2733. Wisdom from Magnolia — 04

At 2732 Lady Magnolia sparkles as she leads the reader into the closing paragraph, where she sprinkles dust of wisdom on aging women and unappreciative men. I post it below.



Sir Guy, I’m so glad that you have decided to discuss aging because it’s something that a lot of women struggle with. Let me add that it is also something that is more emphasized in some places. In the U.S. youth is worshiped, mainly because of Hollywood. I found it very interesting a while back when one of the James Bond movies—Spectre– came out because in it Bond gets involved at one point with an older woman. I was a little surprised as well because it didn’t follow Hollywood’s pattern of choosing only younger women (and especially so being a James Bond movie!), but never thought that the woman in question (Italian actress Monica Bellucci) didn’t have what it took to play the part just because she wasn’t 25.

I saw clips of interviews that the leading actor (Daniel Craig) did and he got really annoyed when asked what it was like to make a Bond movie with an older woman. He didn’t want to make a big deal of it. I read the comments in several articles and how people went on and on about it. Then a European man wrote something along the lines of: “That way of thinking happens only in America. In Europe we celebrate women of all ages!” Love it!

So, yes, even though men do love and gravitate towards younger women, it doesn’t mean that a woman over a certain age doesn’t have what it takes to attract and/or keep a man. You are NOT a milk carton that’s about to expire. Human nature is a lot more complex than that. God, nature, evolution, or whatever you believe in, didn’t make a mistake. And let me remind you that throughout history, there have been women who were older and less gifted in the looks department who have beat younger and more beautiful women in getting a man. Also, if only beautiful and young women would get men, older women wouldn’t marry at all and we know that they marry all the time.

What I’ve learned is that yes, as Sir Guy says, it’s very important to look our best, but there is something even more important. Back when the James Bond film that I mentioned came out, with all the brouhaha I got curious to know what the “older actress” thought about what was being said about her and her role on the movie. I found an interview of when they were promoting it where she was asked about it, of course. And what she said was really cool. Here is what she answered about her character: “She doesn’t have her youth anymore, but she has her femininity.” Bingo! I thought she might be reading WWNH or Renee Wade’s The Feminine Woman.

The one thing that men look for above anything else is our femininity, so we must cherish it, cultivate it. It’s a gift to the world and to men. I love being a woman! I will leave you with some very beautiful words that Renee Wade’s husband, David Shen, wrote in one of their publications that I hope will inspire and encourage you as much as it did me: “You as a woman, can light up a man’s life infinitely more so than any of his projects, deadlines, world championships or ambitions to dominate the world. That is your gift. That’s what men would trade everything in the world for. It’s that spark of life that they can never obtain from their masculine lives. Because anything that lives in that masculine domain is emotionally dead. A man may thrive in that environment and really feed off that sense of mission and achievement but nothing will compare it to that fire that a woman can plant in his heart.”

I hope you enjoy these insights as much as I did, ladies. Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “2733. Wisdom from Magnolia — 04

  1. back to basics

    Superb! I also heard that men that want youth are craving positive high spirits and a woman with a love for life. 🙂

  2. 1jarofclay

    You know, I’m 41 now. I remember a few years ago, I used to think, “Is the fun over after 40?” and “Is it all downhill after 40?” The answer, of course, is NO. Funny, I know single women over 40 who are dating more now than they did in their 20’s. Women over a certain age can be thought of as gorgeous and desirable. My husband tells me that every day I get more and more beautiful and that I am a princess forever.Lol. Every woman can have the same thing if they wish. That’s the point I’m trying to drill.

    Oh, and about actress Monica Bellucci, I went on a date with a man before I was married. I think it was when that Bond movie was playing and I mentioned her to my date and said that she has an image of being sexy and seductive. He said matter-of-factly: “She’s very beautiful.” So there you have it, ladies. There’s plenty of evidence out there. You already have ALL THAT YOU NEED to attract and keep a man. YOU WERE BORN WITH IT!

    Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂 ❤


  3. Meow Meow

    The dominant Hollywood culture constantly promotes the myth that only women/girls 25 and under are “sexy” or considered attractive. When I was younger I feared that this was true. I was a pretty ugly looking teenager as it was.

    At over 50 now, I see it as the myth it truly is. If a woman keeps herself attractive for her age, (nothing crazy) stays in relatively good shape, and has an attitude of self-acceptance, she can still be in the game IF she so chooses. But you would never know it from magazines and pop culture.

    In truth I and several of my older lady friends are often hit on/pursued by men of all ages (!) and its so much more than when i was younger. This is not a story we ever heard growing up. I’m shocked actually to discover this hidden truth. I’m married, anyway. But rather than humble bragging, what I am trying to do is echo and affirm Magnolia’s words above—to remember that there is more than one kind of beauty in the world, and attraction through femininity is ageless and available to every woman.

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