money and time can be saved with City Hall for x, y, z reasons. I know money and time are the biggest reasons he’s considering Vegas. Thoughts?

      Your Highness Sparkles,
      • NOT!
      • You would reopen the competition, have illegitimate reasons for city hall, and stir the pot against whatever your dreams are. Or do you dream of your wedding? Why does city hall hold such a strong connection? Money and time? Whose yours? His? It seems you’re still hung up on some issue that’s not been discussed and resolved.
      • You need to make a short list. What is the priority order of the things you have to have now and in the future. Absolutely have to have. If it’s only him, then yield to his way or get out of his way.

      • Sparkles

        All valid points Sir Guy. I plan to yield to his way because my goal is to be married. The details of the venue are not as important as the end goal. Thank you!

        Your Highness Sparkles,
        I responded in previous comment.

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