2732. Life Made Simpler for Women — 10

  1. Trying to look younger for the sake of appearing younger baits the hook for sex but not marriage. A man’s true love doesn’t arise from the ashes of sexual relations, regardless of how passionate or great. Sex as keeper influence expires either with conquest or soon after romantic love fades in a year or two.
  2. Seeking self-admiration for superb accomplishment, many men SEEK to marry a significantly younger doll. He ‘raises’ her like he wants her. He fathers her into obedience and compounds his dominance. She serves herself up on the silver platter of his ego. He shows her off to enhance his reputation. He smothers her charisma embodied in the superior gender. His castle-building demands stifle her nesting. He keeps golfing with his buddies and leaves her behind; she makes an attractive mantle piece for the home when he’s with his buds. She’s available to nurse him late in life.
  3. Some women SEEK to marry much older men. They expect odds for a comfortable life to be better by letting someone else more closely guide their lives. A father-figure, perhaps, may be sought. Nothing wrong with their motivation; it’s who they have to live with. Many men are not qualified to provide what such women seek. RED FLAG: If Mr. Good Enough treats her like a daughter in dating and courtship or can’t turn loose of his buds, then item 2 above may describe him.
  4. Focusing on herself to appear younger than she is diverts attention from understanding the male nature, accurately screening for masculine goodness, and attracting and marrying the man good enough to make a good husband. If she doesn’t study the strategic objective, she may not win the battle of the sexes.
  5. What is she really after? Trying to look younger than she is generates subliminal doubt about her sincerity, honesty, and discernment—less than the markings of a good woman for satisfying a husband or raising kids.
  6. Women should exploit this natural phenomenon about men. She can’t make herself younger, she only has to make herself more attractive to men her own age, which later keeps her comfortable and not worrying about aging. It’s in the mind before it enters the heart; women fear aging because everyone else seems to. Avoidance comes from the practice and satisfaction that follows making one can appear her most attractive for every age.
  7. She only has to focus on being her most attractive self to please herself. She can then 1) expect more men or her husband to see her beauty, 2) do nothing to help them so she won’t blame them for anything, and 3) act like an attractive woman as she and he ride her train into their later years.


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6 responses to “2732. Life Made Simpler for Women — 10

  1. Manda

    I feel awful for this, but I have been infatuating a lot lately about a much older man, even though I have been married for five years to a man my own age. I come across a lot of successful and attractive older men who come as patrons into where I work. Honestly, I have become obsessed with one “regular” in particular. I don’t interact with him beyond what’s necessary. Flirting with or trying to get the attention of another man if you are a married lady is wrong and hurtful to the other woman if he is married (which he is). I also believe that both divorce and adultery are wrong, so I know I won’t act on my infatuations. However, it is a *big* stumbling block for me. For me it is not so much wanting to live a pampered and comfortable life–I know how to make do with very little and God provides us with our physical needs anyway (food, shelter, clothing) if we trust Him to do so. For me it is having someone more mature, strong and steady (masculine, basically) to lean on and go through life with (especially in these weird, uncertain times we live in). I feel so selfish, rotten and ungrateful for having these feelings! Especially because my husband is a decent man and I have a lot to be grateful for.
    I am trying to keep myself busy to distract from these thoughts. I have been connecting with family members I never used to contact much, gardening, sewing. Work is a two-way street because on one hand I find that serving the public is very good for getting my thoughts off of myself, but on the other hand it is where I encounter the most temptation (I don’t use social media or go out much, so those don’t cause issues for me).
    We don’t have kids yet (though I would love to–my husband still wants to wait). I feel deeply depressed about this at times when I am not busy, and wonder if this adding to my obsessive thoughts (boredom with life or feelings of uselessness, maybe?).
    Even though I know I won’t act on my longings, it still takes a lot of out of me emotionally, and I feel like a huge jerk. 😦

    Your Highness Manda,

    In no way do you qualify as jerk, neither huge nor otherwise.

    You raised a subject I’ve not mentioned before: INFATUATION. The motivational pressure behind it is excess female interest in someone who can fulfill a longing in a girl or woman. Such as a teen girl yearning to have someone with whom to share her love and isolating a particular boy to suit her purpose.

    In your case, Manda, I see a longing to brighten your future. Perhaps brought on by hubby’s desire to delay having children.

    You won’t act on your infatuation, which is admirable to this man. So, the best escape from your longing is to brighten your future by working on hubby to have kids. Just trying harder to score there will ease your focus on infatuation and outsiders. Pregnancy will re-brighten your days ahead.


    • Manda

      Thank you for the thoughtful response. A few months ago I thought I was pregnant and felt much calmer as well as focused on nesting, taking care of my body, etc. so I hardly thought of this other man. Sadly it was a false alarm but remembering that makes me think your response is right, so I will work on it with my husband. 🙂

  2. Meow Meow

    I agree with Sir Guy. I also want to add that 5 years is a very long time in a marriage to wait on having kids, if having a family was the reason you initially got married. There is a lot of news today about how Celebrity X had a child at age 45 or whatever (not mentioning the surrogate, costly IVF, adoption etc. that went into it) and that might be subconsciously influencing your husband to put things off. I don’t know how old you two are but bear in mind that it really does get more difficult for most women to conceive as they get older! The celebrities are more of an exception than the rule. And it’s hard to be chasing a little kid around when you are 40 or 50 and don’t have a nanny! Not to mention when you actually start trying to get pregnant there are sometimes issues you didn’t know about that come up like endometriosis or cysts. For an 18 year old there’s no rush….for a 35 year old It would be time to start getting checked out, health wise. Hopefully you are in the happy medium! Good luck to you!

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