2727. More About Aging — Background

When it comes to aging, women have an unproductive view of life. Mindful that younger woman usually gets the man—unnatural though it is for keeps—overly age-conscious women help make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. They adopt many bad habits for keeping a man as they self-develop under the influence of radical politics.

More on this later, but older women don’t change to please a man. Perhaps that’s another reason younger women appeal to men?


This is primarily background material but it will help with the specifics that will follow in the next few days.

Feminism continues to generate a humongous respect gap between the sexes. It also reduces true self-respect to rubble within the hearts of females and replaces it with false self-respect based on disrespect for the opposite sex. Hidden beneath the turmoil of feminist politics, the lack of internal, one-way, and mutual respect darkens the social and domestic atmospheres for both sexes.

Men object but nobody listens. To compensate the anger and complaints of men about feminist nonsense applied to personal relationships, women buy masculine accommodation with cheap and easy sex. Many men retain anger, however, and avoid accepting the propriety and well-deserved political, legal, and economic gains of women.

It was all planned and executed through feminist politics, legal and administrative entanglements, and economic transfer of power. Women won in those wars that occurred outside of personal relationships. But individual women lose their superior gender advantage to the extent they bring feminist-think and -values into their relationship as a couple.

You can see damage to the female psyche as so many women in middle and older age float in public minus a wedding ring. Where do all the good men end up? They are chased off by women who could not or do not respect the man they capture, and who expect husbands to recognize that women are right, men are to blame, and husbands should listen to wife complain about all that’s wrong. IOW, ex-wives tried to make husbands act different from their nature and load them down verbally with anti-masculine crap. In that way they expected to make husband a better man in their feminist-oriented, propagandized mindset.

The feminist influence ignores or condemns these inflexible traits of men. A man will not long remain in a marriage in which he is not satisfied with who he is, what he is doing, and who he is doing it with. Also, men don’t change to get what they want, although they will change to keep what they have. OTOH, women will change to get what they want, although they will not change to keep what they have. The feminist effect seeks to reverse those natural roles and men continue to quietly rebel in background to the disadvantage and often abuse of women.

Both are born and want to get their way. He expects to dominate in the present and isn’t too concerned about the future; he can handle whatever comes down the turnpike of life. She can’t get her way in the present and still keep him with her. So, if she keeps her focus on their future together and patiently awaits getting her way, she opens the door to keeping him with her.

So, as modern women marry with the conviction they can quickly get their man more aligned with wife’s thoughts and ideas, they sound the death knell to the relationship. One designed so elaborately by her to make her feel good about herself but done without regard for the emotional acceptability by husband.

It translates into this. She can change to get what she wants, which usually is a continuing relationship. He won’t change for that. He will change, however, to keep her if she learns to keep him. It’s where aging becomes so valuable. A husband consumes years of faithful allegiance before he fully appreciates his wife’s admirable qualities to the extent that he doesn’t want to lose her, and for which he will usually change to keep her.

Next, women focus on the wrong thing when they mask wrinkles and hide flaws for the purpose of disguising aging and hope of looking younger. It makes sense, but does it serve her best?


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4 responses to “2727. More About Aging — Background

  1. Well said, Sir Guy.

    I know of a couple of guys who actually married older women. They simply reached a point in their life where they wanted companionship,respect, love,loyalty, and it all trumped youth and beauty.

  2. This explains a lot about why my parents were married 55 years. They had their moments of conflict, to the point of making me and my sisters very concerned at times, but after my father’s death, my mother constantly said, “He was the love of my life.” And, when they weren’t duking it out, they stood shoulder to shoulder as a team and were, from my point of view, truly best friends.

    What baffles me now, in light of this post, is why any man would subject himself to, and stay married to, a shrew, a bitch, a diva.

    Of course there’s the male drive to conquer what he perceives as the woman who will enhance his reputation, give him children, and provide satisfying sex. And then there is the universal drive of men and women both to prove themselves by being the perfect spouse/parent that their parents never were.

    But the man at church is someone who seems to have submitted willingly to becoming his first wife’s eunuch.

    He told a story about going with her soon after their marriage to some kind of “do” at a local hotel.

    She was gorgeous; he was handsome and sophisticated; whatever job he had at the time had allowed him to provide her with some attractive baubles and show he could more than take care of what was his.

