2731 —Life Made Simpler for Women — 09

  1. Beauty and sex go together, each man perceives and values the combination. As attractions they are great, but both play minor roles in holding a mate. OTOH, his perceived worth of other virtues attract and hold him as husband.
  2. A woman’s quality that a man admires is a virtue. Hard-to-get is special, extremely admirable, and highly virtuous. However, his admiration of her defense against invasion of her body ends with conquest. His subsequent expectation to own and dominate their sexual agenda stimulates desire but earns no admiration. After all, he paid her price for it and their life as couple differs from what went before.
  3. Except for her other feminine qualities, a hunter-conqueror has no admiration for a woman found, conquered, and subject to his domination. Hence, marital sex is not an admired virtue. Deep in his inborn hunter-conqueror psyche he thinks he owns it, which shifts his admiration from her to self-admiration of his ability.
  4. Women moan about the thought of aging, as if their happiness depends on delaying it. It doesn’t. There’s only momentary gratitude, if that, to be found in trying to slow the inevitable course of time.
  5. Women know how to hide wrinkles and all that, which is okay but not nearly enough. They still worry endlessly about their appearance today and tomorrow and inherit whatever bothersome, worrisome, and sometimes frustrating ride of life develops from it.
  6. A woman fixated on appearing younger than she is weakens the admiration of men for her self-respect. Frustration brought on by not achieving what she hopes just makes it worse.
  7. Aging is normal and natural, so women over thirty work to hide it for the sake of looking younger. By end of day, however, their work is no longer hidden. Same thing next day, good grooming followed soon by need to update. It’s an endless battle to improve on what the mirror reflects.

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One response to “2731 —Life Made Simpler for Women — 09

  1. back to basics

    “marital sex is not an admired virtue.”

    Funny, I intuited as much.

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