    To the casual observer, they were like . . . Cary Grant and Myrna Loy (how I imagine it). But apparently, from the moment they got to their “do,” the MAC spent the evening being dinged by Mrs. MAC for . . . everything. Lack of manners, lack of attentiveness, choice of tie . . . and he just bore up under it.

    She had a child when they married; they had two together. He did the guy thing and reamed himself out doing work he hated in order to provide for his family. He was gone early, home late, did his duty, and got reamed out for never being there when she needed him.

    She complained about the shabbiness of their apartment; he did his best to make things more attractive; she just kept on complaining.

    And when she made noises about divorce because he wasn’t giving her what she wanted, he redoubled his efforts. No good. He apparently spent many nights alone, crying till the snot dripped down his face.

    I believe this scenario. We of course tell our own stories so that we appear in the best, most heroic light possible, but the MAC’s story is eerily similar to one I saw play out in the life of a millenial couple at church.

    Friends of mine (who have an amazing marriage) saw their doubts about their son’s choice of bride bear sad fruit. His wife was everything he wanted, and he got her. He worked like a dog to beautify the house they bought; he earned enough as a pipefitter to allow her to stay home and raise three kids.

    She apparently blindsided him at one point by moving out because “this is not what I signed up for.” Counseling, mediation, divorce proceedings, wrangling about visitation, accusations from her about unfit parenting (and her marriage to another man to provide “stability”) . . . my friends saw their son go through depression, anger, frustration, tears . . .

    For this young man, there is (many people hope) a happy ending in the works. He met and will soon marry a lovely woman who treats him very well. She is divorced with one son. They will have an interesting time blending families, and he will more than likely experience some pissy behavior from his ex-wife.

    I think that it would have been easier for the MAC and for my friends’ son if they had not married with the conviction that “I’m making a vow before God, and I always keep my promises. It’s not negotiable.” I honor both of them for that. But their exes clearly beat them over the head with that.

    Also, it would have been easier, I think, if they had not been so determined to conquer that they ignored clear warning signs that perhaps what they were going after was not worth the effort. Because in both cases, plenty of people were around to say, “Well, maybe you should slow down, as in stop.”

    But they didn’t stop. They got the ball-busters of their dreams, and those ladies did a good job of busting those dreams into little, tiny pieces.

    Your Highness Edith,

    Thanks for another sparkling contribution. Men who jump ship are much simpler, “I just got tired of her s***!”

    Social media addiction causes much of what you describe in those wives. I’m working on how it happens and hope to post it.


    • Miss Gina

      Along the same vein as Lady Edith’s comment, I am truly amazed at the reckless perfectionism exhibited by many women today. Of course, their microscopes are rarely on themselves. But these females feel constantly dissatisfied with their mates and mates’ families (nagging, complaining, comparing, disparaging to others), their homes (restless, constant, overblown redecorating and remodeling), and their wardrobes (never see them wear same outfit twice). Some of them seem to move from job to job, as well–or from career to career (not to disparage judicious career changes; I refer to capricious ones). This seems to have been happening across all age groups and even before social media, but I can see how social media would encourage it. I would guess that advertisements, magazines, TV shows, movies, and general secular influences in our culture (as opposed to Judeo-Christian values) push this dissatisfaction. This frustration becomes a kind of mania sometimes, I think. Such a contrast with those women who gain much satisfaction from making their own clothes and decor, even when funds are tight. There is a certain pride in taking what one has and making the best of it. As Sir Guy encourages, gratefulness truly is fundamental to female attractiveness and sound-mindedness. Also, I truly agree with Lady Edith that gentlemen and ladies both *must* screen, screen, screen! before getting emotionally entangled.

      • My number one example of The Big Lie for Women is Kim Kardashian. Social media has certainly put her in everyone’s face with a deceptive message about happiness.

        She and her posterior assets, her rubber dresses, her pagan mother goddess posturing, and her completely selfish focus seem to have gotten her a television show, lucrative cosmetic endorsements, a rich hubby, and two children.

        Neither she nor her husband function the way God intended, yet it seems to work. Probably because money makes the illusion of happiness possible.

        But it’s not real; it cannot last. She’s thirty-five, and her bad-boy husband who challenges the status quo for the big bucks will be old and fat some day.

        I’m just waiting for the “shock” of a divorce announcement.

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